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authorSergey Poznyakoff <gray@gnu.org>2020-04-22 11:14:40 +0300
committerSergey Poznyakoff <gray@gnu.org>2020-04-22 11:14:40 +0300
commitdb5b8989ceefb9f1889219067be6d68651a4da2c (patch)
treea4051da0625d89a631bf3dead4dc43be7d815be5 /doc/wydawca.texi
parent9d7ec5d8cc6ca98b3abb3fc67bf4292faba7e2d6 (diff)
Avoid double-checking of the directive files. Fix triplet expiration.
* doc/wydawca.texi: Document the default value for file-sweep-time. * src/config.c (parse_single_statmask): Remove the invert pointer. (parse_statmask): Reflect the above. (config_finish): Ensure safe value for file_sweep_time. * src/triplet.c (register_file): Initialize the directive_verified member. (triplet_expired_p): No special handling for ttl==0. * src/verify.c (verify_directive_file): Cache the result in trp->directive_verified. * src/wydawca.c (file_sweep_time): Initialize to DEFAULT_FILE_SWEEP_TIME. * src/wydawca.h (DEFAULT_FILE_SWEEP_TIME): New constant. (DIRECTIVE_UNCHECKED,DIRECTIVE_GOOD) (DIRECTIVE_BAD): New constants. (struct wy_triplet): New member: directive_verified. * tests/cwdrepl.c: Fix a prematurely closed comment.
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diff --git a/doc/wydawca.texi b/doc/wydawca.texi
index 721e026..64a6e36 100644
--- a/doc/wydawca.texi
+++ b/doc/wydawca.texi
@@ -996,7 +996,7 @@ Set the default umask. The @var{value} argument must be an octal number.
@deffn {Config} file-sweep-time time
Consider triplet expired if its oldest file was created more than
@var{time} seconds ago. @xref{time interval specification}, for the
-syntax of @var{time}.
+syntax of @var{time}. Default is 300 seconds.
This parameter may also be set for each spool
individually. @xref{spool, file-sweep-time}.

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