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* Overview
This directory contains distribution-specific startup scripts for
Ping903. All scripts assume the daemon binary is installed at
/usr/sbin/ping903. If it's not the case, change the value of the
COMMAND variable, located at the start of the script.
* debian.rc
The start script for Debian-based systems without systemd. Use it on
Debian 7, Ubuntu up to 16.04, etc.
1. Copy the script and make it executable:
cp debian.rc /etc/init.d/ping903
chmod +x /etc/init.d/ping903
2. Register it in the startup and shutdown sequences:
update-rc.d ping903 defaults
-Optionally, you may create the file /etc/default/903, which can
+Optionally, you may create the file /etc/default/ping903, which can
define two shell variables:
Whether or not to start the service. Set it to "no", to
disable the service. Set it to "yes" (or simply remove it)
to enable the service.
Additional options to be passed to the server.
* ping903.service
Service definition for systems with systemd. Usage:
1. Copy
cp ping903.service /etc/systemd/system/
2. Enable it
@@ -40,12 +43,13 @@ Service definition for systems with systemd. Usage:
systemctl daemon-reload
4. Start the service
systemctl start ping903
* slackware.rc
Slackware rc script. In fact, it is the most general of all and it
will work an all systems with no (or at a pinch, little) changes.
1. Copy it to where startup scripts live and make it executable.
cp slackware.rc /etc/rc.d/rc.pound903

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