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Handle non-stream sockets. Pies can now replace inetd (- inetd.conf and built-in services).
* src/pies.c (component_keywords): New keywords: wait, socket-type. (component_verify): Add more checks. * src/pies.h (CF_WAIT): New define. (struct component): New member: socket_type. (struct pies_url): Rename proto to scheme. New members: proto, proto_s, port_s (register_listener): Remove proto. (register_socket): New proto. (create_socket): Change signature. (disable_socket, enable_socket): New protos. * src/progman.c (close_fds): New function. (open_redirector): Use close_fds. (prog_start): Use close_fds. Update call to create_socket. Disable socket if wait is set. (progman_accept): Support non-stream (and stream+wait) sockets. (component_fixup_depend): Update call to create_socket. Call register_socket. (run_command): Use close_fds. Re-enable socket if wait is set. * src/socket.c (create_socket): Take additional argument: socket_type. (register_socket): New function. (disable_socket, enable_socket): New functions. (pies_pause): Add missing break. * src/url.c (url_parse_host): Accept service name and numberic port number. (url_parse_proto): Rename to url_parse_scheme. All callers updated. (url_parse_scheme): Allow for optional protocol specification in scheme field (after a '+' sign). (pies_url_destroy): Free new fields.
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