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@@ -75,8 +75,6 @@ IMPORTANT:
- why does mimetest fail on a symlink, but suceed on a dotlocked file?
- - implement unrolling of symlinks
- implement a force unlock mode... so that when a mailbox
is closed or destroyed it can make sure that the lock
is definitely gone.
@@ -103,16 +101,22 @@ IMPORTANT:
- need code to find a "real" envelope from... an actual email address
that DSNs can be sent to.
+- need to be able to map some addresses (like mail to "root") to a
+ user for the box, a la nullmailer, perhaps
- mailer_t: the SMTP mailer isn't as fully implemented as the sendmail
+- make the smtp mailer calls useable standalone, as well as url based,
+ and use them in mail.remote.
- header_get_value() returns the newline?
- implement a header_field_unfold()?
- pipe_open_stream() - implemented with popen()
-- Configuration API
++ Configuration API
- Mailcap API

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