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-To convert a sieve script into equivalent Scheme program, executable
-by guimb, run:
+To convert a sieve script into equivalent Scheme program, run:
- guile -s sieve.scm --file <sieve-script-name> --output <output-file-name>
+ sieve.scm --file <sieve-script-name> --output <scm-file-name>
-To compile and execute a sieve script upon a mailbox, run:
+The produced script can then be run as:
+ guile -s <scm-file-name> [MAILBOX]
+ If MAILBOX is not given, the script will operate upon the user's system
+ To invoke the script directly by its name, add executable bit to its
+ The same script may be used by mail.local to sieve the incoming mail upon
+its arrival, see node "Programs -> mail.local" in the accompanying
+documentation for more information on this.
+ To execute the sieve script directly, without saving the produced Scheme
+text to a file, run:
+ sieve.scm --file <sieve-script-name> [MAILBOX]
+The semantics of MAILBOX argument is described above.
- guimb -f sieve.scm -{ --file <sieve-script-name> -} --mailbox ~/mbox

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