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diff --git a/scm/dictrans.scm b/scm/dictrans.scm
index fb4064f..d0724b0 100644
--- a/scm/dictrans.scm
+++ b/scm/dictrans.scm
@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@
;;; Tailor this statement to your needs if necessary.
;=GUILE_COMMENT=;(set! %load-path (cons "=GUILE_SITE=" %load-path))
+(set! %load-path (cons "/home/gray/linguae/ellinika/" %load-path))
(use-modules (xmltools xmltrans)
(gamma sql)
(ellinika xlat)
@@ -212,32 +212,25 @@
(vector-set! node 1 f)))
((node-set #:xref node x)
- (cond
- ((node-get #:xref node) =>
- (lambda (xlist)
- (vector-set! node 2 (append xlist (list x)))))
- (else
- (vector-set! node 2 (list x)))))
+ (vector-set! node 2 (append (node-get #:xref node) (list x))))
((node-set #:p-article node p)
- (cond
- ((node-get #:p-list node) =>
- (lambda (plist)
- (vector-set! node 3 (append plist (list p)))))
- (else
- (vector-set! node 3 (list p)))))
+ (vector-set! node 3 (append (node-get #:p-list node) (list p))))
((node-set #:topic node t)
;; FIXME: Scope of <T> is position-dependent relative to <P>
- (for-each
- (lambda (p)
- (p-article-set #:topic p t))
- (node-get #:p-list node)))
+ (let ((pl (node-get #:p-list node)))
+ (if (null? pl)
+ (current-article-set #:topic t)
+ (for-each
+ (lambda (p)
+ (p-article-set #:topic p t))
+ pl))))
((node-set #:locus node loc)
(vector-set! node 4 loc))))
(define-macro (current-node-set key val)
`(node-set ,key current-node ,val))
(define p-article #f)
(define-syntax p-article-get
@@ -280,9 +273,13 @@
((p-article-set #:topic article val)
(p-set #:topic article 4 val))))
-(define-macro (current-article-set key val)
- `(p-article-set ,key p-article ,val))
+;(define-macro (current-article-set key val)
+; `(p-article-set ,key p-article ,val))
+(define-syntax current-article-set
+ (syntax-rules ()
+ ((current-article-set key val)
+ (p-article-set key p-article val))))
;;; Node list
(define node-list '())
@@ -809,7 +806,40 @@
(define (usage)
- (display "usage: dictrans OPTIONS FILES\n"))
+ (display "usage: dictrans OPTIONS FILES
+dictrans parses XML dictionary files in Ellinika dictionary format
+and stores them into SQL database.
+General options:
+ --check Only check input syntax and consistency. Do not
+ update the database. This means that dictrans will
+ not access the database at all, so some errors
+ (mistyped parts of speech and the like) may slip in
+ unnoticed.
+ --verbose Verbosely display SQL queries and their results.
+ --debug NUMBER Set debugging level (0 < NUMBER <= 100)
+SQL related options:
+ --interface STRING Select SQL interface to use. STRING may be
+ either \"mysql\" (the default) or \"postgres\".
+ --host HOST-OR-PATH Set name or IP address of the host running SQL
+ database, or path to the database I/O socket.
+ --database NAME Set name of the database to use.
+ --port NUMBER Set the SQL port number
+ --user USER-NAME Set SQL user name.
+ --password STRING Set the SQL password
+ --cleanup Clean up the database (delete all entries from all the
+ tables) before proceeding. Use this option with care.
+ --preserve Do not delete resolved entries from pending_links
+ table. This is intended mainly for debugging.
+Informational options:
+ --help Output this help info
(define (cons? p)
(and (pair? p) (not (list? p))))

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