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@@ -94,8 +94,8 @@ path.
The default include search path is:
@enumerate 1
-@item @file{@var{prefix}/share/slb/@value{VERSION}/include}
-@item @file{@var{prefix}/share/slb/include}
+@item @file{@var{prefix}/share/@value{PROGNAME}/@value{VERSION}/include}
+@item @file{@var{prefix}/share/@value{PROGNAME}/include}
@end enumerate
@@ -345,12 +345,12 @@ diagnostic.
An initial set of macro definitions is supplied by the
@file{pp-setup} file, located in
-directory (where @var{version} means the version of @value{PACKAGE}).
The default @file{pp-setup} file renames all @command{m4} built-in
macro names so they all start with the prefix @samp{m4_}. This
-is similar to GNU m4 @option{--prefix-builtin} options, but has an
+is similar to GNU m4 @option{--prefix-builtin} option, but has an
advantage that it works with non-GNU @command{m4} implementations as

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