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Improve status output.
* doc/pies.texi: Document new status output format. * src/progman.c (progman_dump_stats): Redesign flags column.
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--- a/doc/pies.texi
+++ b/doc/pies.texi
@@ -2182,6 +2182,17 @@ component pop3d @{
2182@} 2182@}
2183@end smallexample 2183@end smallexample
2184 2184
2185The following is almost equivalent configuration in @command{inetd}
2189ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/ftpd ftpd -l -C
2190pop3 stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/pop3d pop3d --inetd
2191@end smallexample
2193This configuration is ``almost'' equivalent, because the
2194@command{inetd} has no way of specifying ACLs and setting the umask.
2185@node Command Line Usage 2196@node Command Line Usage
2186@chapter Command Line Usage 2197@chapter Command Line Usage
2187 2198
@@ -2195,43 +2206,57 @@ listed there is alive and responding. If another instance is running,
2195 2206
2196@anchor{pies-status} 2207@anchor{pies-status}
2197 After startup, you can verify the status of the running process 2208 After startup, you can verify the status of the running process
2198using @option{--status} command line option: 2209using the @option{--status} command line option:
2199 2210
2200@smallexample 2211@smallexample
2201@group 2212@group
2202$ pies --status 2213$ pies --status
2203redirector smtps/stderr 4697 2214smtps/stderr R 4697
2204redirector pmult/stderr 4677 2215pmult/stderr R 4677
2205redirector pmult/stdout 4676 2216pmult/stdout R 4676
2206component pmult 4678 /usr/local/sbin/pmult 2217pmult CR 4678 /usr/local/sbin/pmult
2207component smar 4680 smar -f /etc/meta1/meta1.conf -d 100 2218smar CR 4680 smar -f /etc/meta1/meta1.conf -d 100
2208component qmgr 4691 qmgr -f /etc/meta1/meta1.conf 2219qmgr CR 4691 qmgr -f /etc/meta1/meta1.conf
2209component smtpc 4696 smtpc -f /etc/meta1/meta1.conf 2220smtpc CR 4696 smtpc -f /etc/meta1/meta1.conf
2210component smtps 4698 smtps -d100 -f /etc/meta1/meta1.conf 2221smtps PR 4698 smtps -d100 -f /etc/meta1/meta1.conf
2211@end group 2222@end group
2212@end smallexample 2223@end smallexample
2213 2224
2214 In its output, lines beginning with @samp{component} refer to 2225 Each output line contains at least two columns. The first column
2215running components. For running components, the following information 2226lists the tag of the component. The second one contains @dfn{flags},
2216is displayed: 2227describing the type and status of the component. The first flag
2228describes the type:
2230@multitable @columnfractions 0.2 0.7
2231@headitem Flag @tab Meaning
2232@item C @tab Init-style component
2233@item A @tab Accept-style component
2234@item I @tab Inetd-style component
2235@item P @tab Pass-style component
2236@item R @tab Output redirector
2237@item E @tab Command being executed
2238@end multitable
2217 2239
2218@enumerate 1 2240 The second flag is meaningful only for components, i.e. if the first
2219@item Component tag (@pxref{Component Statement}). 2241flag is one of @samp{CAIP}. Its values are:
2220@item PID of the running instance of the component.
2221@item Command line of the component, as set by the @code{command}
2222statement (@pxref{Component Statement, command}).
2223@end enumerate
2224 2242
2225If the component is not running, the reason is indicated in the PID 2243@multitable @columnfractions 0.2 0.7
2226column, between the square brackets, e.g.: 2244@headitem Flag @tab Meaning
2245@item R @tab Running component
2246@item D @tab Disabled component
2247@item L @tab Inetd listener
2248@item s @tab Component is sleeping
2249@item S @tab Component is stopping
2250@end multitable
2227 2251
2228@smallexample 2252 The next column lists the PID (for running components) or socket address
2229component pmult [disabled; scheduled for Mon 01 Dec 2008 20:27:02] 2253(for internet listeners), or the string @samp{N/A} if neither of the
2230 /usr/local/sbin/pmult 2254above applies.
2231@end smallexample
2232 2255
2233@noindent 2256 If the component is sleeping, the time of its scheduled wake-up is
2234(the example above is split in two lines for readability). 2257listed in the next column.
2259 The rest of line contains the component command line.
2235 2260
2236@anchor{pies-restart} 2261@anchor{pies-restart}
2237@xopindex{restart-component, described} 2262@xopindex{restart-component, described}

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