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* Add version-specific packages to installation candidates. Currently only upgrade between 14.1 and 14.2 receives special handling: the removed packages procps, udev and portmap are replaced by the corresponding packages in 14.2 * Abort immediately if any of essential packages cannot be downloaded.
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@@ -47,14 +47,8 @@ If you wish to retain any of them, create a list of packages to retain
and supply it to the script using the -k command line option (see the
man page for details).
-To provide a replacement, use the -p option. For example, when
-upgrading from 14.1 to 14.2, the "procps" package will be removed. The
-utilities it used to provide have been moved to the "procps-ng"
-package. So, when upgrading from 14.1 to 14.2, it is a good idea to
- slackware-upgrade-system -p procps-ng
+To provide a replacement for a particular package, use the -p option.
For your information, the list of removed packages is left in file
/var/log/slackware-upgrade-system-<P>-<N>.removed (see below).

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