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2016-02-23BugfixesSergey Poznyakoff5
* lib/addrfmt.c: Include limits.h * src/ctl.c (fun_stop,fun_start): Ignore non-component progs. * src/pies.c (request_restart_components): Fix piesctl invocation. * src/pies.h (PIES_CHLD_RESCHEDULE_ALARM): New flag. (progman_wait_until): Remove. (progman_recompute_alarm): New proto. * src/progman.c (recompute_alarm): Remove. All uses raise PIES_CHLD_RESCHEDULE_ALARM instead. (progman_wake_sleeping): Handle status_stopping components independently on their activity flag. (prog_stop_all, progman_wait_until): Remove. (progman_stop): Rewrite using mark+sweep approach.
2016-02-23Improve loggingSergey Poznyakoff15
* po/POTFILES.in: Add missing source files. * grecs: Upgrade. * src/diag.c (pies_diag_printer): New function. (logfuncall): New function. * src/pies.h: Add new prototypes. * src/pies.c (main): Initialize grecs_print_diag_fun * src/acl.c: Uniformly use double-quotes in messages. Use logfuncall where applicable. * src/comp.c: Likewise. * src/ctl.c: Likewise. * src/inetd-bi.c: Likewise. * src/inetd.c: Likewise. * src/limits.c: Likewise. * src/piesctl.c: Likewise. * src/progman.c: Likewise. * src/socket.c: Likewise. * src/sysvinit.c: Likewise.
2016-02-22Get rid of progman_iterate_compSergey Poznyakoff3
* src/inetd-bi.c (tcpmux): Use component_foreach to handle help requests. * src/progman.c (progman_iterate_comp): Removed. * src/pies.h: Likewise.
2016-02-22Provide a default single-user entry in init modeSergey Poznyakoff3
This complements 6aac230c. The entry is created unless a component for runlevel S already exists. * src/comp.c (component_foreach): New function. * src/pies.h: Likewise. * src/sysvinit.c (inittab_parse): Provide default S entry unless one is already defined.
2016-02-21Fix dereferencing of freed memory.Sergey Poznyakoff2
Improper dereferencing occurred when trying to access master prog of a redirector. * src/prog.h (prog) <r.comp>: New member. * src/progman.c (destroy_prog) <TYPE_COMPONENT>: Clear master pointers in both redirectors. <TYPE_REDIRECTOR>: Check if master is NULL. (register_redir): Initialize r.comp.
2016-02-21Fix memory leaksSergey Poznyakoff2
2016-02-21Fix memory leaks when reconfiguringSergey Poznyakoff3
* grecs: Upgrade. * src/acl.c (_acl_common_section_parser): Free old value. * src/pies.c: Mark statically initialized keywords with GRECS_CONST.
2016-02-21Bugfixes.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* src/pies.c (_cb_command,_cb_env): Free wordsplit struct. (main): Allocate log_tag. Otherwise it might get overwritten by mf_proctitle_format.
2016-02-21Provide fall-back entry in init modeSergey Poznyakoff4
* src/sysvinit.c (inittab_parse): Provide default entry if inittab cannot be read or if it defined no components. * src/comp.c (component_list_is_empty): New function. * src/pies.c (pies_read_config): Always return 0 in init mode. (main): Use LOG_DAEMON in init mode. * src/pies.h (component_list_is_empty): New proto.
2016-02-21BugfixSergey Poznyakoff2
* src/comp.c (component_config_commit): Correctly handle empty list of components.
2016-02-20BugfixSergey Poznyakoff1
* src/pies.c (main): Use pies_master_argv when restarting.
2016-02-20Improve control interfaceSergey Poznyakoff4
This commit implements the following operations on the new /conf endpoints: GET /conf/runtime - List configuration PUT /conf/runtime - Reload configuration POST /conf/runtime - Post new configuration GET /conf/files - List configuration files DELETE /conf/files - Delete some or all configuration files from the list POST /conf/files - Install new configuration file Piesctl supports the following new commands: piesctl config reload piesctl config file clear piesctl config file add SYNTAX NAME piesctl config file del[ete] NAME [NAME...] piesctl config file list * src/ctl.c (res_conf): New function. (restab): New endpoint /conf * src/pies.c (config_file_add): Set free_entry. (config_file_remove, config_file_remove_all) (config_file_list_serialize): New functions. (pies_config_parse): Bail out if tree processing fails. (pies_reload): Remove unused function. (main): Redo ACTION_RELOAD handling. Handle ACTION_COMMIT. * src/pies.h (ACTION_COMMIT): New action. (config_file_remove, config_file_remove_all) (config_file_list_serialize) (pies_read_config, progman_gc): New protos. * src/piesctl.c (cmdline_parser_state): New struct (next_token, peek_token): Take ptr to cmdline_parser_state as argument. (parse_error, require_token, assert_eol) (piesctl_format): New functions. (parse_condition_to_uri): Rewrite using piesctl_format. New subcommand: config. Improve help output.
2016-02-19Revamp program termination after reconfiguring.Sergey Poznyakoff6
* src/pies.h (PIES_CHLD_GC): New op. (progman_stop_tag): Remove proto. * src/pies.c (main): Handle PIES_CHLD_GC: stop all programs marked for termination. * src/comp.c (component_config_commit): Mark leftover components for termination, instead of waiting for them to terminate. * src/sysvinit.c (runlevel_setup_prog): Skip prog if its active status didn't change. Mark inactivated progs for termination. (sysvinit_runlevel_setup): Schedule PIES_CHLD_GC. (inittrans): Don't wait for programs to terminate. That will be done in the main loop. * src/prog.h (prog)<stop>: New boolean member. * src/progman.c (progman_cleanup) (progman_stop_component): Clear the stop flag. (progman_gc): New function. (progman_stop_tag): Remove.
2016-02-18Preserve the order of progs when adding new ones.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* src/progman.c (link_prog): Take a pointer to the reference prog as the second argument. Link the first argument after that reference prog, or at the head of the list if the reference is NULL. (register_prog0): Make sure progs are linked exactly in the same order as the corresponding components. (prog_create_socket): Process only progs with status == status_listener (progman_start): Do the right thing depending on the prog type.
2016-02-18Fix activation/deactivation of network listeners.Sergey Poznyakoff6
* src/ctl.c (prog_active): New function. (prog_serialize): Use prog_active to report prog's activity state. For listener components, return also their service and tcpmux master names, if applicable. (fun_stop): Stop listeners as well. (fun_start): Start listeners. (ctlio_end): Don't close fd: this is done by deregister_socket * src/inetd-bi.c (tcpmux_help): Don't list inactive components. * src/prog.h (prog_activate_listener) (prog_deactivate_listener): New protos. * src/progman.c (prog_lookup_by_tag) (prog_lookup_by_service): Remove. (progman_cleanup): Fix coredump (premature free). (progman_stop_component): If component is a listener, deactivate it. (prog_activate_listener) (prog_deactivate_listener): New functions. * src/socket.c (delete_sockinst): Close the socket descriptor. * src/sysvinit.c (sysvinit_fifo_handler, create_fifo): Don't close fd, leave that to deregister_socket.
2016-02-18Improve loggingSergey Poznyakoff4
* src/diag.c: Rewrite. (vdiagmsg,diagmsg): New functions. * src/pies.c (main): Set DIAG_REOPEN_LOG for init process. * src/pies.h (DIAG_REOPEN_LOG): New flag (DIAG_TO_MASK,DIAG_ALL): New constants. (diagmsg): New proto. * src/sysvinit.c: Add log messages in important transition points (inittrans): Reinitialize logging to syslog upon transition to normal mode.
2016-02-17Fix state transitionsSergey Poznyakoff3
* src/pies.c (main): Move call to pies_schedule_children to inittrans. * src/progman.c (progman_cleanup): Minor change. * src/sysvinit.c (enablecomp): Change prog status to stopped when leaving its runlevel. (sysvinit_set_runlevel): Raise SIGALRM instead of calling inittrans directly. (inittrans): Fix wait logic.
2016-02-16Associate program's activity flag with prog, instead of with component.Sergey Poznyakoff7
The CF_DISABLED flag is still retained to indicate that the component is disabled administratively. * src/prog.h (prog.v.p) <active>: New member. (IS_ACTIVE_COMPONENT): Use active flag. * src/comp.c (component_finish): Don't modify component flags. * src/ctl.c (prog_serialize): Replace attribute "disabled" with "active". (fun_stop): Set prog->v.p.active * src/pies.c (main): Use pies_master_argv to check whether program name is absolute. * src/piesctl.c (print_comp): Check "active" attribute. * src/progman.c (register_prog0): Set prog->v.p.active. (progman_create_sockets): Remove components if their socket cannot be opened. (progman_lookup_tcpmux, prog_open_socket) (prog_start, progman_start) (prog_start_prerequisites, react): Operate on prog->v.p.active to test/change prog's activity state. * src/sysvinit.c (enablecomp, runlevel_setup_prog): Operate on prog->v.p.active to test/change prog's activity state. (demand_prog, IS_RUNNING_DISABLED_PROG): Likewise.
2016-02-15Implement emergency shell.Sergey Poznyakoff4
* src/pies.c (main): Move init-specific command line handling to sysvinit_parse_argv. * src/pies.h (dfl_level): Remove extern. (sysvinit_parse_argv): New proto. * src/sysvinit.c (sysvinit_parse_argv): New function. (sysvinit_begin): Start emergency shell, if requested.
2016-02-14Fix handling of wait componentsSergey Poznyakoff5
* src/pies.h (PIES_COMP_WAIT): Remove. (PIES_COMP_MASK): Save one bit. (PIES_CHLD_NONE, PIES_CHLD_CLEANUP) (PIES_CHLD_WAKEUP): New constants. (pies_schedule_children): New proto. (sysvinit_runlevel_setup): Change signature. * src/pies.c (children_cleanup, got_alarm): Merge into single static variable children_op. All uses updated. (pies_schedule_children): New function. (sig_handler): Update (main): Don't call ctl_open for init process. It is done by inittrans after transition from boot to normal state. Update to use pies_schedule_children. * src/prog.h (IS_ACTIVE_COMPONENT): New macro. * src/progman.c (prog_start): Don't modify prog->v.p.wait. (progman_wake_sleeping): Start usual components only after all "wait" components have terminated. (progman_cleanup): If a "wait" component has terminated, request PIES_CHLD_WAKEUP. * src/sysvinit.c (enstate) <wait>: Remove. (enablecomp): Update. (runlevel_setup_prog): Set prog->v.p.wait. (sysvinit_runlevel_setup): Take only one parameter. (inittrans): Remove "wait" and the related mess. Call ctl_open after transition boot -> normal.
2016-02-13Stop disabled components when switching runlevels.Sergey Poznyakoff8
* src/prog.h (status_enabled, status_disabled): Remove. (status_stopped, status_running): New modes. All uses updated. * src/comp.c (component_finish): Disable ondemand component by default. * src/ctl.c (json_object_set_bool): New function. (pies_status_str): Update. (prog_serialize): Set "disabled" attribute. (fun_stop, fun_start): Use CF_DISABLED flag. (res_runlevel): Schedule ACTION_RELOAD. * src/pies.h (json_object_set_bool): New proto. * src/piesctl.c (status_trans): Reflect changes in modes. (print_comp): Check the "disabled" attribute. * src/progman.c (register_prog0) (prog_open_socket,prog_start,prog_stop) (progman_wake_sleeping) (prog_start_prerequisites) (react, progman_cleanup) (progman_stop_component): Update. (no_children_left): Fix. * src/sysvinit.c (enablecomp): Make CF_DISABLED flag persist for ondemand components. (runlevel_setup_prog): Use CF_DISABLED flag. (inittrans): Stop inactivated processes. * doc/pies.texi: Update.
2016-02-13Implement on-demaind components; implement control socket telinit interface.Sergey Poznyakoff4
* src/pies.h: Include json.h (sysvinit_report, sysvinit_set_runlevel) (json_object_set_string, json_object_set_number): New protos. * src/ctl.c (ctlio_resource)<predicate>: New member. (restab): New endpoint: runlevel. Available only if run as pid 1. (find_resource): If predicate is not NULL, call it to confirm that the endpoint is available. * src/piesctl.c: New subcommand "telinit". * src/sysvinit.c (sysvinit_set_runlevel): New function. (sysvinit_fifo_handler): Implement on-demaind components.
2016-02-13Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.gnu.org.ua/gitroot/piesSergey Poznyakoff5
2016-02-12Improve progman API (progman_foreach and progman_stop_component).Sergey Poznyakoff5
* src/progman.c (progman_foreach): Allow filter to remove its prog argument from the list. Return integer (result of the call to filter, that returned non-zero). All uses changed. (progman_running_count): Remove. (progman_stop_component): Take a pointer to pointer. Pass it to destroy_prog when needed. All uses changed. * src/comp.c (prog_is_leftover): New function. (cb_terminate_prog): Use prog_is_leftover. Don't raise CF_DISABLED flag, as prog will have been destroyed by progman_stop_component. (cb_kill_prog): Use prog_is_leftover. * src/ctl.c (fun_stop): Check if prog still exists after the call to progman_stop_component. * src/pies.h (progman_running_count): Removed. * src/prog.h (progman_foreach): Return int. (progman_stop_component): Change signature.
2016-01-31Update POTFILES.inSergey Poznyakoff2
2016-01-31Support sysvinit ondemand components.Sergey Poznyakoff3
* src/ctl.c (fun_start): Handle status_finished same as status_sleeping (for restarting ondemand components). * src/progman.c: Respawn ondemand components. * src/sysvinit.c (enablecomp): Handle pies_comp_ondemand. (sysvinit_demand): New function. (sysvinit_fifo_handler): Handle ondemand runlevels. (inittab_parse): Support "off" fields. Convert runlevels to upper case.
2016-01-31Fix runlevel switching; handle powerfail commands.Sergey Poznyakoff6
* src/ctl.c (prog_serialize): List runlevels. * src/pies.c (main): Set got_alarm after reloading configuration. Handle ACTION_POWER. * src/pies.h (ACTION_POWER): New constant. (progman_running_p): Rename to progman_waiting_p. All uses changed. (sysvinit_power): New proto. (POWER_STAT_FILE): New define. (POWER_STAT_FAIL,POWER_STAT_LOW,POWER_STAT_OK): New constants. * src/prog.h (prog) <idx>: Remove. (prog) <wait>: New member. * src/progman.c (prog_lookup_by_idx): Remove. (progman_waiting_p): Return 1 only if there is at least one prog with v.p.wait set. (prog_start): Initialize v.p.wait for sysvinit components. (progman_start): Don't do anything if waiting for components from the previous runlevel. (progman_wake_sleeping): Likewise. (progman_cleanup): Assume expect_term if waiting for components from the previous runlevel. Clear v.p.wait on exited progs. * src/sysvinit.c (sysvinit_fifo_handler): Don't call progman_stop when handling runlevel changes. Handle INIT_CMD_POWERFAIL, INIT_CMD_POWERFAILNOW, and INIT_CMD_POWEROK. (sysvinit_sigtrans): Handle SIGPWR. (is_comp_wait): Rewrite. (power_stat_file): New variable. (sysvinit_power): New function.
2016-01-30Fix configuration reload and telinit qSergey Poznyakoff4
* src/comp.c (component_link): Always link after the REF. component. If REF is NULL, link at list head. (component_append): New function. (component_create): Use component_append. (component_free): Fix double-free. * src/pies.c (pies_reload): Call sysvinit_runlevel_setup. * src/progman.c (progman_stop_component): Remove inactive components. * src/sysvinit.c (sysvinit_fifo_handler): Schedule ACTION_RELOAD. on receiving INIT_CMD_RUNLVL. (sysvinit_sigtrans): Don't handle SIGHUP.
2016-01-29Fix grecs versionSergey Poznyakoff1
2016-01-29BugfixSergey Poznyakoff4
* src/comp.c (component_link): Restore "next" link.
2016-01-21Cleanup: redo configuration file handling and dependency tracking.Sergey Poznyakoff19
Implement clean configuration reload on SIGHUP. Use SIGUSR1 to restart the program (previously initiated by SIGHUP). * src/Makefile.am (pies_SOURCES): Add comp.c * src/comp.c: New file. * src/acl.c (pies_acl_free): Don't coredump on NULL arg. (_parse_from): Set cmp function for the sockaddr list. (_acl_common_section_parser): Set cmp function for the ACL (pies_acl_cmp): New function. * src/acl.h (pies_acl_cmp): New proto. * src/cmdline.opt: Remove option --dump-prereq. Add options --trace-prereq and --trace-depend. * src/ctl.c: Use prog_tag to access tag of struct prog. * src/depmap.c (depmap_clear) (depmap_clear_all): New functions. * src/inetd.c (inetd_conf_file): Don't register prog right away. This is done later in component_config_commit. (inetd_parse_conf): Rename to inetd_config_parse. * src/limits.c (limits_cmp): New function. * src/pies.c (config_file): Replace with struct config_syntax. (str_to_config_syntax): Return a pointer to struct config_syntax. (add_config): Rename to config_file_add. (config_file_add_type): New function. (return_code_keywords, create_action): Change handling of actions. (return_code_section_parser): Likewise. (component_verify, component_create) (component_free, component_finish): Move to comp.c (config_parse): Remove. (pies_config_parse): New function. (pies_read_config,pies_reload): New function. (pies_reload): Rename to request_reload. (pies_status): Rename to request_status. (pies_stop): Rename to request_stop. (main): Change configuration file handling. SIGHUP reloads configuration, instead of restarting the program. (default_sigv,sig_handler): Handle SIGUSR1. * src/pies.h (component): New members: prev, next, listidx, arridx, ref_count, prog. Remove act_head, act_tail, act_temp. Add new prototypes. * src/prog.h (prog): Remove tag and prereq. * src/progman.c (prog_tag): New function. (destroy_prog): Update component reference count. (register_redir): Likewise. (register_prog0): Take one argument. Update component reference count. (register_prog): Update comp->prog (prog_rebuild_prerequisites): Remove. (component_fixup_depend): Remove. (fixup_prerequisites,rebuild_prerequisites) (print_dep,progman_dump_prereq) (progman_dump_depmap,progman_build_depmap): Remove. (prog_start_prerequisites): Scan depmap to find prerequisites. (prog_stop_dependents): Likewise. (progman_wait): Remove. (progman_wait_until): New function. (progman_stop): Rewrite using progman_wait_until. (react): Rewrite using grecs_list * src/sysvinit.c: Use prog_tag when needed. * src/userprivs.c (pies_privs_cmp, pies_privs_free): New functions. * grecs: Update. * lib/safe_strcmp.c: New file. * lib/Makefile.am: Add safe_strcmp.c * lib/libpies.h (safe_strcmp): New proto.
2016-01-10Minor changes in message wordingSergey Poznyakoff5
2016-01-10Improvements in init modeSergey Poznyakoff2
* src/progman.c (print_status): Suppress output if running as init process, unless in debug mode. * src/sysvinit.c (sysvinit_begin): Set up "non-failing" memory allocation.
2016-01-09BugfixSergey Poznyakoff1
2016-01-09Minor improvementsSergey Poznyakoff3
* src/ctl.c (ctl_open): Return immediately if control.url is null. (fun_start): Start sleeping component. * src/meta1lex.h: Removed. * src/pies.c (config_parse): Move creation of the default control.url to main.
2016-01-09Update POTFILES.inSergey Poznyakoff1
2016-01-09Use grecs meta1 parserSergey Poznyakoff9
* configure.ac (GRECS_SETUP): Require parser-meta1 * grecs: Upgrade. * po/POTFILES.in: Update. * src/Makefile.am: Remove meta1gram.y and meta1lex.l Add meta1parse.c and meta1parse.h * src/meta1gram.y: Remove. * src/meta1lex.l: Remove. * src/meta1parse.c: New file. * src/meta1parse.h: New file. * src/pies.c: Include meta1parse.h instead of meta1lex.h
2016-01-09BugfixesSergey Poznyakoff2
* src/meta1gram.y: Translate "wait" mode to "exec". * src/diag.c (logmsg_vprintf): Don't loose the last segment before \n.
2016-01-09piesctl: optionally bind to local IPSergey Poznyakoff7
* configure.ac (GRECS_SETUP): Request sockaddr-list * grecs: Upgrade. * po/POTFILES.in: Remove meta.c * src/piesctl-cl.opt: Use client.url * src/piesctl.c (client_conn): New struct. (instance_keywords,piesctl_keywords): New keyword: "source". (parse_config): Initialize grecs_sockaddr_hints. (shttp_connect): Optionally bind to the selected local IP before connecting. * src/utmp.c (write_wtmpx,write_utmpx): Remove spurious notice.
2016-01-08Uniformly use grecs memory management functions.Sergey Poznyakoff24
* gnulib.modules: Remove unneded modules. * ident/ident.h: Remove xalloc.h, include errno.h * ident/ident.c: Use standard allocation functions instead of x* * ident/pam.c: Remove. * ident/provider.c: Remove. * ident/system.c: Remove. * src/meta.c: Remove. * src/Makefile.am: Remove meta.c * src/progman.c: Use grecs_* allocation functions instead of x*. (notify): Use wordsplit to expand variables within message. Rename variables: program-name to program_name; canonical-program-name to canonical_program_name. * doc/pies.texi: Update. * src/depmap.c: Use grecs_* allocation functions instead of x*. (depmap_end): New function. * src/diag.c (logmsg_vprintf): Use grecs_txtacc instead of obstack. * src/pies.h (depmap_end): New proto. Remove unused includes. * src/acl.c: Use grecs_* allocation functions instead of x*. * src/ctl.c: Likewise. * src/inetd.c: Likewise. * src/limits.c: Likewise. * src/meta1gram.y: Likewise. * src/meta1lex.l: Likewise. * src/pies.c: Likewise. * src/socket.c: Likewise. * src/sysvinit.c: Likewise. * src/userprivs.c: Likewise.
2016-01-08Enable control socket when run as init process.Sergey Poznyakoff11
* configure.ac (DEFAULT_CONTROL_URL): Rename to DEFAULT_PIES_CONTROL_URL. Change default value. (DEFAULT_INIT_CONTROL_URL): New subst variable. * lib/libpies.h (pies_basic_url_create): New prototype. * lib/url.c (pies_basic_url_create): New function (renamed from pies_url_create). (pies_url_create): Expand variable references in the input string. * src/Makefile.am (AM_CPPFLAGS): Pass DEFAULT_INIT_CONTROL_URL * src/ctl.c (pies_control_url) (ctl_open): Don't exit on errors, return -1 instead. * src/pies.c (default_control_url): New variable. (config_parse): Create default socket url. (pies_control_url): New macro (main): Set environment variable PIES_INSTANCE. Try to open control socket in init process mode as well. * src/pies.h (default_control_url): New extern. (ctl_open): Change prototype. (pies_control_url): Remove. * src/piesctl-cl.opt (parse_options): Set environment variable PIES_INSTANCE. * src/piesctl.c (parse_config): Use pies_url_create and DEFAULT_PIES_CONTROL_URL when falling back to the default socket.
2016-01-08BugfixSergey Poznyakoff1
* lib/addrfmt.c (S_UN_NAME): Fix comparison. (sockaddr_to_str): Improve wording.
2016-01-08BugfixesSergey Poznyakoff3
* bootstrap.conf (bootstrap_epilogue): Declare the package as a GNU one. * configure.ac: Require gettext 0.19 Remove useless conditional * src/ctl.c (fun_stop, fun_start): Check prog->v.p.status, not the CF_DISABLED flag.
2016-01-06Revert to pre-32a337f3 two endpoint systemSergey Poznyakoff2
2016-01-05control interface: pass JSON as query for GET, DELETE, and PUTSergey Poznyakoff2
2016-01-05piesctl: normalize exit codes.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* src/piesctl.c (EX_OK, EX_NOTFOUND): New defines. (exit_status): New global. (all calls): Use EX_OK instead of literal 0 (shttp_process): Set exit_status on errors. (com_list, com_id): Return void. Check response code. (com_stop, com_start) (com_restart, com_reboot): Return void. (ctlcom_t): Return void. (main): Return exit_status
2016-01-05Include argv in the output of ctl id command.Sergey Poznyakoff4
* ctl.c (res_instance): Include "argv" in the return json. Use pies_master_argv[0] to report binary path. * pies.c (pies_master_argv,pies_master_argc): New globals. (main): Initialize them. Refuse to restart unless argv[0] begins with a slash. * pies.h (pies_master_argv,pies_master_argc): New globals. * piesctl.c (com_id): Rewrite output formatting.
2016-01-05Minor changes.Sergey Poznyakoff4
* src/ctl.c (ctlio_authenticate): Configurable realm name. (ctlio_do_command): Check the Accept header. * src/inetd.c (inetd_conf_file): Change line_no type. * src/pies.c (control_keywords): New keyword: realm. * src/pies.h (control) <realm>: New member.
2016-01-05Insert missing _() markersSergey Poznyakoff2
2016-01-05Select components to operate upon using conditional expressionSergey Poznyakoff3
* grecs: Upgrade. * src/ctl.c (restab): Split /programs in two endpoints. (eval_env): New members allowed_state, fun, total_count, success_count, and noperm_count. (pcond_type): pcond_and and pcond_or can take arbitrary number of arguments. All uses updated. (selector): Rewrite. * src/piesctl.c: All commands that operate on components take conditional expression as argument. (pcond_parse_and) (pcond_parse_or): Optimize consecutive operations.

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