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@@ -1812,6 +1812,28 @@ if @code{crt} is set without a value, then the height of the terminal
screen is used to compute the threshold. The number of lines on
screen is controlled by @code{screen} variable.
+@item decode-fallback
+@*Type: String.
+@*Default: @samp{none}.
+@vrindex decode-fallback, mail variable
+This variable controls the way to represent characters that cannot
+be rendered using current character set. It can have three values:
+@table @samp
+@item none
+Such characters are not printed at all. The conversion process stops
+at the first character that cannot be rendered.
+@item copy-pass
+The characters are displayed @samp{as is}. Notice, that depending on
+your setup, this may screw-up your terminal settings.
+@item copy-octal
+Unprintable characters are represented by their octal codes. Printable
+ones are printed @samp{as is}.
+@end table
@item dot
@*Type: Boolean.
@*Default: False.

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