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2001-05-20Patch from Sergey.mailutils-0-0-9Alain Magloire4
2001-05-20Remove some '//' C++ style of comments.Alain Magloire6
2001-05-20buglet fix.Alain Magloire1
2001-05-20A litle oops corrected.Alain Magloire1
2001-05-20Update from Sam.Alain Magloire1
2001-05-20UpdateAlain Magloire1
2001-05-20Not to use mailbox_create_defaut.Alain Magloire3
2001-05-20Updates from Sam Roberts.Alain Magloire3
2001-05-17Dave latest patchAlain Magloire6
2001-05-14Update.Alain Magloire1
2001-05-14Sergey's fix.Alain Magloire1
2001-05-13Lots of bug fix to get the imap4d server running.Alain Magloire12
2001-05-11More cleanup in the fetch imap code.Alain Magloire4
2001-05-10Implement INTERNALDATE in IMAP.Alain Magloire4
2001-05-09new file.Alain Magloire2
2001-05-09Finally!!!! I can use the GNU imap4d with Netscape .... It kinda work 8-)Alain Magloire22
2001-05-07use top_srcdirAlain Magloire1
2001-05-07add syncAlain Magloire1
2001-05-07Implemented UID fetch BODYSTRUCTURE and multiple access to mailbox via IMAPAlain Magloire22
2001-05-04Typo corrected.Alain Magloire2
2001-05-04Remove gcc specifics flags.Alain Magloire1
2001-05-04Patches from Sergey, se Changelog for details:Alain Magloire20
2001-05-02.Alain Magloire1
2001-05-02See ChangeLogAlain Magloire27
2001-04-25Implemented STORE in IMAP4Alain Magloire5
2001-04-24i.e. it assumes that mbox_get_message() will place the pointer toAlain Magloire2
2001-04-24Update.Alain Magloire1
2001-04-24use mu_error() everywhere.Alain Magloire16
2001-04-24forgot to move some functions pop3_xx() --> pop3d_xx()Alain Magloire14
2001-04-242001-04-23 Alain MagloireAlain Magloire17
2001-04-23A gross hack to correct a bug, I must find something better for a fix.Alain Magloire1
2001-04-23* acconfig.h: Define _REENTRANT.Alain Magloire1
2001-04-23Sergey Poznyakoff pointed out that errno change dependingAlain Magloire22
2001-04-22 * imap4d/create.c: First implementation.Alain Magloire10
2001-04-20.Alain Magloire2
2001-04-20Typo.Alain Magloire1
2001-04-20Typo.Alain Magloire1
2001-04-20* mailbox/smtp.c(smtp_readline): Because of the buffering mechanism,Alain Magloire14
2001-04-18Finally took time to put the code in from Jakob first draft, inAlain Magloire38
2001-04-17Check the return value of the locker_t.Alain Magloire1
2001-04-16 To get things to compile on Solaris, change configure to checkAlain Magloire13
2001-04-16 The FILE* stream "stdout" is not an lvalue so it is an error toAlain Magloire49
2001-04-16 Create a argp directory, it contains the necessaryAlain Magloire15
2001-04-16Typo.Alain Magloire1
2001-04-16Argp Support for loosing platforms.Alain Magloire14
2001-04-16.Alain Magloire1
2001-04-16Updates.Alain Magloire2
2001-04-16Remove -DTESTING.Alain Magloire1
2001-04-16Add suport for READLINE and ARGPAlain Magloire1
2001-04-16First attempt to support libargp.aAlain Magloire1

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