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Diffstat (limited to 'include/mailutils/sieve.h')
1 files changed, 13 insertions, 15 deletions
diff --git a/include/mailutils/sieve.h b/include/mailutils/sieve.h
index 7227abad8..aaffc9ff7 100644
--- a/include/mailutils/sieve.h
+++ b/include/mailutils/sieve.h
@@ -61,14 +61,15 @@ typedef enum
+/* Struct mu_sieve_slice represents a contiguous slice of an array of strings
+ or variables */
struct mu_sieve_slice
- size_t first;
- size_t count;
+ size_t first; /* Index of the first object */
+ size_t count; /* Number of objects */
typedef struct mu_sieve_slice *mu_sieve_slice_t;
@@ -122,13 +123,11 @@ extern mu_debug_handle_t mu_sieve_debug_handle;
extern mu_list_t mu_sieve_include_path;
extern mu_list_t mu_sieve_library_path;
extern mu_list_t mu_sieve_library_path_prefix;
-void mu_sieve_debug_init (void);
/* Memory allocation functions */
typedef void (*mu_sieve_reclaim_t) (void *);
void mu_sieve_register_memory (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, void *ptr,
- mu_sieve_reclaim_t reclaim);
+ mu_sieve_reclaim_t reclaim);
void *mu_sieve_alloc_memory (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, size_t size,
mu_sieve_reclaim_t recfun);
void mu_sieve_free (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, void *ptr);
@@ -138,7 +137,6 @@ char *mu_sieve_strdup (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, char const *str);
void *mu_sieve_realloc (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, void *ptr, size_t size);
void mu_sieve_reclaim_default (void *p);
-void mu_sieve_reclaim_list (void *p);
void mu_sieve_reclaim_value (void *p);
size_t mu_sieve_value_create (mu_sieve_machine_t mach,
@@ -179,6 +177,9 @@ int mu_sieve_require_test (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, const char *name);
int mu_sieve_require_comparator (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, const char *name);
int mu_sieve_require_relational (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, const char *name);
+int mu_sieve_load_ext (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, const char *name);
+int mu_sieve_match_part_checker (mu_sieve_machine_t mach);
mu_sieve_comparator_t mu_sieve_comparator_lookup (mu_sieve_machine_t mach,
const char *name,
int matchtype);
@@ -192,24 +193,21 @@ void mu_sieve_require (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, mu_sieve_slice_t list);
void mu_sieve_value_get (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, mu_sieve_value_t *val,
mu_sieve_data_type type, void *ret);
+/* Tagged argument accessors */
int mu_sieve_get_tag (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, char *name,
mu_sieve_data_type type, void *ret);
mu_sieve_value_t *mu_sieve_get_tag_untyped (mu_sieve_machine_t mach,
char const *name);
mu_sieve_value_t *mu_sieve_get_tag_n (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, size_t n);
-int mu_sieve_load_ext (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, const char *name);
-int mu_sieve_match_part_checker (mu_sieve_machine_t mach);
-/* Operations on value lists */
+/* Positional argument accessors */
mu_sieve_value_t *mu_sieve_get_arg_optional (mu_sieve_machine_t mach,
size_t index);
mu_sieve_value_t *mu_sieve_get_arg_untyped (mu_sieve_machine_t mach,
size_t index);
void mu_sieve_get_arg (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, size_t index,
mu_sieve_data_type type, void *ret);
+/* String and string list accessors */
char *mu_sieve_string (mu_sieve_machine_t mach,
mu_sieve_slice_t slice,
size_t i);
@@ -217,7 +215,7 @@ struct mu_sieve_string *mu_sieve_string_raw (mu_sieve_machine_t mach,
mu_sieve_slice_t slice,
size_t i);
+/* Operations on value lists */
int mu_sieve_vlist_do (mu_sieve_machine_t mach,
mu_sieve_value_t *val, mu_list_action_t ac,
void *data);
@@ -270,6 +268,7 @@ void mu_sieve_stream_restore (mu_sieve_machine_t mach);
/* Logging and diagnostic functions */
+void mu_sieve_debug_init (void);
void mu_sieve_error (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, const char *fmt, ...)
void mu_sieve_log_action (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, const char *action,
@@ -277,7 +276,6 @@ void mu_sieve_log_action (mu_sieve_machine_t mach, const char *action,
void mu_sieve_abort (mu_sieve_machine_t mach);
-int mu_sieve_is_dry_run (mu_sieve_machine_t mach);
const char *mu_sieve_type_str (mu_sieve_data_type type);
/* Principal entry points */

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