AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
2009-09-10Version 2.1 "Ten Years Later"rel-2_1Sergey Poznyakoff3
2009-09-08Correct some pydocs.Wojciech Polak10
2009-09-02Python: Allow to set mu_pam_service.Wojciech Polak2
2009-09-01Update NEWS.Wojciech Polak1
2009-09-01Bugfixes.Sergey Poznyakoff2
2009-08-29Update pydocs.alpha_2_0_90Wojciech Polak5
2009-08-29Minor fixesSergey Poznyakoff1
2009-08-28Minor fixSergey Poznyakoff1
2009-08-27Fix RPM spec.Wojciech Polak1
2009-08-27Improve configure script.Sergey Poznyakoff3
2009-08-27Fix leftover diagnostic messages.Sergey Poznyakoff2
2009-08-26Update docs.Wojciech Polak1
2009-08-25Minor improvements in comsat and frmSergey Poznyakoff3
2009-08-25Fix help messages.Sergey Poznyakoff54
2009-08-25Change error messages to comply with the GNU standards.Sergey Poznyakoff93
2009-08-21Python: Bugfixes.Wojciech Polak5
2009-08-21Minor fixes.Sergey Poznyakoff19
2009-08-20Movemail: allow to copy mailbox ownership when run as root.Sergey Poznyakoff3
2009-08-20Fix in configure.acSergey Poznyakoff1
2009-08-15Mail: bugfixes.Sergey Poznyakoff3
2009-08-14Mail: configurable `headers' output format.Sergey Poznyakoff7
2009-08-13Minor fixes.Sergey Poznyakoff9
2009-08-13Improve memory allocation in pop3d.Sergey Poznyakoff2
2009-08-13Further improvements of the configure system.Sergey Poznyakoff5
2009-08-13Fix building with fribidi2Sergey Poznyakoff2
2009-08-13Fixes in configure.acSergey Poznyakoff3
2009-08-12Restore old CVS ChangeLog.Wojciech Polak3
2009-08-12Rewrite conditional compilation support.Sergey Poznyakoff10
2009-08-11Minor fix.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2009-08-11Improve command line and error handling in pop3d.Sergey Poznyakoff19
2009-08-10Minor fixes.Sergey Poznyakoff2
2009-08-09Improve C++ and Python APIs.Wojciech Polak5
2009-08-09Update descriptions.Wojciech Polak4
2009-08-08* mailbox/version.c: Add missing TC DBM info.Wojciech Polak1
2009-08-08BugfixWojciech Polak2
2009-08-08Add ESMTP AUTH support.Wojciech Polak1
2009-08-08Move base64 routines to libmailutils.Wojciech Polak6
2009-08-07Add Tokyo Cabinet DBM support.Wojciech Polak5
2009-08-05* Fix typo.Wojciech Polak1
2009-08-04Fix readmsg's printing the last message in the mailbox ($).Wojciech Polak2
2009-08-04Fix movemail --uidl.Wojciech Polak1
2009-08-04Minor changesSergey Poznyakoff3
2009-08-01Enable GNU TLS by default.Wojciech Polak2
2009-07-31* Bugfix. Build libmu_sieve before libmu_py.Wojciech Polak1
2009-07-29Add SieveMachine to C++/Python.Wojciech Polak25
2009-07-14Add NLS to libmu_py.Wojciech Polak7
2009-07-13Add more is/set/unset attribute methods (Python).Wojciech Polak3
2009-07-13Fixes in client pop3Sergey Poznyakoff1
2009-07-13mail: implement struct command.Sergey Poznyakoff8
2009-07-12Fix the way mail accounts for the status of messages.Paul Vojta8

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