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New email-related meta-variables.
These variables make it possible to avoid setting `recipient' statement in `notify' blocks, instead specifying recipients directly in the message headers and using the default recipient setting, which is `read'. * src/mail.c (expand_email_admin) (expand_email_owner): New functions. * src/triplet.c (triplet_processor): Remove the triplet if process_directives returns !0. (expand_email_user): New function. (triplet_meta): New keywords email:user (not to be confused with user:email), email:admin and email:owner. * src/wydawca.h (expand_email_admin) (expand_email_owner): New functions. * NEWS, doc/wydawca.texi: Updated.
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@@ -2599,6 +2599,17 @@ $@{triplet:ls:dir@}
@item user:real-name @tab Real name of the user who uploaded the triplet.
@kwindex user:email
@item user:email @tab Email of the user who uploaded the triplet.
+@kwindex email:admin
+@item email:admin @tab Full@footnote{@dfn{Full} here means
+an email address with eventual personal part}. email address of the systems
+administrator, as set by the @samp{admin-address}
+@kwindex email:owner
+@item email:owner @tab Full email address of the project
+administrator (@dfn{owner}).
+@kwindex email:user
+@item email:user @tab Full email address of the user who did
+the upload. Not to be confused with @samp{user:email}.
@kwindex check:result
@item check:result @tab Code returned by external checker, in
decimal. @xref{verification,,check:result}, for a detailed description.

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