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committerSergey Poznyakoff <>2010-12-31 22:00:10 +0200
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Remove guimb.
It was inoperational since 2009-03-27 and nobody complained, so it seems to not be reclaimed at all. FWIW, it will be easy to recreate it entirely in Scheme, should the need be. * guimb/.gitignore: Remove. * guimb/ Remove. * guimb/collect.c: Remove. * guimb/guimb.h: Remove. * guimb/main.c: Remove. * guimb/util.c: Remove. * (GUIMB_DIR): Remove. [MU_COND_LIBMU_SCM] (SCHEME_DIR): New variable. (SUBDIRS): Add SCHEME_DIR instead of GUIMB_DIR. * (MU_GUILE_SIEVE_MOD_DATA): Remove substitution. (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Remove guimb and guimb/scm, add scheme * guimb/scm/.gitignore: move to scheme/.gitignore * guimb/scm/ move to scheme/ * guimb/scm/README: move to scheme/README * guimb/scm/mimeheader.scm: move to scheme/mimeheader.scm * guimb/scm/numaddr.scm: move to scheme/numaddr.scm * guimb/scm/redirect.scm: move to scheme/redirect.scm * guimb/scm/reject.scm: move to scheme/reject.scm * guimb/scm/sieve-core.scm: move to scheme/sieve-core.scm * guimb/scm/ move to scheme/sieve2scm.scmi * guimb/scm/vacation.scm: move to scheme/vacation.scm
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