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Version 0.2v0.2
* NEWS: Update. * README: Update. * THANKS: Update. * doc/ping903.8: Spell checking. * doc/ping903q.1: Likewise. * src/Makefile.am: Distribute ping903.conf * src/ping903.h (HOST_STAT_INIT) (HOST_STAT_VALID,HOST_STAT_PENDING) (HOST_STAT_INVALID): New constants. (host_stat): New member "status". (host_stat_is_valid): Rewrite using status. * src/ping903q.c: "status" is string now. Handle particular values. * src/pinger.c: Maintain current status of each host_stat structure in the status member. (host_stat): Mark object as valid. (host_reset): Update status. (get_host_stat): Report object validity in the "validity" member, and its current status in "status" (string). * src/json.c: Implement json_value_copy. * src/json.h (json_value_copy): New proto. * src/ping903.c (ept_config): Return particular setting, if so requested.
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+Thanks to Peter Markeloff for urging me to write the tool.

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