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Fix the -nodraftfolder and -nowhatnowproc options.
The commit 744c4a9c didn't take into account the -nodraftfolder and -nowhatnowproc options, which can be used to cancel the effect of the corresponding facilities. This commit fixes it. * mh/mh_getopt.c (mh_getopt_ext): New function. * mh/mh_getopt.h (mh_getopt_ext): New prototype. (mh_optinit): New struct. * mh/tests/ Test the use of Draft-Folder * mh/tests/ Likewise. * mh/tests/ Likewise. * mh/comp.c (main): use mh_getopt_ext to properly process draftfolder and whatnowproc. * mh/forw.c: Likewise. * mh/repl.c: Likewise. * mh/mh.h (mh_whom): Remove. (mh_whom_header, mh_whom_file, mh_whom_message): New protos. * mh/mh_alias.y (mh_read_aliases): Don't read aliases twice. * mh/mh_whatnow.c (whom): Use mh_whom_file. * mh/mh_whom.c (mh_whom): Rewrite and rename to mh_whom_file. (mh_whom_header, mh_whom_message): New functions. * mh/whom.c: Use mh_getopt_ext. Interpret command line arguments, depending on whether the draftfile facility is in use.
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