path: root/src/wydawca.h
diff options
Diffstat (limited to 'src/wydawca.h')
1 files changed, 4 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/src/wydawca.h b/src/wydawca.h
index 805b72b..96fd336 100644
--- a/src/wydawca.h
+++ b/src/wydawca.h
@@ -278,12 +278,13 @@ enum notification_target
struct notification
struct notification *next;
enum notification_event ev;
enum notification_target tgt;
+ const char *sign_keys;
const char *msg;
void register_message_template (const char *name, const char *text);
void notify (struct notification *,
@@ -324,12 +325,13 @@ extern time_t file_sweep_time; /* Unlink stale file after this amount of time
extern char *tar_command_name; /* Name of the tar command */
extern unsigned wydawca_stat[MAX_STAT];
extern unsigned long print_stats;
extern int archive_signatures;
extern char *admin_stat_message;
+extern char *admin_stat_sign_key;
extern char *pidfile;
extern int force_startup;
extern char *lockdir;
extern time_t lock_expire_time;
@@ -341,12 +343,14 @@ extern time_t wakeup_interval;
extern int foreground;
extern int single_process;
extern struct grecs_sockaddr listen_sockaddr;
extern gl_list_t all_spool_aliases;
+extern char *wydawca_gpg_homedir;
#define UPDATE_STATS(what) \
do \
{ \
if (what >= MAX_STAT) abort(); \
wydawca_stat[what]++; \
} \

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