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2021-01-05Update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff8
2020-11-16Remove mh and maildir sample mailboxes from the distributionSergey Poznyakoff2
Testsuites use mbox2dir to create the requested directory-based mailbox from the mbox source.
2020-11-16Fix message append notifications for maildir, mh, and dotmail.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* testsuite/mbop.c: Implement notification mode. * comsat/tests/ Fix mh qid. * libproto/dotmail/dotmail.c (dotmail_append_message): Lock the monitor before and unlock it after the operation. * libproto/dotmail/tests/ New file. * libproto/dotmail/tests/ Add * libproto/dotmail/tests/ Include * include/mailutils/sys/amd.h (cur_msg_file_name): Change signature. * libmailutils/base/amd.c: Use amd->cur_msg_file_name with 0 as its second argument to get qid. * libproto/maildir/mbox.c (maildir_cur_message_name): Take three argument, second one specifying whether an absolute or relative filename is requested. All uses changed. * libproto/maildir/tests/ New file. * libproto/maildir/tests/ Add * libproto/maildir/tests/ Include * libproto/mh/mbox.c (_mh_cur_message_name): Take three argument, second one specifying whether an absolute or relative filename is requested. All uses changed. * libproto/mh/tests/ New file. * libproto/mh/tests/ Add * libproto/mh/tests/ Include
2020-02-08Update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff8
2019-12-14Fix several linking issuesSergey Poznyakoff1
* Require libtool version 2.4.6 (MU_LINK_POSTFLAGS): Remove. Not needed with the patched version of Detect the presencecof GSSAPI. Fix displaying the status of GSSAPI support. Remove the hack introduced on 2010-02-19 (commit 35ac66f056). (MU_AUTHLIBS,SQLLIB) (SQL_LOADABLE_MODULES,SQL_LIBOBJS): Insert spaces only when needed. * mu-aux/ from libtool 2.4.6 with fixes from installed. * bootstrap.conf (bootstrap_epilogue): Install the fixed version. * am/gssapi.m4: Allow for "yes" and "probe" argument values. Improve makefile style consistency . Uniformly use parentheses instead of curly braces in variable referencing; . Prefer to use Make variables over substitution variables, for variables prefixed with MU_; * comsat/ * dotlock/ * examples/ * examples/cpp/ * frm/ * imap4d/ * imap4d/tests/ * lib/ * libmailutils/ * libmailutils/address/ * libmailutils/auth/ * libmailutils/base/ * libmailutils/cfg/ * libmailutils/cidr/ * libmailutils/cli/ * libmailutils/datetime/ * libmailutils/diag/ * libmailutils/filter/ * libmailutils/imapio/ * libmailutils/list/ * libmailutils/locus/ * libmailutils/mailbox/ * libmailutils/mailcap/ * libmailutils/mailer/ * libmailutils/mime/ * libmailutils/msgset/ * libmailutils/opt/ * libmailutils/property/ * libmailutils/server/ * libmailutils/sockaddr/ * libmailutils/stdstream/ * libmailutils/stream/ * libmailutils/string/ * libmailutils/tests/ * libmailutils/url/ * libmailutils/wicket/ * libmu_auth/ * libmu_cpp/ * libmu_dbm/ * libmu_scm/ * libmu_scm/mailutils/ * libmu_sieve/ * libmu_sieve/extensions/ * libproto/dotmail/ * libproto/dotmail/tests/ * libproto/imap/ * libproto/imap/tests/ * libproto/maildir/ * libproto/mailer/ * libproto/mbox/ * libproto/mh/ * libproto/nntp/ * libproto/pop/ * mail/ * mapi/ * mda/lib/ * mda/lmtpd/ * mda/mda/ * mda/mda/tests/ * mda/putmail/ * messages/ * mh/ * mh/tests/ * mimeview/ * movemail/ * mu/ * mu/libexec/ * pop3d/ * python/2/libmu_py/ * python/2/mailutils/ * python/3/libmu_py/ * python/3/mailutils/ * readmsg/ * sieve/ * sql/ * testsuite/
2019-11-26BugfixSergey Poznyakoff1
* comsat/action.c (run_user_action): Fill with 0s.
2019-11-09Reorganize testsuiteSergey Poznyakoff1
Simplify's in tests subdirectories by moving the common part in a separate file and including it where necessary. Build only one copy of package.m4. Both package.m4 and include file reside in the testsuite directory. Also provide configure options for selecting mda components to build: --disable-build-mda do not build mda --disable-build-lmtpd do not build lmtpd --disable-build-putmail do not build putmail * .gitignore: Update. * [MU_COND_MDA]: Change to MU_COND_MDA_TOOLS * Provide a way to enable/disable building of mda, lmtpd and putmail separately. Build testsuite/package.m4 * testsuite/ * testsuite/ Distribute both and package.m4. Include main part from * testsuite/ New file. * comsat/tests/ Include main part from * frm/tests/ Likewise. * imap4d/tests/ Likewise. * libmailutils/tests/ Likewise. * libmu_scm/tests/ Likewise. * libproto/dotmail/tests/ Likewise. * mail/tests/ Likewise. * messages/tests/ Likewise. * mh/tests/ Likewise. * mimeview/tests/ Likewise. * readmsg/tests/ Likewise. * sieve/tests/ Likewise. * mda/.gitignore: Remove. * mda/tests/ Remove. * mda/tests/ Remove. * mda/tests/.gitignore: Remove. * mda/tests/ Remove. * mda/tests/ New file. * mda/ Add extra directory level. Add subdirs depending on whether the corresponding component is selected for building. * mda/lmtpd/.gitignore: New file. * mda/lmtpd/ New file. * mda/lmtpd.c: Move to mda/lmtpd/lmtpd.c * mda/lmtpd/tests/.gitignore: New file. * mda/lmtpd/tests/ New file. * mda/lmtpd/tests/ New file. * mda/tests/ Move to mda/lmtpd/tests/ * mda/lmtpd/tests/ New file. * mda/mda/.gitignore: New file. * mda/mda/ New file. * mda/mda.c: Move to mda/mda/mda.c * mda/mda/tests/.gitignore: New file. * mda/mda/tests/ New file. * mda/mda/tests/ New file. * mda/tests/ Move to mda/mda/tests/ * mda/tests/ Move to mda/mda/tests/ * mda/mda/tests/ New file. * mda/putmail/.gitignore: New file. * mda/putmail/ New file. * mda/putmail.c: Move to mda/putmail/putmail.c * mda/putmail/tests/.gitignore: New file. * mda/putmail/tests/ New file. * mda/putmail/tests/ New file. * mda/tests/ Move to mda/putmail/tests/ * mda/putmail/tests/ New file * po/ Update pathnames * maint/ Minor fixes.
2019-09-03comsatd: optional argument to the --test option supplies the name of the tty ↵Sergey Poznyakoff3
to use * NEWS: Document changes. * comsat/action.c (open_default_tty): Remove. (open_tty): Examine the tty device (or file) and construct a suitable filter chain. Use append mode when opening it. * comsat/comsat.c: The --test option takes optional argument. * comsat/tests/ Use local file instead of the tty. * doc/texinfo/programs/comsatd.texi: Document changes.
2019-02-26New autoconf macro for activating mailbox format supportSergey Poznyakoff1
* am/enable.m4 (MU_ENABLE_SUPPORT) (MU_ENABLE_BUILD): Use m4_-prefixed directives. (MU_ENABLE_MAILBOX_FORMAT) (MU_ENABLE_LOCAL_MAILBOX_FORMAT_ (MU_ENABLE_REMOTE_MAILBOX_FORMAT): New macros. (MU_LIB_MAILBOX) (MU_LIB_LOCAL_MAILBOX) (MU_LIB_REMOTE_MAILBOX): New substitution variables. * Use new macros to enable mailbox formats * libproto/ Augment SUBDIRS instead of using Makefile variables. * comsat/ Use MU_LIB_.*MAILBOX macros to link in the necessary libraries. * examples/ Likewise. * examples/cpp/ Likewise. * frm/ Likewise. * imap4d/ Likewise. * include/mailutils/sys/ Likewise. * libmu_scm/ Likewise. * libproto/ Likewise. * maidag/ Likewise. * mail/ Likewise. * messages/ Likewise. * mh/ Likewise. * movemail/ Likewise. * mu/libexec/ Likewise. * pop3d/ Likewise. * python/2/libmu_py/ Likewise. * python/3/libmu_py/ Likewise. * readmsg/ Likewise. * sieve/ Likewise. * testsuite/ Likewise.
2019-01-03Update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff9
2018-01-19Version 3.4.90; update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff9
2017-11-01Improve socket and SMTP client APISergey Poznyakoff1
Split formatting functions into two distinct families. Functions prefixed with mu_sys_sockadrr deal with struct sockaddr, wherease those starting with mu_sockaddr deal with struct mu_sockaddr. Introduce special format for SMTP EHLO. When sending EHLO to the remote party, use IP address in square brackets if hostname is empty. * libmailutils/sockaddr/ (libsockaddr_la_SOURCES): Add fromsock.c * libmailutils/sockaddr/fromsock.c: New function. * libmailutils/sockaddr/str.c (mu_sockaddr_format): Rewrite. (mu_sys_sockaddr_format,mu_sys_sockaddr_to_astr): New functions. * include/mailutils/debug.h (mu_sockaddr_to_astr): Remove prototype. * include/mailutils/sockaddr.h (mu_sockaddr_format): New enum. (mu_sockaddr_format): change signature. (mu_sys_sockaddr_format,mu_sys_sockaddr_to_astr): New prototypes. (mu_sockaddr_from_socket): New prototype. * include/mailutils/stream.h (MU_IOCTL_TCPSTREAM): New ioctl family; (MU_IOCTL_TCP_GETSOCKNAME): New ioctl opcode. * comsat/comsat.c: Use mu_sys_sockaddr_ interface to handle struct sockaddr. * lib/tcpwrap.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/server/ipsrv.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/server/msrv.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/tcp.c (_tcp_ioctl): Handle MU_IOCTL_TCPSTREAM. * libproto/mailer/smtp_ehlo.c (mu_smtp_ehlo): If hostname is empty, use IP address in square brackets.
2017-06-13Switch to new locus typesSergey Poznyakoff1
* include/mailutils/types.hin (mu_locus): Remove. * include/mailutils/diag.h (mu_diag_at_locus): Remove. (mu_diag_at_locus_point,mu_diag_at_locus_range): New protos. * include/mailutils/mailutils.h: Include locus.h * include/mailutils/stream.h (MU_IOCTL_LOGSTREAM_GET_LOCUS) (MU_IOCTL_LOGSTREAM_SET_LOCUS): Remove. * libmailutils/stream/logstream.c (_log_ctl): Reflect this. * libmailutils/tests/ Remove the related test. * libmailutils/tests/logstr.c: Ditto. * libmailutils/cfg/ Add new header. * libmailutils/cfg/cfg.h: New file. * libmailutils/cfg/format.c: Use mu_locus_range * libmailutils/cfg/lexer.l: Use the mu_linetrack facility * libmailutils/cfg/parser.y: LIkewise. * libmailutils/diag/diag.c (mu_diag_at_locus): Remove. (mu_diag_at_locus_point,mu_diag_at_locus_range): New protos. * comsat/action.c: Use mu_locus_point and mu_locus_range instead of the removed mu_locus. * include/mailutils/auth.h: Likewise. * include/mailutils/cfg.h: Likewise. * include/mailutils/sieve.h: Likewise. * libmailutils/base/wicket.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/tests/wicket.c: Likewise. * libmu_auth/radius.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/actions.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/comparator.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/extensions/moderator.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/mem.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/prog.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/require.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/runtime.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/sieve-priv.h: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/sieve.l: Use the mu_linetrack facility. * libmu_sieve/sieve.y: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/util.c: Use mu_locus_point and mu_locus_range instead of the removed mu_locus * libmu_sieve/variables.c: Likewise. * mail/source.c: Likewise. * mu/libexec/dbm.c: Likewise. * mu/libexec/logger.c: Likewise. * mu/libexec/wicket.c: Likewise. * sieve/sieve.c: Likewise. * sieve/tests/ Update expected locations
2017-01-01Happy GNU YearSergey Poznyakoff9
2016-11-02Improve configuration file handling.Sergey Poznyakoff2
* include/mailutils/cfg.h (mu_cfg_parse_hints): Rename site_rcfile to site_file, custom_rcfile to custom_file. Remove append_tree and data fields. (MU_PARSE_CONFIG_GLOBAL,MU_CFG_PARSE_PROGRAM): Remove. (MU_PARSE_CONFIG_VERBOSE): Rename to MU_CF_VERBOSE. (MU_PARSE_CONFIG_DUMP): Rename to MU_CF_DUMP. (MU_CFG_FMT_LOCUS): Rename to MU_CF_FMT_LOCUS. (MU_CFG_FMT_VALUE_ONLY): Rename to MU_CF_FMT_VALUE_ONLY. (MU_CFG_FMT_PARAM_PATH): Rename to MU_CF_FMT_PARAM_PATH. (MU_CFG_COMPATIBILITY,MU_CFG_DEPRECATED): Remove. (mu_parse_config, mu_get_config): Remove deprecated functions. * libmailutils/cli/cli.c (mu_general_help_text): New global. (app_data): New struct. (init_options): Construct configuration option group depending on which configuration files are in use. (mu_cli_ext): Don't use per-user configuration files for servers. Pass pointer to app_data structure as po.po_data (mu_cli): Set MU_CFHINT_PER_USER_FILE flag by default. * mail/testsuite/lib/mail.exp: Rewrite invocation of the mu_init command. * include/mailutils/cli.h (mu_cli_setup) <server>: New field. * comsat/comsat.c (cli): Mark as server. (main): Bugfix: pass pointer to server to mu_cli. * imap4d/imap4d.c (cli): Mark as server. * pop3d/pop3d.c: Likewise. * comsat/tests/ Use the --no-site-config option. * imap4d/tests/ Likewise. * libmailutils/cfg/driver.c: Update. * libmailutils/cfg/format.c: Update. * libmailutils/cfg/lexer.l: Update. * libmailutils/cfg/parser.y: Update. * mu/acl.c: Update. * pop3d/testsuite/lib/pop3d.exp: Likewise. * mu/mu.c: Don't read configuration files. * mu/query.c: Fix args_doc * testsuite/lib/mailutils.exp (mu_init): Change option handling. Set --no-config option by default.
2016-10-30Improve opool APISergey Poznyakoff1
* Version 2.99.993 * NEWS: Update. * include/mailutils/opool.h (MU_OPOOL_DEFAULT) (MU_OPOOL_ENOMEMABRT): New defines. (mu_opool_create): Change meaning of the 2nd argument. All uses updated. (mu_opool_free, mu_opool_dup): New proto. * libmailutils/base/opool.c (_mu_opool) <memerr>: Replace with flags. <head,tail,free>: Rename. (mu_opool_free, mu_opool_dup): New functions. (mu_opool_head): Bugfix.
2016-10-22Provide extended interface to mu_cli.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* include/mailutils/cfg.h (MU_CFG_APPEND_TREE): New flag. * include/mailutils/cli.h (mu_version_copyright): New extern. (mu_cli_ext): New proto. * libmailutils/cfg/parser.y (mu_cfg_parse_config): Check for MU_CFG_APPEND_TREE bit set before accessing hints->append_tree. * libmailutils/cli/cli.c (param_set): Likewise. (mu_cli_ext): New function. (mu_cli): Rewrite as an entry point to mu_cli_ext. * comsat/comsat.c: Remove inclusion of obsolete headers. * mu/help.c: Likewise. * pop3d/extra.c: Likewise.
2016-10-19Rename MU_APP_NEW_LIBRARIES back to MU_APP_LIBRARIES. Version 2.99.991.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2016-10-16Convert comsat to mu_cliSergey Poznyakoff2
2016-10-08Use mu_c_type_t throughout the code. Get rid of mu_cfg_param_data_type.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* include/mailutils/cfg.h (mu_cfg_param_data_type): Remove. (mu_cfg_param_type): New enum. (mu_cfg_param) <type>: Change type to int. (mu_cfg_cidr): Remove. (mu_cfg_parse_boolean): Remove. All uses updated. * include/mailutils/util.h (mu_c_void): New constant. (mu_c_type_str): New extern/ * libmailutils/string/str_to_c.c (mu_c_type_str): New global. * libmailutils/cfg/format.c (mu_cfg_data_type_string): Rename to mu_c_type_string; change argument type. All uses updated. * libmailutils/cfg/parser.y: Use mu_str_to_c for value conversion. * libmailutils/tests/.gitignore: Update. * libmailutils/tests/ Add; build strtoc * libmailutils/tests/ New file. * libmailutils/tests/strtoc.c: New file. * libmailutils/tests/ Include * comsat/comsat.c: Use mu_c_type_t types. * dotlock/dotlock.c: Likewise. * imap4d/imap4d.c: Likewise. * lib/manlock.c: Likewise. * lib/tcpwrap.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/server/msrv.c: Likewise. * libmu_argp/muinit.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/common.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/gsasl.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/ldap.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/pam.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/radius.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/sieve.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/sql.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/tls.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/virtdomain.c: Likewise. * maidag/maidag.c: Likewise. * mimeview/mimeview.c: Likewise. * movemail/movemail.c: Likewise. * pop3d/pop3d.c: Likewise. * readmsg/readmsg.c: Likewise. * sieve/sieve.c: Likewise.
2016-08-22Allow to configure the length of the backlog queue for TCP serversSergey Poznyakoff1
New statement backlog is provided in the server block. * include/mailutils/server.h (mu_m_server_cfg_init): Pass mu_m_server_t as first argument. * libmailutils/server/msrv.c (mu_m_server_cfg_init): Pass mu_m_server_t as first argument. Customize available statements depending on the type of server (tcp vs udp). New statement "backlog" available for tcp servers. * comsat/comsat.c: Update call to mu_m_server_cfg_init * imap4d/imap4d.c: Likewise. * pop3d/pop3d.c: Likewise. * maidag/maidag.c: Likewise.
2016-01-22Update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff9
2015-07-02Version 2.99.99Sergey Poznyakoff1
* Version 2.99.99 * NEWS: Update. * libmu_argp/mailutils.c: New file. * libmu_argp/ Add mailutils.c * libmu_argp/cmdline.c (all_cmdline_capa): Add mu_mailutils_cmdline. (mu_libargp_init): Register modflags function. * libmu_argp/mu_argp.c (mu_build_argp): Retain negative group numbers. (argp_capa): New member: modflags. (mu_register_argp_capa): Take pointer to modflags function as 3rd parameter. (mu_build_argp): Use modflags member to alter argp flags. (mu_argp_build): Take pointer to flags as its third argument. * libmu_argp/muinit.c (mu_app_init): Pass pointer to flags to mu_argp_build. * libmu_cfg/init.c (mu_libcfg_init): Silently ignore unknown groups * include/mailutils/libargp.h (mu_mailutils_cmdline): New extern. (mu_cmdline_capa): New member: modflags. (mu_argp_build): Change signature. (mu_register_argp_capa): Change signature. * libmailutils/cfg/gocs.c (std_gocs_table): Add dummy entry for "mailutils" * mu/ (bin_PROGRAMS): Rename to "mailutils". * mu/dispatch.c (dispatch_docstring): Use mu_program_name instead of the hardcoded name. * mu/mu.c: Use "mailutils" capability. * mu/ Rename to mu/mailutils-config * comsat/comsat.c: Use "mailutils" capability. * dotlock/dotlock.c: Likewise. * examples/muauth.c: Likewise. * examples/muemail.c: Likewise. * frm/frm.c: Likewise. * frm/from.c: Likewise. * imap4d/imap4d.c: Likewise. * maidag/maidag.c: Likewise. * mail/mail.c: Likewise. * messages/messages.c: Likewise. * mimeview/mimeview.c: Likewise. * movemail/movemail.c: Likewise. * pop3d/pop3d.c: Likewise. * pop3d/popauth.c: Likewise. * readmsg/readmsg.c: Likewise. * sieve/sieve.c: Likewise.
2015-06-28Fix compilation warningsSergey Poznyakoff1
* Check for intptr_t * comsat/action.c (need_crlf): Use intermediate cast to intptr_t. * imap4d/imap4d.c (cb2_group, mu_get_user_groups): Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/file_stream.c (fd_ioctl): Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/mapfile_stream.c (_mapfile_ioctl): Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/tcp.c (_tcp_ioctl): Likewise. * maidag/maidag.c (cb2_group): Likewise. * frm/common.c (puts_bidi): Fix the type of 3rd parameter to fribidi_log2vis * include/mailutils/body.h: Use MU_DEPRECATED instead of\ __attribute__ ((deprecated)). * include/mailutils/cfg.h: Likewise. * include/mailutils/header.h: Likewise. * include/mailutils/libargp.h: Likewise. * include/mailutils/mailbox.h: Likewise. * include/mailutils/mailer.h: Likewise. * include/mailutils/registrar.h: Likewise. * include/mailutils/message.h: Likewise. (mu_message_set_stream): Remove deprecation marker.
2015-03-02Update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff9
2014-02-26Use AM_CPPFLAGS instead of INCLUDES; upgrade gintSergey Poznyakoff1
2014-02-05Update copyright years.Sergey Poznyakoff9
2012-07-16Remove dependency on obstack. Use mu_opool_t instead.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* include/mailutils/opool.h (mu_opool_alloc): New proto. * libmailutils/base/opool.c (mu_opool_alloc): New function. (mu_opool_appendz): Do not append trailing null character. * libmailutils/cfg/parser.y (mu_cfg_tree_create_node): Reflect the change in mu_opool_appendz. * comsat/action.c: Use mu_opool_t instead of struct obstack. * lib/mailcap.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/url/urlstr.c: Likewise. * mh/burst.c: Likewise. * mh/mh_fmtgram.y: Likewise. * mh/mh_format.c: Likewise. * mh/mh_format.h: Likewise. * mh/mhn.c: Likewise. * mh/repl.c: Likewise. * mh/whatnowenv.c: Likewise. * mimeview/mimetypes.l: Likewise. * mimeview/mimeview.h: Likewise. * gnulib.modules: Remove obstack.
2012-06-06Fix comsat testsuite.Sergey Poznyakoff2
* comsat/tests/ (MH_SUPPORT) (MAILDIR_SUPPORT): New variables. * comsat/tests/ Disable test cases if their prerequisite features are not compiled in.
2012-03-11Fix the use of struct utmp/utmpx in comsatd.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* am/utmp.m4: Check if struct utmp has ut_user or ut_name members. * comsat/comsat.c [HAVE_UTMPX_H]: Define UTMP as a typedef of struct utmpx. Define ut_user, if necessary. (find_user): Use ut_user instead of (backward-compatible) ut_name.
2012-01-05Happy GNU YearSergey Poznyakoff9
2011-12-08Move date/time declarations into a separate header: mailutils/datetime.hSergey Poznyakoff1
Additionally, do not typedef mu_timezone, leave it in struct namespace.
2011-11-04Implement pop3s and imap4s in respective servers.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* comsat/comsat.c (comsat_prefork,comsat_connection): Change signatures. * imap4d/imap4d.c: Implement imaps. * imap4d/imap4d.h (io_setio): Change signature. (tls_encryption_on): New proto. * imap4d/io.c (io_setio): Change signature. Initialize TLS stream if requested. * imap4d/starttls.c (tls_encryption_on): New function. * include/mailutils/server.h (mu_srv_config): New struct. (mu_m_server_conn_fp, mu_m_server_prefork_fp): Remove typedefs. (mu_m_server_handler_fp): New typedef. (mu_m_server_set_conn): Change signature. (mu_m_server_set_prefork): Change signature. (mu_m_server_set_app_data_size) (mu_m_server_set_config_size): New prototype. (mu_m_server_cfg_init): Change signature. * include/mailutils/tls.h (mu_init_tls_libs): Change signature. * lib/tcpwrap.c: Include tcpwrap.h (mu_tcp_wrapper_daemon): Fix declaration. (mu_tcp_wrapper_prefork): Change signature. * lib/tcpwrap.h (mu_tcp_wrapper_prefork): Change signature * libmailutils/server/msrv.c (_mu_m_server) <conn,prefork>: Change data type. All uses updated. <app_data_size>: New member. (m_srv_config): Remove struct. Replaced with mu_srv_config from tls.h (mu_m_server_set_conn): Change signature. (mu_m_server_set_prefork): Change signature. (mu_m_server_set_app_data_size) (mu_m_server_set_config_size): New functions. (add_server): Allocate app_data_size additional bytes of data. (mu_m_server_cfg_init): Take one argument. * libmu_auth/tls.c (mu_tls_module_init): Update call to mu_init_tls_libs. Don't call mu_file_safety_check with NULL argument. (mu_init_tls_libs): Rewrite. Prepare x509 here, instead of doing it each time a TLS stream is created. (mu_deinit_tls_libs): Free x509, if exists. (_tls_server_open): Update call to mu_init_tls_libs. Remove x509 initialization. * libmu_cfg/tls.c (cb2_safety_checks): Fix typos. * maidag/lmtp.c (lmtp_connection): Change signature. * maidag/maidag.c (main): Update call to mu_m_server_cfg_init. * maidag/maidag.h (lmtp_connection): Change signature. * pop3d/extra.c (pop3d_setio): Initialize TLS stream, if requested. * pop3d/pop3d.c: Implement pops. * pop3d/pop3d.h (pop3d_setio): Change prototype.
2011-10-22Fixes in the testsuite & some minor fixes.Sergey Poznyakoff2
* comsat/comsat.c (main): Use real UID to determine user name. Don't rely on environment variables. * maidag/util.c (maidag_error): Re-initialize va_list before reusing it. * mh/ali.c (ali_print_name_list): Change printing loop to correctly handle empty lists. * mh/mh_whatnow.c (quit): Print newline before returning. * comsat/tests/ Skip tests if run as root. * maidag/tests/ Skip test if run as root. * mh/tests/ Ignore comment lines in /etc/passwd and /etc/group. Make sure awk is run with a valid stdin. Some implementations (true awk, in particular) try to close stdin even if it is not used and bail out if unable to do so. * mh/tests/ (mimeflt): Make sure awk is run with a valid stdin (see above). * mh/tests/ Always use semicolon before closing curly brace in sed expressions. * mh/tests/ Likewise. * mh/tests/ Likewise. * testsuite/ Likewise. * mh/tests/ Reflect changes to mh_whatnow.c. * mh/tests/ Don't rely on a particular tar output format.
2011-06-08Various minor fixes.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* include/mailutils/diag.h (mu_full_program_name): New extern. * libmailutils/diag/diag.c (mu_full_program_name): New global. (mu_set_program_name): Set mu_full_program_name. (mu_diag_at_locus): Fix format specifier. * libmailutils/diag/bt.c: Use mu_full_program_name instead of program_invocation_name. * libmailutils/diag/wd.c (mu_wd): Likewise. * comsat/comsat.c: Fix format specifiers. * lib/mailcap.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/util.c: Cast formatted arguments to match format specs. * mh/mh_getopt.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/cidr/fromstr.c: Add missing includes. * libproto/mailer/smtp.c: Likewise. * libproto/pop/mbox.c: Likewise. * testsuite/smtpsend.c: Likewise. * mu/getarg.c: Likewise. * mu/imap.c: Likewise. * mu/pop.c (com_connect): Protect TLS code with #ifdef. * mu/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add mu-setup.awk. * mail/summary.c (mail_summary): Fix data types of the counters.
2011-03-17Bugfixes.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* comsat/action.c (action_echo): Set omit_newline. * libmailutils/mailbox/mbx_default.c: Return 0 on success. Fix memory overrun. * libproto/mailer/smtp.c (smtp_open): Protect tls-related code with #ifdef WITH_TLS. * libproto/pop/mbox.c (pop_open): Likewise. * mu/imap.c (com_connect): Likewise. * mh/mhn.c (split_args): Preserve quotes. (mhn_compose_command): Handle type arguments (%a escape). (mhn_show_command): Likewise. (store_handler): Fix call to mh_getyn. (edit_mime): Pass typeargs to mhn_compose_command. Fix test for missing filename. * mh/tests/ (ali04): The test wrongly assumed that the `root' group has some members. * mh/tests/ Always sort the output from find. * mh/tests/ Likewise. * mh/tests/ Likewise. Filter out timestamps from the tar output produced by mhn. * tests/ (MH_SETUP): Define moreproc. * mh/tests/ Account for changes in mh_profile
2011-01-02Update copyright years.Sergey Poznyakoff9
Happy GNU year!
2010-12-10Remove MU_STREAM_AUTOCLOSE flag. Use mu_stream_unref, if necessary.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* examples/mta.c: Use MU_STREAM_FD_AUTOCLOSE. * imap4d/io.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/file_stream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/prog_stream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/socket_stream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/temp_file_stream.c: Likewise. * maidag/lmtp.c: Likewise. * pop3d/extra.c: Likewise. * imap4d/preauth.c: Do not use MU_STREAM_AUTOCLOSE. Instead unref the transport stream after creating the derived one. * libmailutils/base/rfc2047.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/fltstream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/tests/fltst.c: Likewise. * libmu_auth/ldap.c: Likewise. * libmu_auth/tls.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/extensions/vacation.c: Likewise. * libproto/pop/pop3_stream.c: Likewise. * mail/decode.c: Likewise. * mh/mhn.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/filter/filter_iconv.c: Do not handle MU_STREAM_AUTOCLOSE. * libmailutils/stream/rdcache_stream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/streamref.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/xscript-stream.c: Likewise. * include/mailutils/stream.h (MU_STREAM_AUTOCLOSE): Rename to MU_STREAM_FD_AUTOCLOSE.
2010-12-08Minor improvementSergey Poznyakoff1
* examples/config/dot.biffrc: Update. * comsat/comsat.c (main): In test mode, normalize biffrc names that begin with ./ or ../
2010-12-08comsat: provide a fine-grained control over where biffrc errors are outputSergey Poznyakoff3
* comsat/comsat.c (biffrc_errors): New variable. (comsat_cfg_param): New statements: biffrc-errors-to-tty and biffrc-errors-to-err (main): In test mode, set biffrc_errors to BIFFRC_ERRORS_TO_ERR. * comsat/comsat.h (BIFFRC_ERRORS_TO_TTY) (BIFFRC_ERRORS_TO_ERR): New flags. (biffrc_errors): New variable. * comsat/action.c (report_error): Consult biffrc_errors.
2010-12-08Minor improvements in logstream and related code.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* include/mailutils/stream.h (MU_IOCTL_LOGSTREAM_SET_LOCUS_LINE) (MU_IOCTL_LOGSTREAM_SET_LOCUS_COL): New subcodes. * libmailutils/stream/logstream.c (_log_ctl): Handle two new subcodes. * comsat/action.c (eval_biffrc): Use new ioctl subcode to update the line number.
2010-12-08Implement line number output in linecon and inline-comment filters.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* libmailutils/filter/inline-comment.c: Implement line number info facility. * libmailutils/filter/linecon.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/logstream.c (_log_done, _log_close): Always close/destroy the underlying transport stream. * comsat/action.c: Rewrite using a table-driven parser. Use line-info facility of the linecon filter.
2010-12-08comsat: improve biffrc evaluation.Sergey Poznyakoff6
* comsat/.gitignore: Add biff.rc.h * comsat/ (comsatd_SOURCES, BUILT_SOURCES): Add biff.rc.h (EXTRA_DIST): Add biffrc.sed and biff.rc * comsat/action.c (default_action): Include biff.rc.h. (biffrc_environ): New struct. (eval_biffrc): New function. (run_user_action): Rewrite via eval_biffrc. Default action is evaluated if biff.rc cannot be opened, or it contains the "default" keyword. * comsat/tests/ Add "default" statement where necessary.
2010-12-08comsat: improve tty handling, add testsuite.Sergey Poznyakoff8
* comsat/action.c (need_crlf, _open_tty, open_tty): Moved from comsat.c (open_default_tty): New function. (run_user_action): Take device name as first argument. Reuse wordsplit memory. * comsat/comsat.c (notify_user): Update invocation of run_user_action. * comsat/comsat.h (open_tty): Remove prototype. (run_user_action): Change signature. * Add comsat tests. * comsat/ (SUBDIRS): Add tests. * comsat/tests/.gitignore: New file. * comsat/tests/ New file. * comsat/tests/ New file. * comsat/tests/ New file.
2010-12-07comsat: add a way to specify alternative biffrc file name; new biffrc ↵Sergey Poznyakoff3
statement: tty * comsat/comsat.c (options): New option --file. (biffrc): New variable. (comsatd_parse_opt): Handle the --file option. (open_tty): New function. (notify_user): Open the tty using open_tty function and a default set of filters. (main): Hanlde --file option. * comsat/action.c (run_user_action): Implement the `tty' statement. * comsat/comsat.h (biffrc): New extern. (open_tty): New function. mu: accept a chain of filters. * mu/filter.c (filter_doc, filter_docstring): Update. (mutool_filter): Accept a filter chain.
2010-12-07Rewrite prog stream support.Sergey Poznyakoff1
Two interfaces are provided: mu_prog_stream_create offers full control over the program execution environment (i.e. running privileges, cwd, resource limits) via a set of hints. A simpler interface, mu_command_stream_create, runs the command in the current environment. mu_filter_prog_stream_create is removed, because its functionality can be achieved by a correspondingly crafted set of hints to mu_prog_stream_create. * include/mailutils/prog.h: New file. * include/mailutils/mailutils.h: Include mailutils/prog.h * include/mailutils/ (pkginclude_HEADERS): Add prog.h * include/mailutils/stream.h (mu_prog_stream_create) (mu_filter_prog_stream_create): Remove prototypes. * include/mailutils/sys/prog_stream.h (_mu_prog_stream): Change structure. (_mu_prog_limit_codes, _mu_prog_limit_flags): New externs. * include/mailutils/util.h (mu_set_user_privileges) (mu_switch_to_privs): New prototypes. * lib/userprivs.c: Move to libmailutils/base. * lib/ (libmuaux_a_SOURCES): Remove userprivs.c * libmailutils/base/ (libbase_la_SOURCES): Add userprivs.c * libmailutils/base/userprivs.c (mu_set_user_privileges): New function. (mu_switch_to_privs): Rewrite as another entry point to mu_set_user_privileges. * libmailutils/stream/prog_stream.c (_mu_prog_limit_flags) (_mu_prog_limit_codes): New global variables. (start_program_filter): Use hints to control execution environment. (_prog_stream_create): Save hints. (mu_prog_stream_create): Change signature. (mu_command_stream_create): New function (corresponds to the prior mu_prog_stream_create). (mu_filter_prog_stream_create): Remove function. * comsat/action.c (action_exec): Use new mu_prog_stream_create calling convention. * examples/murun.c: Rewrite. * mh/mhn.c (show_internal): Use new mu_prog_stream_create calling convention. * mh/tests/ Reflect changes to mhn. * imap4d/preauth.c: Use mu_command_stream_create. * libmu_sieve/extensions/pipe.c * mail/decode.c * mail/pipe.c * mail/send.c * mh/mhl.c * mu/shell.c * mail/mail.h: Include mailutils/prog.h * mh/mh.h * po/ Add libmailutils/base/userprivs.c.
2010-12-07comsat: Use mu streams instead of stdioSergey Poznyakoff3
* comsat/action.c (action_beep, echo_string) (action_echo, action_exec): Take mu_stream_t as first argument. (open_rc): Take mu_stream_t as tty, return mu_stream_t as well. Install the linecon filter. (run_user_action): Take mu_stream_t as first arg. Pass it to all invoked actions. * comsat/comsat.c (get_newline_str): Remove. (need_crlf): New function. (notify_user): Use mu_stream_t instead of FILE. Install a 7bit filter and CRLF filter (if the device requires it). * comsat/comsat.h: Include mailutils/filter.h. (run_user_action): Change signature.
2010-12-07comsat: minor changesSergey Poznyakoff1
* libmailutils/mailbox/mailbox.c (mu_mailbox_open): Fix error checking condition. * comsat/action.c (act_getline): Remove. (open_rc): Return mu_stream_t. Use linecon filter.
2010-12-06Revise stream ioctl support.Sergey Poznyakoff1
The mu_stream_ioctl function gets two argument that identify the ioctl in question: "family", which identifies a family of ioctls in question, and "opcode", which indicates the requested operation within that family. * include/mailutils/stream.h: Define ioctl families and opcodes. (mu_stream_ioctl): Change signature. * include/mailutils/sys/stream.h (_mu_stream)<ctl>: Change signature. * include/mailutils/log.h (mu_severity_from_string) (mu_severity_to_string): New protos. * libmailutils/stream/stream.c (mu_stream_ioctl): Change signature. * libmailutils/filter/filter_iconv.c: Rewrite ioctl support. * libmailutils/stream/file_stream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/fltstream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/iostream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/logstream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/mapfile_stream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/memory_stream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/nullstream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/prog_stream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/rdcache_stream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/streamref.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/syslogstream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/tcp.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/xscript-stream.c: Likewise. * libmu_auth/tls.c: Likewise. * comsat/action.c: Change calls to mu_stream_ioctl. * imap4d/auth_gsasl.c: Likewise. * imap4d/io.c: Likewise. * imap4d/util.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/base/getpass.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/cfg/parser.y: Likewise. * libmailutils/mailbox/body.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/mime/mime.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stdstream/dbgstream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stdstream/strerr.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/runtime.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/sieve.y: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/util.c: Likewise. * libproto/imap/trace.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/smtp_data.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/smtp_starttls.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/smtp_trace.c: Likewise. * libproto/pop/pop3_stls.c: Likewise. * libproto/pop/pop3_stream.c: Likewise. * libproto/pop/pop3_trace.c: Likewise. * maidag/lmtp.c: Likewise. * mail/source.c: Likewise. * mu/logger.c: Likewise. * pop3d/extra.c: Likewise. * pop3d/retr.c: Likewise. * TODO: Update. * doc/texinfo/nullstream.texi: Update.
2010-12-06Rewrite debugging and logging support.Sergey Poznyakoff3
The mu_debug_t object and associated functions have been removed. New debugging functions are based on the logstream interface. * include/mailutils/debug.hm4: Remove. * include/mailutils/debug.h: New file. * include/mailutils/ (BUILT_SOURCES,EXTRA_DIST): Remove debug.h, debug.hm4. * mu-aux/debugdef.m4: Remove. * mu-aux/debcat.awk: New file. * mu-aux/ (EXTRA_DIST): Replace debugdef.m4 with debcat.awk. * include/mailutils/sys/dbgstream.h: Remove. * include/mailutils/sys/debug.h: Remove. * include/mailutils/sys/ (sysinclude_HEADERS): Remove debug.h and dbgstream.h, add debcat.h * include/mailutils/sys/.gitignore: Add debcat.h. * libmailutils/diag/dbgstderr.c: Remove. * libmailutils/diag/dbgsyslog.c: Remove. * libmailutils/diag/gdebug.c: Remove. * libmailutils/diag/debcat: New file. * libmailutils/diag/ (libdiag_la_SOURCES): Remove these sources. * libmailutils/diag/debug.c: Rewrite from scratch. * libmailutils/diag/diag.c: Rewrite from scratch. * libmailutils/diag/syslog.c (mu_diag_syslog_printer): Remove function. (mu_log_syslog, mu_log_print_severity): New variables. * libmailutils/stream/dbgstream.c: Remove. * libmailutils/stream/ (libstream_la_SOURCES): Remove dbgstream.c.. * libmailutils/stdstream/ (libstdstream_la_SOURCES): Add dbgstream.c. * libmailutils/stream/logstream.c (_mu_severity_str): Change strings to lower case. (_log_write): Improve handling of unrecognized escapes. (_log_ctl): Handle MU_LOGSTREAM_ADVANCE_LOCUS_LINE and MU_LOGSTREAM_ADVANCE_LOCUS_COL. * libmailutils/mailbox/folder.c (mu_folder_has_debug) (mu_folder_get_debug, mu_folder_set_debug): Remove functions. * mu-aux/debcat.awk: New file. * libmailutils/stdstream/dbgstream.c: New file. * comsat/action.c: Use new debug/log functions. * comsat/comsat.c: Likewise. * examples/aclck.c: Likewise. * examples/echosrv.c: Likewise. * examples/msg-send.c: Likewise. * examples/nntpclient.c: Likewise. * examples/numaddr.c: Likewise. * frm/common.c: Likewise. * imap4d/imap4d.c: Likewise. * imap4d/io.c: Likewise. * imap4d/util.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/auth/mu_auth.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/base/amd.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/cfg/driver.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/cfg/format.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/cfg/lexer.l: Likewise. * libmailutils/cfg/parser.y: Likewise. * libmailutils/mailbox/mailbox.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/mailbox/mbx_default.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/mailer/mailer.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/mailer/progmailer.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/server/acl.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/server/ipsrv.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/server/msrv.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/tests/wicket.c: Likewise. * libmu_argp/auth.c: Likewise. * libmu_argp/cmdline.c: Likewise. * libmu_argp/common.c: Likewise. * libmu_auth/ldap.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/acl.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/auth.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/common.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/ldap.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/sieve.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/sql.c: Likewise. * libmu_scm/mu_message.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/prog.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/runtime.c: Likewise. * libproto/imap/trace.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/mbox.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/prog.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/sendmail.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/smtp.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/smtp_trace.c: Likewise. * libproto/mbox/folder.c: Likewise. * libproto/mbox/mbox.c: Likewise. * libproto/nntp/folder.c: Likewise. * libproto/nntp/nntp_debug.c: Likewise. * libproto/pop/mbox.c: Likewise. * libproto/pop/pop3_trace.c: Likewise. * maidag/guile.c: Likewise. * maidag/lmtp.c: Likewise. * maidag/maidag.c: Likewise. * maidag/util.c: Likewise. * mail/mail.c: Likewise. * mail/mailvar.c: Likewise. * mail/send.c: Likewise. * mail/source.c: Likewise. * mh/mh_argp.c: Likewise. * mh/send.c: Likewise. * mimeview/mimeview.c: Likewise. * movemail/movemail.c: Likewise. * mu/wicket.c: Likewise. * pop3d/extra.c: Likewise. * pop3d/pop3d.c: Likewise. * readmsg/readmsg.c: Likewise. * sieve/sieve.c: Likewise. * testsuite/mimetest.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/sieve-priv.h (mu_sieve_machine) <parse_error_printer> <error_printer, debug_printer, debug>: Remove. <errstream>: New member. (mu_sv_compile_error, mu_sv_print_value_list) (mu_sv_print_tag_list): Change prototypes. * libmu_sieve/actions.c: Use new sieve debug functions. * libmu_sieve/extensions/list.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/extensions/moderator.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/extensions/pipe.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/extensions/spamd.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/extensions/timestamp.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/extensions/vacation.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/sieve.y : Likewise. * libmu_sieve/sieve.l: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/tests.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/util.c: Rewrite diagnostic support. * /maidag/sieve.c: Use new debug/log and sieve diagnostic functions. * mu/mu.c (main): Remove call to mu_stdstream_setup. It is called by mu_app_init now. * libmailutils/base/wicket.c (mu_wicket_stream_match_url): Change signature. * libmailutils/cfg/gocs.c (mu_gocs_logging_init): Rewrite. * libmailutils/mailbox/message.c (mu_message_save_to_mailbox): Remove mu_debug_t argument. * libmailutils/stdstream/basestr.c (mu_stdstream_setup): Minor fixes. * libmailutils/stdstream/strerr.c (mu_stdstream_strerr_create): Do not install filter stream if tag is NULL. (mu_stdstream_strerr_setup): New function. * libmu_argp/muinit.c (mu_app_init): Set mu_log_tag. Call mu_stdstream_setup. * libmu_scm/mu_dbgport.c: Rewrite port support. * include/mailutils/acl.h (mu_acl_get_debug) (mu_acl_set_debug): Remove prototypes. * include/mailutils/auth.h (mu_wicket_stream_match_url): Change signature. * include/mailutils/cfg.h (mu_cfg_locus_t): Remove typedef, use struct mu_locus instead. (mu_cfg_locus): Remove declaration. (mu_cfg_node)<locus>: Change type. (mu_cfg_node)<debug>: Remove. (mu_cfg_vperror,mu_cfg_perror) (mu_cfg_parse_error,mu_cfg_format_error): Remove prototypes. (mu_cfg_callback_t): Change signature. All uses updated. (mu_cfg_get_debug): Remove prototype. (mu_cfg_assert_value_type, mu_cfg_string_value_cb): Change signature. (mu_cfg_tree_set_debug): Remove prototype. (mu_cfg_tree_create_node): Change signature. * include/mailutils/diag.h (MU_DIAG_): Redefine via MU_LOG_ constants. (mu_diag_get_debug,mu_diag_set_debug): Remove. (mu_diag_cont_vprintf, mu_diag_cont_printf) (mu_diag_at_locus): New functions. * include/mailutils/folder.h (mu_folder_has_debug) (mu_folder_get_debug, mu_folder_set_debug): Remove prototypes. * include/mailutils/gocs.h (mu_gocs_logging): Remove structure. (mu_gocs_debug)<errpfx>: Remove. * include/mailutils/guile.h (mu_scm_make_debug_port): Change prototype. * include/mailutils/mailbox.h (mu_mailbox_has_debug) (mu_mailbox_get_debug,mu_mailbox_set_debug): Remove. * include/mailutils/mailer.h (mu_mailer_get_debug) (mu_mailer_set_debug): Remove. * include/mailutils/message.h (mu_message_save_to_mailbox): Change signature. * include/mailutils/mu_auth.h (mu_auth_set_debug): Remove proto. * include/mailutils/nntp.h (mu_nntp_set_debug): Remove. * include/mailutils/progmailer.h (mu_progmailer_set_debug): Remove proto. * include/mailutils/server.h (mu_ip_server_set_debug) (mu_ip_server_get_debug): Remove proto. * include/mailutils/sieve.h (mu_sieve_locus_t): Remove. Use struct mu_locus instead. (mu_sieve_printf_t, mu_sieve_parse_error_t): Remove. (mu_sieve_action_log_t): Change signature. (mu_sieve_machine_init): Change signature. (mu_sieve_machine_init_ex): New function. (mu_sieve_get_diag_stream) (mu_sieve_set_diag_stream): New functions. (mu_sieve_set_data): New function. (mu_sieve_get_locus): Change signature. (mu_sieve_set_error,mu_sieve_set_parse_error) (mu_sieve_set_debug,mu_sieve_set_debug_object): Remove protos. * include/mailutils/stdstream.h (mu_stdstream_strerr_setup): New proto. * include/mailutils/stream.h (MU_LOGSTREAM_ADVANCE_LOCUS_LINE) (MU_LOGSTREAM_ADVANCE_LOCUS_COL): New ioctls. (mu_dbgstream_create): Change signature. * include/mailutils/sys/folder.h (_mu_folder) <debug>: Remove. * include/mailutils/sys/mailbox.h (_mu_mailbox) <debug>: Remove. * include/mailutils/sys/mailer.h (_mu_mailer) <debug>: Remove. * include/mailutils/sys/nntp.h (_mu_nntp) <debug>: Remove. * include/mailutils/syslog.h (mu_log_syslog) (mu_log_print_severity): New externs. * include/mailutils/types.hin (_mu_debug, mu_debug_t): Remove. * lib/tcpwrap.h: Remove unused prototypes. * imap4d/imap4d.h: Include mailutils/stdstream.h * mail/mail.h: Likewise. * pop3d/pop3d.h: Likewise. * mh/comp.c (main): Bugfix. * po/ Update. * TODO: Update.

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