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2021-05-01Revise the mailbox locking functions.HEADmasterSergey Poznyakoff22
2021-04-29mail: accept attachments from FIFOsSergey Poznyakoff1
2021-04-29mh: fix extra doc formattingSergey Poznyakoff1
2021-04-29libopt: don't show hidden options in the --usage output.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2021-04-29Further improvements of the locker interface.Sergey Poznyakoff8
2021-04-27Fix misattributed locker flags.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2021-04-18Bugfix in the configuration file lexer.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2021-04-18SQL auth: supply backend-specific parameters via the "param" statement.Sergey Poznyakoff5
2021-04-18mbox,dotmail: fix the _message_unseen methodSergey Poznyakoff2
2021-04-15Bugfix in mimeview testsuiteSergey Poznyakoff1
2021-04-15Minor fixSergey Poznyakoff1
2021-02-13Version 3.12release-3.12Sergey Poznyakoff2
2021-02-13Skip imap4d tests if home directory does not existSergey Poznyakoff1
2021-02-10inc: when updating the unseen sequence, translate message numbers to uidsSergey Poznyakoff1
2021-02-09dotmail: synchronize with the recent changes to mboxSergey Poznyakoff4
2021-02-09mbox: use fstat etc. instead of stat etc.Sergey Poznyakoff2
2021-02-09mbox: fix expunging in a read-only directorySergey Poznyakoff4
2021-01-12Fix libmu_scm testsuiteSergey Poznyakoff5
2021-01-12Remove left-over mailutils.rc supportSergey Poznyakoff1
2021-01-11Fix building mda utilities with mailbox quotas offSergey Poznyakoff1
2021-01-11Fix architecture-dependent test failuresSergey Poznyakoff5
2021-01-11Force character signedness in strout testSergey Poznyakoff1
2021-01-11SMTP mailer: fix selection of the default portSergey Poznyakoff1
2021-01-11strout test: don't wait for the input forever.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2021-01-05Minor changesSergey Poznyakoff9
2021-01-05Version 3.11.1release-3.11.1Sergey Poznyakoff2
2021-01-05Fix version outputSergey Poznyakoff3
2021-01-05Update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff1728
2020-12-30Fix coredump on NULL input to mu_url_create_hintSergey Poznyakoff2
2020-12-30Use well-known mboxrd format name everywhereSergey Poznyakoff7
2020-12-23Version 3.11release-3.11Sergey Poznyakoff2
2020-12-21MH: provide a mh_profile setting to control assignment of sequence numbersSergey Poznyakoff10
2020-12-04amd: reset the UIDNEXT after resetting the uidvaliditySergey Poznyakoff2
2020-12-04Explicitly reset uidvalidity after folder -pickSergey Poznyakoff1
2020-11-30Version 3.10.91Sergey Poznyakoff2
2020-11-30New functions for closing all fds and daemonizingSergey Poznyakoff16
2020-11-29Optimize the observable interfaceSergey Poznyakoff3
2020-11-29Avoid using VPATH in libproto testsuitesSergey Poznyakoff18
2020-11-27Improve mbox data/time handlingSergey Poznyakoff1
2020-11-27Don't use __FILE__ and __LINE__ in mu_debug.Sergey Poznyakoff3
2020-11-27mu_scan_datetime: Fix error recovery. %Z handles both time-zone forms.Sergey Poznyakoff3
2020-11-26dotmail: re-implement tracker along the lines of mboxrbSergey Poznyakoff4
2020-11-26mboxrb: Keep timestamps in normalized formSergey Poznyakoff7
2020-11-25Improve mboxrb scannerSergey Poznyakoff1
2020-11-25Replace mbox format driver with mboxrbSergey Poznyakoff81
2020-11-23Two bugfixesSergey Poznyakoff2
2020-11-23Add two more mboxrb testsSergey Poznyakoff4
2020-11-23mboxrb: rewrite trackerSergey Poznyakoff5
2020-11-23Fix deletes. Add new tests.Sergey Poznyakoff10
2020-11-23Implement mboxrb format (a replacement for the mbox used currently)Sergey Poznyakoff27

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