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Upon startup, @command{pies} reads the list of components
from its configuration file, starts them, and remains in the
-background, controlling their execution.
+background, controlling their execution. Each component is
+defined by the name of the external program to be run and its
+arguments (command line). The program is normally run directly
+(via @code{exec}), but you can instruct @command{pies} to run
+it via @code{sh -c} as well.
The standard output and standard error streams of a component can be
redirected to a file or to an arbitrary @command{syslog} channel.
@@ -870,6 +874,21 @@ their standard input to be open (e.g.@: @command{pppd nodetach}).
Mark this component as @dfn{precious}. Precious components are never
disabled by @command{pies}, even if they respawn too fast.
+@kwindex shell
+@item shell
+Run command as @code{/bin/sh -c "$command"}. Use this flag if command
+contains shell-specific features, such as I/O redirections, pipes,
+variables or the like. You can change the shell program using the
+@code{program} statement. For example, to use Korn shell:
+component X @{
+ flags shell;
+ program "/bin/ksh";
+ command "myprog $HOME";
+@end example
@kwindex wait
@item wait
This flag is valid only for @samp{inetd} components. It has the same

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