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authorSergey Poznyakoff <gray@gnu.org>2016-01-21 08:31:31 +0200
committerSergey Poznyakoff <gray@gnu.org>2016-01-21 08:31:31 +0200
commit0c930fc6d3fde82e800c685ec1df92ddfa23fe09 (patch)
tree1494ff68c9006d3e1a9d6ab5b3b2a5e2f66a47ca /src/depmap.c
parent2040ea870ae411472a73d0bee49fb7c4a774ad93 (diff)
Cleanup: redo configuration file handling and dependency tracking.
Implement clean configuration reload on SIGHUP. Use SIGUSR1 to restart the program (previously initiated by SIGHUP). * src/Makefile.am (pies_SOURCES): Add comp.c * src/comp.c: New file. * src/acl.c (pies_acl_free): Don't coredump on NULL arg. (_parse_from): Set cmp function for the sockaddr list. (_acl_common_section_parser): Set cmp function for the ACL (pies_acl_cmp): New function. * src/acl.h (pies_acl_cmp): New proto. * src/cmdline.opt: Remove option --dump-prereq. Add options --trace-prereq and --trace-depend. * src/ctl.c: Use prog_tag to access tag of struct prog. * src/depmap.c (depmap_clear) (depmap_clear_all): New functions. * src/inetd.c (inetd_conf_file): Don't register prog right away. This is done later in component_config_commit. (inetd_parse_conf): Rename to inetd_config_parse. * src/limits.c (limits_cmp): New function. * src/pies.c (config_file): Replace with struct config_syntax. (str_to_config_syntax): Return a pointer to struct config_syntax. (add_config): Rename to config_file_add. (config_file_add_type): New function. (return_code_keywords, create_action): Change handling of actions. (return_code_section_parser): Likewise. (component_verify, component_create) (component_free, component_finish): Move to comp.c (config_parse): Remove. (pies_config_parse): New function. (pies_read_config,pies_reload): New function. (pies_reload): Rename to request_reload. (pies_status): Rename to request_status. (pies_stop): Rename to request_stop. (main): Change configuration file handling. SIGHUP reloads configuration, instead of restarting the program. (default_sigv,sig_handler): Handle SIGUSR1. * src/pies.h (component): New members: prev, next, listidx, arridx, ref_count, prog. Remove act_head, act_tail, act_temp. Add new prototypes. * src/prog.h (prog): Remove tag and prereq. * src/progman.c (prog_tag): New function. (destroy_prog): Update component reference count. (register_redir): Likewise. (register_prog0): Take one argument. Update component reference count. (register_prog): Update comp->prog (prog_rebuild_prerequisites): Remove. (component_fixup_depend): Remove. (fixup_prerequisites,rebuild_prerequisites) (print_dep,progman_dump_prereq) (progman_dump_depmap,progman_build_depmap): Remove. (prog_start_prerequisites): Scan depmap to find prerequisites. (prog_stop_dependents): Likewise. (progman_wait): Remove. (progman_wait_until): New function. (progman_stop): Rewrite using progman_wait_until. (react): Rewrite using grecs_list * src/sysvinit.c: Use prog_tag when needed. * src/userprivs.c (pies_privs_cmp, pies_privs_free): New functions. * grecs: Update. * lib/safe_strcmp.c: New file. * lib/Makefile.am: Add safe_strcmp.c * lib/libpies.h (safe_strcmp): New proto.
Diffstat (limited to 'src/depmap.c')
1 files changed, 27 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/src/depmap.c b/src/depmap.c
index e4533e8..3259880 100644
--- a/src/depmap.c
+++ b/src/depmap.c
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
#define WORDSIZE(n) (((n) + BITS_PER_WORD - 1) / BITS_PER_WORD)
#define SETBIT(x, i) ((x)[(i)/BITS_PER_WORD] |= (1<<((i) % BITS_PER_WORD)))
-#define RESETBIT(x, i) ((x)[(i)/BITS_PER_WORD] &= ~(1<<((i) % BITS_PER_WORD)))
+#define CLRBIT(x, i) ((x)[(i)/BITS_PER_WORD] &= ~(1<<((i) % BITS_PER_WORD)))
#define BITISSET(x, i) (((x)[(i)/BITS_PER_WORD] & (1<<((i) % BITS_PER_WORD))) != 0)
@@ -118,6 +118,13 @@ depmap_set (pies_depmap_t dmap, size_t row, size_t col)
SETBIT (rptr, col);
+depmap_clear (pies_depmap_t dmap, size_t row, size_t col)
+ unsigned *rptr = depmap_rowptr (dmap, row);
+ CLRBIT (rptr, col);
depmap_isset (pies_depmap_t dmap, size_t row, size_t col)
@@ -166,3 +173,22 @@ depmap_end (pies_depmap_pos_t pos)
grecs_free (pos);
+depmap_clear_all (pies_depmap_t dmap, enum pies_depmap_direction dir,
+ size_t coord)
+ size_t i;
+ switch (dir)
+ {
+ case depmap_row:
+ for (i = 0; i < dmap->nrows; i++)
+ depmap_clear (dmap, coord, i);
+ break;
+ case depmap_col:
+ for (i = 0; i < dmap->nrows; i++)
+ depmap_clear (dmap, i, coord);
+ }

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