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2021-02-03External preprocessor can be selected when building the package and at runtime.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2020-06-14Use grecs with wordsplit v1.1Sergey Poznyakoff1
2019-07-10Switch to grecs b06fb7d3Sergey Poznyakoff1
2019-06-24Enable/disable SystemV init code at compile timeSergey Poznyakoff1
2019-06-13Minor fixesSergey Poznyakoff1
2019-06-06Bugfix in grecs (pull c31f6e9769)Sergey Poznyakoff1
2019-06-06Update the grecs submoduleSergey Poznyakoff1
2019-05-20Upgrade grecsSergey Poznyakoff1
2016-07-16Don't concatenate adjacent strings in configuration files.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2016-02-23Improve loggingSergey Poznyakoff1
2016-02-21Fix memory leaksSergey Poznyakoff1
2016-02-21Fix memory leaks when reconfiguringSergey Poznyakoff1
2016-01-29Fix grecs versionSergey Poznyakoff1
2016-01-29BugfixSergey Poznyakoff1
2016-01-21Cleanup: redo configuration file handling and dependency tracking.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2016-01-09Use grecs meta1 parserSergey Poznyakoff1
2016-01-09piesctl: optionally bind to local IPSergey Poznyakoff1
2016-01-05Select components to operate upon using conditional expressionSergey Poznyakoff1
2015-12-31Command-line control interface.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2015-12-25REST control protocol.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2015-12-19Update grecsSergey Poznyakoff1
2015-12-16Minor fixes.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2015-12-16Update grecsSergey Poznyakoff1
2015-12-16Implement authentication on control socket.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2015-11-25Fix descriptor leakSergey Poznyakoff1
2014-12-26Implement globbing patterns in include statements.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2013-12-18Upgrade grecsSergey Poznyakoff1
2013-01-04Initial support for running as init process.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2011-10-23Switch to the latest Grecs.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2009-12-23Update grecs to edcc575b.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2009-12-10Upgrade grecs.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2009-11-26Switch to grecs master.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2009-10-19Updates.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2009-10-16Move to grecs master.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2009-10-16Move to grecs master.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2009-10-12Do not require Mailutils. Provide missing functions.Sergey Poznyakoff1

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