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External preprocessor can be selected when building the package and at runtime.
* configure.ac: Report selected preprocessor. Version 1.5.90. * doc/Makefile.am: Don't distribute gendocs.pl and gendocs_template * grecs: Upgrade. * lib/pp.c (pp_command_line): Use the grecs_preprocessor variable instead of DEFAULT_PREPROCESSOR macro. * src/cmdline.opt: New options: --preprocessor and --no-preprocessor. Report the preprocessor command and setup file when called with --help. * src/pies.c (config_init): Initialize grecs_preprocessor. * NEWS: Document changes. * doc/pies.texi: Document new options. * tests/accept.at: Invoke pies with --no-preprocessor. * tests/builtin.at: Likewise. * tests/control.at: Likewise. * tests/cyclic.at: Likewise. * tests/env.at: Likewise. * tests/envglobal.at: Likewise. * tests/expandenv.at: Likewise. * tests/inet.at: Likewise. * tests/maxinst.at: Likewise. * tests/passfd.at: Likewise. * tests/redirect.at: Likewise. * tests/respawn.at: Likewise. * tests/ret-exec.at: Likewise. * tests/ret-notify.at: Likewise. * tests/shell.at: Likewise. * tests/shutdown.at: Likewise. * tests/startup.at: Likewise.
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