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@@ -374,8 +374,7 @@ C: smith
@end smallexample
When the user name is received, the server schedules a @dfn{job}
-for processing all triplets submitted by the given user to the
-given spool.
+for processing all triplets in the given spool.
@node starting
@chapter How to invoke @command{wydawca}.
@@ -445,11 +444,6 @@ by using the following options:
$ wydawca --spool=ftp --spool=test --source=/home/ftp/test-upload
@end smallexample
- Any non-optional arguments appearing in the command line, are
-treated as the uploaders' UIDs. If present, only triplets uploaded by
-these users will be processed. Of course, such UIDs can be combined
-with the @option{--spool} and @option{--source} options.
@xopindex{debug, described}
@sopindex{d, described}

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