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2021-01-05Update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff1
2020-02-08Update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff1
2019-01-03Update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff1
2018-01-19Version 3.4.90; update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff1
2017-01-01Happy GNU YearSergey Poznyakoff1
2016-01-22Update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff1
2015-03-02Update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff1
2014-02-05Update copyright years.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2012-01-05Happy GNU YearSergey Poznyakoff1
2011-12-08Move date/time declarations into a separate header: mailutils/datetime.hSergey Poznyakoff1
Additionally, do not typedef mu_timezone, leave it in struct namespace.
2011-01-02Update copyright years.Sergey Poznyakoff1
Happy GNU year!
2010-12-08comsat: provide a fine-grained control over where biffrc errors are outputSergey Poznyakoff1
* comsat/comsat.c (biffrc_errors): New variable. (comsat_cfg_param): New statements: biffrc-errors-to-tty and biffrc-errors-to-err (main): In test mode, set biffrc_errors to BIFFRC_ERRORS_TO_ERR. * comsat/comsat.h (BIFFRC_ERRORS_TO_TTY) (BIFFRC_ERRORS_TO_ERR): New flags. (biffrc_errors): New variable. * comsat/action.c (report_error): Consult biffrc_errors.
2010-12-08comsat: improve tty handling, add testsuite.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* comsat/action.c (need_crlf, _open_tty, open_tty): Moved from comsat.c (open_default_tty): New function. (run_user_action): Take device name as first argument. Reuse wordsplit memory. * comsat/comsat.c (notify_user): Update invocation of run_user_action. * comsat/comsat.h (open_tty): Remove prototype. (run_user_action): Change signature. * Add comsat tests. * comsat/ (SUBDIRS): Add tests. * comsat/tests/.gitignore: New file. * comsat/tests/ New file. * comsat/tests/ New file. * comsat/tests/ New file.
2010-12-07comsat: add a way to specify alternative biffrc file name; new biffrc ↵Sergey Poznyakoff1
statement: tty * comsat/comsat.c (options): New option --file. (biffrc): New variable. (comsatd_parse_opt): Handle the --file option. (open_tty): New function. (notify_user): Open the tty using open_tty function and a default set of filters. (main): Hanlde --file option. * comsat/action.c (run_user_action): Implement the `tty' statement. * comsat/comsat.h (biffrc): New extern. (open_tty): New function. mu: accept a chain of filters. * mu/filter.c (filter_doc, filter_docstring): Update. (mutool_filter): Accept a filter chain.
2010-12-07comsat: Use mu streams instead of stdioSergey Poznyakoff1
* comsat/action.c (action_beep, echo_string) (action_echo, action_exec): Take mu_stream_t as first argument. (open_rc): Take mu_stream_t as tty, return mu_stream_t as well. Install the linecon filter. (run_user_action): Take mu_stream_t as first arg. Pass it to all invoked actions. * comsat/comsat.c (get_newline_str): Remove. (need_crlf): New function. (notify_user): Use mu_stream_t instead of FILE. Install a 7bit filter and CRLF filter (if the device requires it). * comsat/comsat.h: Include mailutils/filter.h. (run_user_action): Change signature.
2010-12-06Rewrite debugging and logging support.Sergey Poznyakoff1
The mu_debug_t object and associated functions have been removed. New debugging functions are based on the logstream interface. * include/mailutils/debug.hm4: Remove. * include/mailutils/debug.h: New file. * include/mailutils/ (BUILT_SOURCES,EXTRA_DIST): Remove debug.h, debug.hm4. * mu-aux/debugdef.m4: Remove. * mu-aux/debcat.awk: New file. * mu-aux/ (EXTRA_DIST): Replace debugdef.m4 with debcat.awk. * include/mailutils/sys/dbgstream.h: Remove. * include/mailutils/sys/debug.h: Remove. * include/mailutils/sys/ (sysinclude_HEADERS): Remove debug.h and dbgstream.h, add debcat.h * include/mailutils/sys/.gitignore: Add debcat.h. * libmailutils/diag/dbgstderr.c: Remove. * libmailutils/diag/dbgsyslog.c: Remove. * libmailutils/diag/gdebug.c: Remove. * libmailutils/diag/debcat: New file. * libmailutils/diag/ (libdiag_la_SOURCES): Remove these sources. * libmailutils/diag/debug.c: Rewrite from scratch. * libmailutils/diag/diag.c: Rewrite from scratch. * libmailutils/diag/syslog.c (mu_diag_syslog_printer): Remove function. (mu_log_syslog, mu_log_print_severity): New variables. * libmailutils/stream/dbgstream.c: Remove. * libmailutils/stream/ (libstream_la_SOURCES): Remove dbgstream.c.. * libmailutils/stdstream/ (libstdstream_la_SOURCES): Add dbgstream.c. * libmailutils/stream/logstream.c (_mu_severity_str): Change strings to lower case. (_log_write): Improve handling of unrecognized escapes. (_log_ctl): Handle MU_LOGSTREAM_ADVANCE_LOCUS_LINE and MU_LOGSTREAM_ADVANCE_LOCUS_COL. * libmailutils/mailbox/folder.c (mu_folder_has_debug) (mu_folder_get_debug, mu_folder_set_debug): Remove functions. * mu-aux/debcat.awk: New file. * libmailutils/stdstream/dbgstream.c: New file. * comsat/action.c: Use new debug/log functions. * comsat/comsat.c: Likewise. * examples/aclck.c: Likewise. * examples/echosrv.c: Likewise. * examples/msg-send.c: Likewise. * examples/nntpclient.c: Likewise. * examples/numaddr.c: Likewise. * frm/common.c: Likewise. * imap4d/imap4d.c: Likewise. * imap4d/io.c: Likewise. * imap4d/util.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/auth/mu_auth.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/base/amd.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/cfg/driver.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/cfg/format.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/cfg/lexer.l: Likewise. * libmailutils/cfg/parser.y: Likewise. * libmailutils/mailbox/mailbox.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/mailbox/mbx_default.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/mailer/mailer.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/mailer/progmailer.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/server/acl.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/server/ipsrv.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/server/msrv.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/tests/wicket.c: Likewise. * libmu_argp/auth.c: Likewise. * libmu_argp/cmdline.c: Likewise. * libmu_argp/common.c: Likewise. * libmu_auth/ldap.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/acl.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/auth.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/common.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/ldap.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/sieve.c: Likewise. * libmu_cfg/sql.c: Likewise. * libmu_scm/mu_message.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/prog.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/runtime.c: Likewise. * libproto/imap/trace.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/mbox.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/prog.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/sendmail.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/smtp.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/smtp_trace.c: Likewise. * libproto/mbox/folder.c: Likewise. * libproto/mbox/mbox.c: Likewise. * libproto/nntp/folder.c: Likewise. * libproto/nntp/nntp_debug.c: Likewise. * libproto/pop/mbox.c: Likewise. * libproto/pop/pop3_trace.c: Likewise. * maidag/guile.c: Likewise. * maidag/lmtp.c: Likewise. * maidag/maidag.c: Likewise. * maidag/util.c: Likewise. * mail/mail.c: Likewise. * mail/mailvar.c: Likewise. * mail/send.c: Likewise. * mail/source.c: Likewise. * mh/mh_argp.c: Likewise. * mh/send.c: Likewise. * mimeview/mimeview.c: Likewise. * movemail/movemail.c: Likewise. * mu/wicket.c: Likewise. * pop3d/extra.c: Likewise. * pop3d/pop3d.c: Likewise. * readmsg/readmsg.c: Likewise. * sieve/sieve.c: Likewise. * testsuite/mimetest.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/sieve-priv.h (mu_sieve_machine) <parse_error_printer> <error_printer, debug_printer, debug>: Remove. <errstream>: New member. (mu_sv_compile_error, mu_sv_print_value_list) (mu_sv_print_tag_list): Change prototypes. * libmu_sieve/actions.c: Use new sieve debug functions. * libmu_sieve/extensions/list.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/extensions/moderator.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/extensions/pipe.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/extensions/spamd.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/extensions/timestamp.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/extensions/vacation.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/sieve.y : Likewise. * libmu_sieve/sieve.l: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/tests.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/util.c: Rewrite diagnostic support. * /maidag/sieve.c: Use new debug/log and sieve diagnostic functions. * mu/mu.c (main): Remove call to mu_stdstream_setup. It is called by mu_app_init now. * libmailutils/base/wicket.c (mu_wicket_stream_match_url): Change signature. * libmailutils/cfg/gocs.c (mu_gocs_logging_init): Rewrite. * libmailutils/mailbox/message.c (mu_message_save_to_mailbox): Remove mu_debug_t argument. * libmailutils/stdstream/basestr.c (mu_stdstream_setup): Minor fixes. * libmailutils/stdstream/strerr.c (mu_stdstream_strerr_create): Do not install filter stream if tag is NULL. (mu_stdstream_strerr_setup): New function. * libmu_argp/muinit.c (mu_app_init): Set mu_log_tag. Call mu_stdstream_setup. * libmu_scm/mu_dbgport.c: Rewrite port support. * include/mailutils/acl.h (mu_acl_get_debug) (mu_acl_set_debug): Remove prototypes. * include/mailutils/auth.h (mu_wicket_stream_match_url): Change signature. * include/mailutils/cfg.h (mu_cfg_locus_t): Remove typedef, use struct mu_locus instead. (mu_cfg_locus): Remove declaration. (mu_cfg_node)<locus>: Change type. (mu_cfg_node)<debug>: Remove. (mu_cfg_vperror,mu_cfg_perror) (mu_cfg_parse_error,mu_cfg_format_error): Remove prototypes. (mu_cfg_callback_t): Change signature. All uses updated. (mu_cfg_get_debug): Remove prototype. (mu_cfg_assert_value_type, mu_cfg_string_value_cb): Change signature. (mu_cfg_tree_set_debug): Remove prototype. (mu_cfg_tree_create_node): Change signature. * include/mailutils/diag.h (MU_DIAG_): Redefine via MU_LOG_ constants. (mu_diag_get_debug,mu_diag_set_debug): Remove. (mu_diag_cont_vprintf, mu_diag_cont_printf) (mu_diag_at_locus): New functions. * include/mailutils/folder.h (mu_folder_has_debug) (mu_folder_get_debug, mu_folder_set_debug): Remove prototypes. * include/mailutils/gocs.h (mu_gocs_logging): Remove structure. (mu_gocs_debug)<errpfx>: Remove. * include/mailutils/guile.h (mu_scm_make_debug_port): Change prototype. * include/mailutils/mailbox.h (mu_mailbox_has_debug) (mu_mailbox_get_debug,mu_mailbox_set_debug): Remove. * include/mailutils/mailer.h (mu_mailer_get_debug) (mu_mailer_set_debug): Remove. * include/mailutils/message.h (mu_message_save_to_mailbox): Change signature. * include/mailutils/mu_auth.h (mu_auth_set_debug): Remove proto. * include/mailutils/nntp.h (mu_nntp_set_debug): Remove. * include/mailutils/progmailer.h (mu_progmailer_set_debug): Remove proto. * include/mailutils/server.h (mu_ip_server_set_debug) (mu_ip_server_get_debug): Remove proto. * include/mailutils/sieve.h (mu_sieve_locus_t): Remove. Use struct mu_locus instead. (mu_sieve_printf_t, mu_sieve_parse_error_t): Remove. (mu_sieve_action_log_t): Change signature. (mu_sieve_machine_init): Change signature. (mu_sieve_machine_init_ex): New function. (mu_sieve_get_diag_stream) (mu_sieve_set_diag_stream): New functions. (mu_sieve_set_data): New function. (mu_sieve_get_locus): Change signature. (mu_sieve_set_error,mu_sieve_set_parse_error) (mu_sieve_set_debug,mu_sieve_set_debug_object): Remove protos. * include/mailutils/stdstream.h (mu_stdstream_strerr_setup): New proto. * include/mailutils/stream.h (MU_LOGSTREAM_ADVANCE_LOCUS_LINE) (MU_LOGSTREAM_ADVANCE_LOCUS_COL): New ioctls. (mu_dbgstream_create): Change signature. * include/mailutils/sys/folder.h (_mu_folder) <debug>: Remove. * include/mailutils/sys/mailbox.h (_mu_mailbox) <debug>: Remove. * include/mailutils/sys/mailer.h (_mu_mailer) <debug>: Remove. * include/mailutils/sys/nntp.h (_mu_nntp) <debug>: Remove. * include/mailutils/syslog.h (mu_log_syslog) (mu_log_print_severity): New externs. * include/mailutils/types.hin (_mu_debug, mu_debug_t): Remove. * lib/tcpwrap.h: Remove unused prototypes. * imap4d/imap4d.h: Include mailutils/stdstream.h * mail/mail.h: Likewise. * pop3d/pop3d.h: Likewise. * mh/comp.c (main): Bugfix. * po/ Update. * TODO: Update.
2010-10-28Add wordsplit module.Sergey Poznyakoff1
The wordsplit module (borrowed from another project of mine, called 'grecs') provides a flexible and powerful mechanism for parsing input in a way similar to posix-shell. In particular, the POSIX function wordexp is a subset of the wordsplit functionality. The argcv module is now deprecated. * include/mailutils/wordsplit.h: New file. * include/mailutils/ (pkginclude_HEADERS): Add wordsplit.h * libmailutils/string/wordsplit.c: New file. * libmailutils/string/ (libstring_la_SOURCES): Add wordsplit.c. * include/mailutils/argcv.h (mu_argcv_join): New proto. (mu_argcv_get, mu_argcv_get_n, mu_argcv_get_np) (mu_argcv_unquote_char, mu_argcv_quote_char) (mu_argcv_quoted_length, mu_argcv_unquote_copy) (mu_argcv_quote_copy): Mark as deprecated. * include/mailutils/mailutils.h: Include wordsplit.h. * libmailutils/tests/wsp.c: New file. * libmailutils/tests/.gitignore: List wsp. * libmailutils/tests/ New file. * libmailutils/tests/ (noinst_PROGRAMS): Add wsp (TESTSUITE_AT): Add * libmailutils/tests/argcv.c: Define MU_ARCGV_DEPRECATED to avoid deprecation warnings. * libmailutils/tests/ Include * libmailutils/base/argcvfree.c: New file. * libmailutils/base/argcvjoin.c: New file. * libmailutils/base/argcvrem.c: New file. * libmailutils/base/ (libbase_la_SOURCES): Add new files. * libmailutils/base/argcv.c: Define MU_ARCGV_DEPRECATED to avoid deprecation warnings. (argcv_string, argcv_free, argv_free) (mu_argcv_remove): Rewrite in separate modules. * comsat/comsat.h: Include wordsplit.h. * imap4d/imap4d.h: Likewise. * mail/mail.h: Likewise. * mh/mh.h: Likewise. * readmsg/readmsg.h: Likewise. * comsat/action.c: Use wordsplit. * imap4d/fetch.c: Likewise. * lib/mailcap.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/auth/mu_auth.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/base/mutil.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/cfg/format.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/cfg/lexer.l: Likewise. * libmailutils/cfg/parser.y: Likewise. * libmailutils/diag/gdebug.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/mailer/mailer.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/server/acl.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/stream/prog_stream.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/tests/listop.c: Likewise. * libmailutils/url/create.c: Likewise. * libmu_auth/ldap.c: Likewise. * libmu_auth/radius.c: Likewise. * libmu_sieve/sieve.l: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/mbox.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/smtp.c: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/smtp_gsasl.c: Likewise. * mail/mailline.c: Likewise. * mail/mailvar.c: Likewise. * mail/send.c: Likewise. * mail/util.c: Likewise. * mh/folder.c: Likewise. * mh/mh_alias.y: Likewise. * mh/mh_argp.c: Likewise. * mh/mh_init.c: Likewise. * mh/mh_list.c: Likewise. * mh/mh_msgset.c: Likewise. * mh/mh_sequence.c: Likewise. * mh/mh_whatnow.c: Likewise. * mh/mh_sequence.c: Likewise. * mh/mh_whatnow.c: Likewise. * mh/mhn.c: Likewise. * mh/send.c: Likewise. * movemail/movemail.c: Likewise. * mu/shell.c: Likewise. * readmsg/readmsg.c: Likewise. * testsuite/smtpsend.c: Likewise. * pop3d/popauth.c: Use wordsplit. Use simplified input format (username and password delimited by any amount of whitespace). Read/produce old format if invoked with the --compatibility option. * examples/aclck.c: Use wordsplit instead of argcv. * examples/header.c: Likewise. * examples/mta.c: Likewise. * examples/.gitignore: Remove pop3client. * examples/ Remove pop3client. * po/ Add new files.
2010-10-10Split the mess in mutil.c into logically separated units.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* libmailutils/base/mutil.c (mu_hex2ul, mu_hexstr2ul): Move to string/hexstr.c. (mu_get_homedir, mu_get_full_path) (mu_expand_path_pattern): Move to base/filename.c. (mu_getcwd): Move to base/getcwd.c. (mu_tilde_expansion): Move to base/tilde.c (mu_cpystr): Move to string/cpystr.c. (mu_get_host_name): Move to base/hostname.c. (mu_set_user_email,mu_set_user_email_domain) (mu_get_user_email_domain,mu_aget_user_email_domain) (mu_get_user_email,mu_normalize_path): Move to base/usremail.c. (mu_tempfile,mu_tempname): Move to base/tempfile.c. (mu_spawnvp): Move to base/spawnvp.c. (mu_qualify_link,mu_unroll_symlink): Move to base/symlink.c. (mu_rfc2822_references,mu_rfc2822_msg_id) (mu_rfc2822_in_reply_to): Move to base/msgid.c. (mu_strcasestr): Move to string/cstrcasestr.c. (mu_string_unfold): Move to string/unfold.c. (mu_true_answer_p): Move to string/trueans.c. (mu_scheme_autodetect_p): Move to base/schemeauto.c. (mu_fd_wait): Move to base/fdwait.c. (mu_set_default_fallback,mu_decode_filter): Move to filter/decode.c. (__argp_base_name): Move to lib/argp_base.c. * libmailutils/base/fdwait.c: New file. * libmailutils/base/filename.c: New file. * libmailutils/base/getcwd.c: New file. * libmailutils/base/hostname.c: New file. * libmailutils/base/msgid.c: New file. * libmailutils/base/schemeauto.c: New file. * libmailutils/base/spawnvp.c: New file. * libmailutils/base/symlink.c: New file. * libmailutils/base/tempfile.c: New file. * libmailutils/base/tilde.c: New file. * libmailutils/base/usremail.c: New file. * libmailutils/base/ Add new files. * libmailutils/filter/decode.c: New file. * libmailutils/filter/ Add new files. * libmailutils/string/cpystr.c: New file. * libmailutils/string/cstrcasestr.c: New file. * libmailutils/string/hexstr.c: New file. * libmailutils/string/trueans.c: New file. * libmailutils/string/unfold.c: New file. * libmailutils/string/ Add new files. * lib/argp_base.c: New file. * lib/ Add new files. * include/mailutils/io.h: Include stdarg.h * include/mailutils/mutil.h: Rename to util.h. Reorder prototypes and declarations in logical groups. All uses changed. * include/mailutils/cstr.h (mu_strcasestr): New proto, moved from include/mailutils/mutil.h.
2010-10-09Fix copyleft notices to follow the GNU standards.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2010-10-05Remove the use of MAXHOSTNAMELEN macro.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* comsat/comsat.c (hostname): Change type. (comsat_init): Use mu_get_host_name. * comsat/comsat.h (hostname): Change declaration. * libmailutils/locker.c (lock_dotlock): Use mu_get_host_name. * libmailutils/mutil.c (mu_get_host_name): Rewrite. * pop3d/pop3d.c (pop3d_mainloop): Remove unnecessary call to gethostbyname. * pop3d/pop3d.h (MAXHOSTNAMELEN): Remove definition.
2010-09-25Minor changes.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* am/debug.m4 (MU_DEBUG_MODE): Rewrite. Use -Wdeclaration-after-statement if supported. * comsat/oldcfg.c: Remove. * comsat/ (comsatd_SOURCES): Remove oldcfg.c. * comsat/comsat.c: Remove the obsolete --config and --convert-config options. * comsat/comsat.h (convert_config): Remove.
2010-01-05Update copyright years.Sergey Poznyakoff1
Happy GNU year!
2009-08-13Minor fixes.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* comsat/comsat.h: Include confpaths.h, not paths.h. * lib/utmp.c: Likewise. * libmu_scm/mu_scm.h: Likewise. * libproto/mailer/sendmail.c: Likewise. * mail/mail.h: Likewise. * mailbox/mbx_default.c: Likewise. * mailbox/version.c: Likewise. * lib/daemon.c: Likewise. * include/mailutils/mailer.h (struct timeval): forward decl.
2009-07-07Introduce locale-independent character type and string functions.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* include/mailutils/cctype.h: New file. * include/mailutils/cstr.h: New file. * include/mailutils/ Add new files. * mailbox/cstrcasecmp.c: New file. * mailbox/cstrlower.c: New file. * mailbox/cstrupper.c: New file. * mailbox/muctype.c: New file. * mailbox/strltrim.c: New file. * mailbox/strrtrim.c: New file. * mailbox/strskip.c: New file. * mailbox/ Add new files. * .gitignore: Update * gnulib.modules: Remove strcase. * comsat/comsat.h, imap4d/imap4d.h, include/mailutils/mailutils.h, include/mailutils/mutil.h, include/mailutils/sys/pop3.h, libmu_scm/mu_scm.h, mail/mail.h: Include cstr.h and cctype.h. * comsat/oldcfg.c, config/mailutils-config.c, examples/mimetest.c, examples/mta.c, examples/nntpclient.c, examples/pop3client.c, imap4d/append.c, imap4d/create.c, imap4d/delete.c, imap4d/fetch.c, imap4d/id.c, imap4d/idle.c, imap4d/list.c, imap4d/namespace.c, imap4d/rename.c, imap4d/search.c, imap4d/status.c, imap4d/store.c, imap4d/uid.c, imap4d/util.c, libmu_argp/compat.c, libmu_auth/ldap.c, libmu_auth/sql.c, libmu_scm/mu_message.c, libmu_sieve/actions.c, libmu_sieve/comparator.c, libmu_sieve/extensions/list.c, libmu_sieve/extensions/spamd.c, libmu_sieve/extensions/vacation.c, libmu_sieve/load.c, libmu_sieve/sieve.l, libmu_sieve/tests.c, libproto/imap/folder.c, libproto/mailer/smtp.c, libproto/mbox/mbox.c, libproto/mh/folder.c, libproto/mh/mbox.c, libproto/pop/folder.c, libproto/pop/mbox.c, libproto/pop/pop3_connect.c, maidag/forward.c, maidag/lmtp.c, maidag/maidag.c, maidag/maidag.h, maidag/mailquota.c, mail/alt.c, mail/copy.c, mail/decode.c, mail/escape.c, mail/followup.c, mail/mail.c, mail/mailline.c, mail/msgset.y, mail/print.c, mail/reply.c, mail/send.c, mail/shell.c, mail/util.c, mail/write.c, mailbox/address.c, mailbox/amd.c, mailbox/assoc.c, mailbox/attachment.c, mailbox/attribute.c, mailbox/cfg_lexer.l, mailbox/date.c, mailbox/filter.c, mailbox/gdebug.c, mailbox/header.c, mailbox/kwd.c, mailbox/locale.c, mailbox/mailcap.c, mailbox/mailer.c, mailbox/message.c, mailbox/message_stream.c, mailbox/mime.c, mailbox/msrv.c, mailbox/mutil.c, mailbox/parse822.c, mailbox/progmailer.c, mailbox/rfc2047.c, mailbox/syslog.c, mailbox/url.c, mailbox/version.c, mh/mh.h, mh/mh_alias.l, mh/mh_ctx.c, mh/mh_fmtgram.y, mh/mh_init.c, mh/mh_list.c, mh/mh_msgset.c, mh/mh_sequence.c, mh/mh_whatnow.c, mh/mh_whom.c, mh/mhn.c, mh/mhparam.c, mh/pick.y, mh/sortm.c, mimeview/mimetypes.y, pop3d/bulletin.c, pop3d/expire.c, pop3d/pop3d.c, pop3d/pop3d.h, pop3d/popauth.c, pop3d/user.c, readmsg/msglist.c, readmsg/readmsg.c, readmsg/readmsg.h, sql/mysql.c, sql/postgres.c: Use locale-independent cclass and str functions.
2008-01-05* NEWS: Update.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* mailbox/ Replace tcpsrv.c with ipsrv.c. * mailbox/tcpsrv.c: Replace with ... * mailbox/ipsrv.c: ... this file, which supports both TCP and UDP. * mailbox/msrv.c: Use mu_ip_server_t. * mailbox/server.c (mu_server_destroy): Bugfix. * comsat/comsat.c, comsat/comsat.h: Use m-server. * maidag/lmtp.c, maidag/maidag.h, pop3d/pop3d.c: Update to match changed m-server types. * include/mailutils/server.h (mu_tcp_*): Replace with mu_ip_*. Add new prototypes. * include/mailutils/types.hin: Likewise. * lib/tcpwrap.c, lib/tcpwrap.h (mu_tcp_wrapper_prefork): Update signature to match mu_m_server_prefork_fp. * examples/echosrv.c: Use mu_ip_server_t * imap4d/idle.c, imap4d/imap4d.c, imap4d/imap4d.h, imap4d/preauth.c, imap4d/util.c: Remove mu_gocs_daemon. * include/mailutils/gocs.h, include/mailutils/libargp.h, include/mailutils/libargp.h, libargp/cmdline.c, libargp/common.c, libcfg/common.c, libcfg/init.c, mailbox/daemon.c, mailbox/gocs.c: Remove mu_gocs_daemon. * mailbox/amd.c (amd_open): Provide a null-locker. * include/mailutils/locker.h, mailbox/locker.c (mu_locker_mod_flags): New function. * examples/config/mailutils.schema: LDAP schema for Mailutils. * examples/config/ Add mailutils.schema * dotlock/dotlock.c (main): Remove superfluous invocation of mu_locker_set_flags. * libproto/mbox/mbox.c (mbox_quick_get_message): Return MU_ERR_NOENT if mailbox is empty. * mailbox/tcpsrv.c (family_to_proto): Rename to mu_address_family_to_domain. * po/ Update. * pop3d/lock.c (pop3d_lock): use mu_locker_mod_flags, instead of mu_locker_set_flags.
2007-12-30* comsat/ Remove cfg.cSergey Poznyakoff1
* comsat/cfg.c: Remove. * comsat/comsat.c: Use MU configuration and acls. * comsat/comsat.h: Include acl.h * libproto/maildir/mbox.c (maildir_qfetch): Bugfix.
2007-12-30* comsat/ Remove cfg.cSergey Poznyakoff1
* comsat/cfg.c: Remove. * comsat/comsat.c: Use MU configuration and acls. * comsat/comsat.h: Include acl.h * libproto/maildir/mbox.c (maildir_qfetch): Bugfix.
2007-11-17Move rc file and argp parsing into separate abstract layers.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* include/mailutils/gocs.h, include/mailutils/pam.h, include/mailutils/radius.h, include/mailutils/syslog.h: New files * lib/argpinit.c, lib/muinit.c, lib/muinit.h: New files. * libsieve/conf.c: New file. * libcfg: New directory * libcfg/libcfg.h, libcfg/auth.c, libcfg/common.c, libcfg/init.c, libcfg/gsasl.c, libcfg/pam.c, libcfg/radius.c, libcfg/sieve.c, libcfg/sql.c, libcfg/tls.c, libcfg/virtdomain.c, libcfg/.cvsignore: New files. * libargp: New directory * libargp/auth.c, libargp/cmdline.h, libargp/common.c, libargp/gsasl.c, libargp/mu_argp.h, libargp/mu_argp.c, libargp/pam.c, libargp/radius.c, libargp/sieve.c, libargp/sql.c, libargp/tls.c, libargp/virtdomain.c, libargp/.cvsignore: New files. * mailbox/.cvsignore: Add cfg_parser.c and cfg_parser.h. * (SUBDIRS): Add libargp and libcfg. * (MU_APP_LIBRARIES): New variable (MU_COMMON_INCLUDES): add libargp and libcfg (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add libargp and libcfg. * auth/gsasl.c, auth/pam.c, auth/radius.c, auth/sql.c, auth/sql.h, auth/tls.c, auth/virtual.c, comsat/comsat.h, frm/frm.h, guimb/guimb.h, imap4d/imap4d.h, include/mailutils/gsasl.h, include/mailutils/libsieve.h, include/mailutils/mailutils.h, include/mailutils/mu_auth.h, include/mailutils/tls.h, include/mailutils/sql.h, maidag/maidag.h, mail/mail.h, mail.local/mail.local.h, mailbox/daemon.c, mailbox/system.c, mh/mh_argp.c, mh/mh_getopt.h, pop3d/pop3d.h, readmsg/readmsg.h: Remove argp stuff * comsat/comsat.c, config/mailutils-config.c, dotlock/dotlock.c, examples/muauth.c, examples/muemail.c, frm/frm.c, frm/from.c, guimb/main.c, imap4d/idle.c, imap4d/imap4d.c, imap4d/util.c, imap4d/version.c, maidag/lmtp.c, maidag/maidag.c, maidag/mailquota.c, mail/mail.c, mail/send.c, mail/version.c, mail.local/mailquota.c, mail.local/main.c, mail.remote/mail.remote.c, mailbox/mu_auth.c, messages/messages.c, mimeview/mimeview.c, movemail/movemail.c, pop3d/extra.c, pop3d/pop3d.c, pop3d/popauth.c, readmsg/readmsg.c, sieve/sieve.c: Use mu_app_init for parsing command line and configuration files. * comsat/, config/, dotlock/, examples/, frm/, guimb/, imap4d/, maidag/, mail/, mail.local/, mail.remote/, mailbox/, messages/, mimeview/, movemail/, pop3d/, readmsg/, sieve/ Use MU_APP_LIBRARIES. * include/mailutils/ Add new files. * include/mailutils/argp.h: Remove. * include/mailutils/cfg.h: New file. * include/mailutils/daemon.h (MODE_INTERACTIVE,MODE_DAEMON): New defines (from removed argp.h). (mu_gocs_daemon): New decl. * include/mailutils/error.h (mu_program_name): New variable (mu_set_program_name): New function. * lib/ (libmuaux_la_SOURCES): Add new files. * libsieve/ (libsieve_la_SOURCES): Remove argp.c, add conf.c instead. * libsieve/argp.c: Remove. * mailbox/cfg_parser.y (mu_cfg_parse_boolean): New function. * mailbox/mu_argp.c: Remove. * mailbox/muerror.c (mu_program_name): New variable (mu_set_program_name): New function (mu_default_error_printer): Print program name before diagnostic string. * mailbox/mutil.c (mu_sql_decode_password_type): New function. * mh/mh_whom.c (mh_alias_expand): Bugfix * po/ Update * testsuite/lib/mailutils.exp (mu_init): Pass --no-site-rcfile --no-user-rcfile to all programs.
2007-06-27Prepare for the GPL v.3 release. Relicense programs under GPL v.3, libraries ↵Sergey Poznyakoff1
under LPGL v.3
2005-08-27Normalize global namespace. Part 2Wojciech Polak1
2005-05-17Updated FSF addressalpha_0_6_90Sergey Poznyakoff1
2003-02-09Updated FSF address.Wojciech Polak1
2002-12-23Added initial NLS supportWojciech Polak1
2002-12-05Removed unneded inclusion of getopt.hSergey Poznyakoff1
2002-09-12Include mailutils/argcv.hSergey Poznyakoff1
2002-08-13Include <mailutils/mu_auth.h>Sergey Poznyakoff1
2002-05-14Removed redundant mu_ prefix from mailutils/mu_argp.h.Sam Roberts1
2002-05-13Changed mu_argp.h to mailutils/mu_argp.hSergey Poznyakoff1
2002-03-25Finished split of forward declarations into <mailutils/types.h>. Now youSam Roberts1
have to include the header for the functions you want to use, but you can change a header without causing a recompile of everything. Also added some missing LGPL file headers.
2002-02-26Replaced strerror() with mu_errstring().Sam Roberts1
2002-02-05Added mu_argp.h and related stuffSergey Poznyakoff1
2001-12-28Added include <argcv.h>Sergey Poznyakoff1
2001-11-27Need <paths.h> and <strings.h> under QNX6.Sam Roberts1
2001-11-13 Try to use const whenever appropriate to make it clearAlain Magloire1
that a string should not be modified. Nuke some trailing spaces, thanks to emacs. Reduce the scope of functions with static. GNU ident style for switch() promote a empty line after the break; * comsat/action.c (expand_escape): size and lncount could have been use uninitialized. (expand_escape): const char *cr. (expand_line): cr == "\n\r" make it const. variable i and size unneeded. variable c initialize to zero. (expand_line): obstack_1grow() pass *p instead of c. (defaul_action): const char*. (run_user_action): fprintf () missing argument. (open_rc): const char *filename. * comsat/comsat.c (username): const char *username. (mailbox_path): const prototype. (change_user): const prototype. (notify_user): const prototype. body and header unneeded variables. (find_user): const prototype. * comsat/comsat.h: Prototype updates.
2001-11-12extern declarations.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2001-11-11Include mailutils headersSergey Poznyakoff1
2001-11-02include <ctype.h>.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2001-11-01Forgotten to addSergey Poznyakoff1

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