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@@ -1129,16 +1129,6 @@ Declare a special service name, which will be treated as a request to
process all spools.
@end deffn
-@deffn {Config} wakeup-interval time
-Specifies the wake-up interval for the daemon. If no connections
-are requested during @var{time}, the server will wake up
-and sweep all the configured spools. It is useful for periodical
-removal of expired triplets. See also @code{file-sweep-time}
-statement (@pxref{general, file-sweep-time}).
-@xref{time interval specification}, for the syntax of @var{time}.
-@end deffn
@deffn {Config} pidfile file
Store master process @acronym{PID} in @var{file}. Default pidfile
location is @file{@var{localstatedir}/run/wydawca.pid}.
@@ -3361,10 +3351,6 @@ foreground @var{arg:@i{boolean}};
# @xref{general, single-process}.
single-process @var{arg:@i{boolean}};
-# @r{Set wake-up interval.}
-# @xref{general, wakeup-interval}.
-wakeup-interval @var{time:@i{string}};
# @r{Set pid file name.}
# @xref{general, pidfile}.
pidfile @var{file:@i{string}};

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