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Stop disabled components when switching runlevels.
* src/prog.h (status_enabled, status_disabled): Remove. (status_stopped, status_running): New modes. All uses updated. * src/comp.c (component_finish): Disable ondemand component by default. * src/ctl.c (json_object_set_bool): New function. (pies_status_str): Update. (prog_serialize): Set "disabled" attribute. (fun_stop, fun_start): Use CF_DISABLED flag. (res_runlevel): Schedule ACTION_RELOAD. * src/pies.h (json_object_set_bool): New proto. * src/piesctl.c (status_trans): Reflect changes in modes. (print_comp): Check the "disabled" attribute. * src/progman.c (register_prog0) (prog_open_socket,prog_start,prog_stop) (progman_wake_sleeping) (prog_start_prerequisites) (react, progman_cleanup) (progman_stop_component): Update. (no_children_left): Fix. * src/sysvinit.c (enablecomp): Make CF_DISABLED flag persist for ondemand components. (runlevel_setup_prog): Use CF_DISABLED flag. (inittrans): Stop inactivated processes. * doc/pies.texi: Update.
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@@ -2437,24 +2437,37 @@ describes the type:
@multitable @columnfractions 0.2 0.7
@headitem Flag @tab Meaning
+@item 3 @tab SysV init @samp{ctrlaltdel} component
@item A @tab Accept-style component
+@item B @tab SysV init @samp{boot} component
@item C @tab Init-style component
+@item c @tab SysV init @samp{once} component
+@item D @tab SysV init @samp{ondemand} component
@item E @tab Command being executed
+@item F @tab SysV init @samp{powerfail} component
+@item f @tab SysV init @samp{powerwait} component
@item I @tab Inetd-style component
+@item i @tab SysV init @samp{sysinit} component
+@item k @tab SysV init @samp{kbrequest} component
+@item n @tab SysV init @samp{powerfailnow} component
+@item o @tab SysV init @samp{powerokwait} component
@item P @tab Pass-style component
@item R @tab Output redirector
+@item W @tab SysV init @samp{wait} component
+@item w @tab SysV init @samp{bootwait} component
@end multitable
- The second flag is meaningful only for components, i.e. if the first
-flag is one of @samp{CAIP}. Its values are:
+ The second flag is meaningful only for components. Its values are:
@multitable @columnfractions 0.2 0.7
@headitem Flag @tab Meaning
-@item D @tab Disabled component
+@item - @tab Disabled component
+@item f @tab A finished @samp{once} component
@item L @tab Inetd listener
@item R @tab Running component
@item S @tab Component is stopping
@item s @tab Component is sleeping
+@item T @tab Component is stopped
@end multitable
The next column lists the PID (for running components) or socket address

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