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@@ -23,3 +23,4 @@ pies.tp
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+mailfromd mono ${MAILFROMD}/mailfromd.html
+mailfromd node ${MAILFROMD}/html_node/
+mailfromd section ${MAILFROMD}/html_section/
+mailfromd chapter ${MAILFROMD}/html_chapter/
+m4 mono ${M4}/m4.html
+m4 node ${M4}/html_node/
+m4 section ${M4}/html_section/
+m4 chapter ${M4}/html_chapter/
+identd(1) mono https://man.gnu.org.ua/8/identd \ No newline at end of file
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@@ -665,16 +665,10 @@ package. When invoked with the @option{--help} option @command{pies}
reports, among others, the preprocessor it is configured to use and
the location of the preprocessor startup file.
-The use of alternative preprocessor can also be requested when
-invoking @command{pies} by the @option{--preprocessor} option or even
-disabled, using the @option{--no-preprocessor}.}. It is a powerful
-macro processor, described in detail in
-@ref{Top, GNU M4 manual, GNU M4, m4, GNU M4 macro processor}.
-@end ifnothtml
-@uref{http://www.gnu.org/software/m4/manual, GNU M4 manual}.
-@end ifhtml
+You can change the default preprocessor at runtime, using the
+@option{--preprocessor} option, or disable it using
+@option{--no-preprocessor}.}. This powerful macro processor is described
+in @ref{Top, GNU M4 manual,, m4, GNU M4 macro processor}.
For the rest of this subsection we assume the reader is sufficiently
acquainted with the @command{m4} macro processor.

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