AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFiles
6 daysFix build error when libintl is installed.HEADmasterBruno Haible3
8 daysFix build when an older libunistring is installed (regr. 2020-02-23).Bruno Haible12
8 daysautoupdateKarl Berry2
2021-05-01immutable: Fix crash when immmalloc() fails.Bruno Haible2
2021-05-01supersede: Fix crash when malloc() fails.Bruno Haible2
2021-04-27libc-config: fix include problem on older DebianPaul Eggert3
2021-04-26gnulib-tool: port better to current AutoconfPaul Eggert3
2021-04-25reallocarray: a bit more tuningPaul Eggert3
2021-04-25reallocarray: don’t crash if item size is 0Paul Eggert4
2021-04-24Fix messed-up previous patchPaul Eggert2
2021-04-24xmalloca, etc.: avoid unlikely trapPaul Eggert3
2021-04-24xmalloca, etc.: fix some xalloc-oversized issuesPaul Eggert5
2021-04-24reallocarray: check for ptrdiff_t overflowPaul Eggert10
2021-04-24calloc-gnu-tests: add overflow testsPaul Eggert2
2021-04-22* ChangeLog: Fix thinko.Paul Eggert1
2021-04-22libc-config: port better to Fedora RawhidePaul Eggert3
2021-04-21realloc: port to AIX 7.1Paul Eggert2
2021-04-21malloc: simplifyPaul Eggert2
2021-04-21malloca: avoid ptrdiff_t overflowPaul Eggert3
2021-04-21careadlinkat: avoid ptrdiff_t overflowPaul Eggert3
2021-04-21execute-tests: pacify compilerPaul Eggert2
2021-04-20malloc-gnu-tests, etc.: use volatile for clangPaul Eggert8
2021-04-18malloc-gnu-tests: pacify -Walloc-size-larger-thanPaul Eggert3
2021-04-18safe-alloc: fix pointer implementationPaul Eggert5
2021-04-18calloc-gnu: now LGPLv2+Paul Eggert2
2021-04-18safe-alloc: simplify via reallocarrayPaul Eggert4
2021-04-18xalloc-oversized: fix SIZE_MAX optimization bugPaul Eggert2
2021-04-18xalloc: new function xreallocarrayPaul Eggert4
2021-04-18group-member: simplify via realloc-gnuPaul Eggert3
2021-04-18backupfile: simplify via realloc-gnuPaul Eggert3
2021-04-18safe-alloc: improve docPaul Eggert2
2021-04-18malloc-gnu-tests, etc.: test ptrdiff_t overflowPaul Eggert7
2021-04-18malloc-gnu, etc.: prefer AS_CASE to woolly AS_IFPaul Eggert4
2021-04-18malloc-gnu, etc.: sync better with AutoconfPaul Eggert4
2021-04-18lib/mini-gmp.cKarl Berry1
2021-04-18malloc-posix, realloc-posix, calloc-posix: Document affected platforms.Bruno Haible4
2021-04-18More systematic file naming.Bruno Haible7
2021-04-18Add comments after 2021-04-11 change.Bruno Haible48
2021-04-18doc: Update for FreeBSD 13.0/arm64.Bruno Haible3
2021-04-17xalloc: adjust to malloc ptrdiff_t changePaul Eggert3
2021-04-17malloc, etc.: check for ptrdiff_t overflowPaul Eggert16
2021-04-17stdio: Fix build error in some configurations (regression 2021-04-11).Bruno Haible3
2021-04-17doc: Update for FreeBSD 11.0, 12.0, 13.0.Bruno Haible674
2021-04-16malloc, realloc: fix recently-introduced #undef typosPaul Eggert3
2021-04-15hamt tests: Fix link error.Bruno Haible2
2021-04-15c-stack: Don't use an undefined C macro (regression from 2020-10-04).Bruno Haible2
2021-04-12doc: Fix confusion between LIBADD and LDADD.Bruno Haible2
2021-04-11malloc, realloc, calloc: Support restricted library symbols on AIX.Bruno Haible4
2021-04-11Support several gnulib-tool invocations under the same Haible174

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