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** titlepage.png
A copy of the original title page.
** webfont.txt
Description of the special escape sequences used in this dictionary. This
file also explains the Greek transliteration syntax used in it.
-The GNU Dico project contains a module for reading GCIDE files. This
-distribution provides a configuration file "gcide.conf" which you can use
-with the "dicod" server in order to look up words in the dictionary. See
-http://www.gnu.org.ua/software/dico for a description of GNU Dico, including
-links to download.
-The instructions below describe how to configure GNU Dico server (dicod) to
-access a copy of the GCIDE dictionary.
-1. Unpack the GCIDE dictionary;
-2. Copy the file "gcide.conf" to a directory where you keep your local
-configuration files (/etc or /usr/local/etc are usual choices).
-3. Replace the word GCIDE_PATH in the "gcide.conf" statement with the path
-to the gcide-0.51 dicrectory. You can omit this step and use the -D option
-4. Check the configuration file. Run:
- dicod --config /path/to/gcide.conf --lint
-If you skipped the step 3, supply the -D option with the acual path to
-the dictionary. For example, if you copied "gcide.conf" to /etc and
-unpacked GCIDE to /usr/local, then run:
- dicod --config /etc/gcide.conf -D GCIDE_PATH=/usr/local --lint
-If no errors are reported, then go to the step 5.
-5. Start "dicod". Run the same command as described in step 4, but without
-the "--lint" option. This will start the dictionary server which will be
-avaialble on localhost ( port 2628. The server provides extensive
-searching facilities. It also parses the GCIDE markup and automatically
-reformats the articles before returning them.
-Now you can access the dictionary using dico (a GNU dictionary command line
-utility), or another dictionary client program (such as Kdict or the like).
+The GNU Dico project contains a browser for GCIDE, called "Gcider". It
+provides a windowing interface allowing user to search for matching
+headwords using several match strategies and browse their definitions.
+The package also provides a loadable module which allows to use GCIDE with
+the dictionary server.
+See http://www.gnu.org.ua/software/dico for more information, including
+links to download and documentation.
There are several other derivative versions of this dictionary on the
internet, in some cases reformatted or provided with an interface. Those
that I am aware of are:
** Dicoweb
This version of GCIDE is available online at the GNU Dico web site:

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