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authorSergey Poznyakoff <>2004-01-13 21:33:23 +0000
committerSergey Poznyakoff <>2004-01-13 21:33:23 +0000
commitdf61e4ab3d0d3f187294ca5576e51083135bd800 (patch)
treebd44ace646a8df57d08440ae58d50631725391cf /frm
parentcea51c0b459f2b6e0752cb87daa03efafcaaf91a (diff)
Diffstat (limited to 'frm')
1 files changed, 10 insertions, 8 deletions
diff --git a/frm/testsuite/frm/test.exp b/frm/testsuite/frm/test.exp
index 6bdd7d20a..d892a02ac 100644
--- a/frm/testsuite/frm/test.exp
+++ b/frm/testsuite/frm/test.exp
@@ -28,34 +28,36 @@ mu_exec -retcode 1 -message "frm" "Foo Bar\tJabberwocky"\
"Bar\tRe: Jabberwocky"\
"Sergey Poznyakoff\tSimple MIME"\
"Sergey Poznyakoff\tNested MIME"\
"Sergey Poznyakoff\tEmpty MIME Parts"
mu_exec -retcode 1 -message "frm -n" -arg -n \
-"1: Foo Bar\tJabberwocky"\
-"2: Bar\tRe: Jabberwocky"\
-"3: Sergey Poznyakoff\tSimple MIME"\
-"4: Sergey Poznyakoff\tNested MIME"\
-"5: Sergey Poznyakoff\tEmpty MIME Parts"
+" 1: Foo Bar\tJabberwocky"\
+" 2: Bar\tRe: Jabberwocky"\
+" 3: Sergey Poznyakoff\tSimple MIME"\
+" 4: Sergey Poznyakoff\tNested MIME"\
+" 5: Sergey Poznyakoff\tEmpty MIME Parts"
mu_exec -retcode 1 -message "frm -l" -arg -l \
"(Bar) Foo Bar\tJabberwocky"\
"(Foo Bar) Bar\tRe: Jabberwocky"\
"(Foo Bar) Sergey Poznyakoff\tSimple MIME"\
"(Foo Bar) Sergey Poznyakoff\tNested MIME"\
"(Foo Bar) Sergey Poznyakoff\tEmpty MIME Parts"
mu_exec -retcode 1 -message "frm -qS" -arg -qS \
-"You have 5 messages"
+"Folder contains 5 new messages."
mu_exec -retcode 1 -arg %mbox -message "frm %mbox" \
"Sergey Poznyakoff\tMBOX"
-mu_exec -retcode 1 -arg -q -message "frm -q"
+mu_exec -retcode 1 -arg -q -message "frm -q" \
+"There are messages in that folder."
-mu_exec -arg -q -arg %nonexistent -retcode 2 -message "frm -q %nonexistent"
+mu_exec -arg -q -arg %nonexistent -retcode 2 -message "frm -q %nonexistent" \
+"No messages in that folder!"
set env(MAIL) $MU_SPOOL_DIR/bigto.mbox
set env(FOLDER) $env(MAIL)
mu_exec -retcode 1 -message "frm -l on long headers" -arg -l \
"(\"Ayoung-Chee, N) Patrick Chan\tNew email address, etc."

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