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Improve parsing and handling of stop, start, and restart ctl commands.
* src/ctl.c (pcond_active): New type. (pcond_eval): Handle pcond_active. (pcond_conv): New op: active. (pcond_conv_find): Skip array elements with NULL term value. (object_to_cond): Permit empty argument if no handler function is defined. (fun_stop): Work on all prog types. (fun_start): Work only on components. (fun_restart): Work only on running components. * src/piesctl.c (cmdline_parser_state): New member: command. (pcond_parse_unary): Handle "active" keyword. (parse_condition): Change signature. (parse_condition_to_uri): Likewise. (default_cond): New function, (com_stop, com_start, com_restart): If no arguments supplied, assume default condition "type component". (ctlcom_t): Change signature. All uses changed. (main): Pass a pointer to cmdline_parser_state to the command handler.
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