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authorSergey Poznyakoff <gray@gnu.org>2021-02-07 10:26:28 +0200
committerSergey Poznyakoff <gray@gnu.org>2021-02-07 10:26:28 +0200
commit286694058746baf1f8c7c85cfaf45a8e755bf0cd (patch)
parentf453ae587922b554dbdf2e891e6767864da99647 (diff)
Organizational changes
* NEWS: Describe changes. * README-alpha: Instructions on how to clone from git. * README-hacking: Fix links. * THANKS: Update. * src/main.c: Fix copyright year
5 files changed, 29 insertions, 12 deletions
diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS
index bd32296..2002804 100644
--- a/NEWS
+++ b/NEWS
@@ -1,10 +1,18 @@
-Wyslij-po NEWS -- history of user-visible changes. 2021-02-06
+Wyslij-po NEWS -- history of user-visible changes. 2021-02-07
See the end of file for copying conditions.
Please send mailfromd bug reports to <bug-wyslij-po@gnu.org.ua>
Version 3.2.90 (git)
+* Fix parsing of po header fields
+* Organizational change: repository moved to git
+The repository along with links for cloning can be viewed online at
+See https://puszcza.gnu.org.ua/git/?group=wyslij-po for instructions.
Version 3.2 - 2018-02-02
diff --git a/README-alpha b/README-alpha
index e738e9b..27d448d 100644
--- a/README-alpha
+++ b/README-alpha
@@ -10,22 +10,20 @@ Please send comments and problem reports to <bug-wyslij-po@gnu.org.ua>.
* Checking Out the Sources
The following instructions apply if you wish to obtain sources from
-the SVN repository:
+the Git repository:
-To check out the entires source tree from SVN, issue the following command:
+To check out the entires source tree from Git, issue the following command:
- svn checkout http://svn.gnu.org.ua/sources/wyslij-po
+ git clone git://git.gnu.org.ua/wyslij-po.git
-To check out only the development branch, do
+You can also use the http protocol:
- svn checkout http://svn.gnu.org.ua/sources/wyslij-po/trunk
+ git clone http://git.gnu.org.ua/repo/wyslij-po.git
-For more information, visit http://puszcza.gnu.org.ua/svn/?group=wyslij-po
+For more information, visit https://puszcza.gnu.org.ua/git/?group=wyslij-po
This will give you read-only access. If you think you need write access,
contact <bug-wyslij-po@gnu.org.ua>.
* Copyright information:
diff --git a/README-hacking b/README-hacking
index 3d8447d..560c3c7 100644
--- a/README-hacking
+++ b/README-hacking
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ sure that you have the latest stable version.
- Mailutils <http://www.gnu.org/software/mailutils/>
- Texinfo <http://www.gnu.org/software/texinfo>
- Wget <http://www.gnu.org/software/wget>
-- Git <http://git.or.cz> or CVS <http://www.nongnu.org/cvs>
+- Git <http://git.or.cz>
* Bootstrapping
diff --git a/THANKS b/THANKS
index 8f8ed3a..6b3f422 100644
--- a/THANKS
+++ b/THANKS
@@ -1,2 +1,12 @@
+Wyslij-po THANKS file.
Thanks to Jacobo Tarrío Barreiro for his program `enviar-po', which I was
happily using until TP moved to Vrijschrift.
+Many people further contributed to mailfromd by reporting problems,
+suggesting various improvements or submitting actual code. Here is a list
+of these people in alphabetical order. Help us keep it complete and exempt
+of errors.
+Jorma Karvonen <karvonen.jorma@gmail.com>
+Rafael Fontenelle <rafaelff@gnome.org>
diff --git a/src/main.c b/src/main.c
index 0e8ae8c..4fe6a4b 100644
--- a/src/main.c
+++ b/src/main.c
@@ -434,7 +434,8 @@ static const char version_etc_copyright[] =
/* Do *not* mark this string for translation. %s is a copyright
symbol suitable for this locale, and %d is the copyright
year. */
- "Copyright %s 2009-2016 Sergey Poznyakoff";
+ "Copyright %s %d Sergey Poznyakoff";
+static int copyright_year = 2021;
wy_version (struct mu_parseopt *po, mu_stream_t stream)
@@ -444,7 +445,7 @@ wy_version (struct mu_parseopt *po, mu_stream_t stream)
/* TRANSLATORS: Translate "(C)" to the copyright symbol
(C-in-a-circle), if this symbol is available in the user's
locale. Otherwise, do not translate "(C)"; leave it as-is. */
- mu_stream_printf (stream, version_etc_copyright, _("(C)"));
+ mu_stream_printf (stream, version_etc_copyright, _("(C)"), copyright_year);
mu_stream_printf (stream, "%s", _("\
License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <http://gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html>\n\

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