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@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ Software Foundation raise funds for GNU development.''
@end copying
-@title Program Invocation and Execution Supervisor
+@title The @sc{PIES} Manual
@subtitle version @value{VERSION}, @value{UPDATED}
@author Sergey Poznyakoff.
@@ -1727,6 +1727,7 @@ listed there is alive and responding. If another instance is running,
using @option{--status} command line option:
$ pies --status
redirector smtps/stderr 4697
redirector pmult/stderr 4677
@@ -1736,6 +1737,7 @@ component smar 4680 smar -f /etc/meta1/meta1.conf -d 100
component qmgr 4691 qmgr -f /etc/meta1/meta1.conf
component smtpc 4696 smtpc -f /etc/meta1/meta1.conf
component smtps 4698 smtps -d100 -f /etc/meta1/meta1.conf
+@end group
@end smallexample
In its output, lines beginning with @samp{component} refer to
@@ -1788,6 +1790,7 @@ An @samp{X} sign is placed on each crossing which corresponds to the
actual dependency. For example:
$ pies --dump-depmap
Dependency map:
0 1 2 3 4
@@ -1803,6 +1806,7 @@ Legend:
2: qmgr
3: smtpc
4: smtps
+@end group
@end smallexample
This example corresponds to the configuration file shown in @ref{Hairy
@@ -1816,10 +1820,12 @@ means that @samp{smtps} depends on @samp{smar} and @samp{qmgr}.
You can also list prerequisites explicitly:
$ pies --dump-prereq
qmgr: smar
smtpc: qmgr
smtps: smar qmgr
+@end group
@end smallexample
@node Invocation

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