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2008-03-02PO files are gotten from the TPSergey Poznyakoff1
2006-01-222006-01-22 Jordi Mallach <>Jordi Mallach1
* LINGUAS: Added sv. * sv.po: New Swedish translation by Daniel Nylander.
2005-05-19Added rw; updated pl, ru and uk from the TP.Jordi Mallach1
2005-02-22New Ukrainian translation by Sergey.Jordi Mallach1
2004-04-02Updated French translation from the Translation Project.Jordi Mallach1
2003-12-25Added Romanian translation by Eugen Hoanca.uid661061
2003-07-04Added Polish and Russian translations from Sergey.Jordi Mallach1
2003-01-10New Spanish translation by Cristian Othón Martínez Vera.Jordi Mallach1
2002-12-27Added Catalan translation.Jordi Mallach1
2002-12-23Initial NLS for po dirWojciech Polak1

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