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2021-01-06Update copyright yearsHEADmasterSergey Poznyakoff74
2019-11-26Implement MoveAddressToVpc (addr2vpc) and RestoreAddressToClassic (addr2ec2)Sergey Poznyakoff4
* TODO: Document changes. * doc/Makefile.inc: Add new files. * doc/eclat-addr2ec2.1: New file. * doc/eclat-addr2vpc.1: New file. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * etc/move-address-to-vpc.fln: New file. * etc/restore-address-to-classic.fln: New file. * src/Makefile.am: Add new file. * src/mvaddr.c: New file. * src/eclat.c (cmdtab): New commands: addr2vpc and addr2ec2. * src/eclat.h (eclat_move_address): New proto. * etc/describe-images.fln: List creation date.
2018-12-15Implement ModifyVolume and DescribeVolumesModificationsSergey Poznyakoff3
2018-11-17Implement the terminate-instances commandSergey Poznyakoff2
* TODO: Update. * doc/Makefile.inc: Add new files. * doc/eclat-mkinst.1: Mention the terminate command. * doc/eclat-terminate.1: New file. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * etc/terminate-instances.fln: New file. * src/eclat.c (cmdtab): Register new command. * src/eclat.h (eclat_terminate_instances): New proto. * src/startstop.c (eclat_terminate_instances): New function. * tests/Makefile.am: Add new test. * tests/testsuite.at: Likewise. * tests/terminate-instances.at: New test.
2018-11-15Include VPC info to the describe-instances.fln format.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2018-03-15Update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff69
2015-11-19Fix formatsSergey Poznyakoff3
* etc/allocate-address.fln: Print allocation ID, if available. * etc/describe-instances.fln: Fix printing group sets. * etc/describe-subnets.fln: Fix undefined variable.
2015-11-19Add operations on egress rules for VPC security groups.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* src/sg-cl.opt: New options: --input (--ingress, -I), and --output (--egress, -O). * src/sg.c (command): const. * doc/eclat-sg.1: Document --input/--output modifiers. * TODO: Likewise. * etc/sg.fln: Add support for egress responses.
2015-11-19Minor fixSergey Poznyakoff2
* etc/describe-internet-gateway.fln: Rename to * etc/describe-internet-gateways.fln: this * etc/Makefile.am: Likewise.
2015-11-19New commands: assocrtab, mkrtab, rmrtab, lsrtab, disasrtab, routeSergey Poznyakoff10
These implement the following EC2 actions: AssociateRouteTable, CreateRoute, CreateRouteTable, DeleteRoute, DeleteRouteTable, DescribeRouteTables, DisassociateRouteTable, ReplaceRoute. * TODO: Update. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new formats. * etc/associate-route-table.fln: New file. * etc/create-route-table.fln: New file. * etc/create-route.fln: New file. * etc/delete-route-table.fln: New file. * etc/delete-route.fln: New file. * etc/describe-route-tables.fln: New file. * etc/disassociate-route-table.fln: New file. * etc/replace-route.fln: New file. * etc/route.fln: New file. * src/Makefile.am: Add routetable.c * src/routetable.c: New file. * src/eclat.c (cmdtab): Register new subcommands. * src/eclat.h (ECLAT_DEBCAT_DUMP): New category. Add new protos. * src/io.c (write_callback): Enable XML dump if dump debug category is set.
2015-11-19Add formats for new statements introduced by ed8a63af and 1473a448Sergey Poznyakoff13
2015-11-18Implement VPC and Internet Gateway commands.Sergey Poznyakoff3
New commands: lsvpc, lsvpcattr, mkvpc, setvpcattr, rmvpc, lsigw, mkigw, rmigw, atigw, deigw. * TODO: Update. * doc/Makefile.inc: Add mkvpc manpage. * etc/Makefile.am: Add create-vpc.fl and describe-vpcs.fln * etc/describe-vpc-attribute.fln: New file. * etc/describe-vpcs.fln: New file. * src/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/igw.c: New file. * src/lsvpc.c: New file. * src/mkvpc-cl.opt: New file. * src/mkvpc.c: New file. * src/rmvpc.c: New file. * src/vpcattr.c: New file. * src/eclat.c (cmdtab): Register new subcommands. * src/eclat.h: Add new prototypes. * src/mksg-cl.opt: New option: --internet-gateway, -g * src/lsinst.c (parse_options): Define args_doc. * src/lsreg.c (parse_options): Remove useless return. * src/lstag-cl.opt: Likewise. * src/mktags-cl.opt: Remove stray character.
2015-02-02New options: --check-permissions and --add-parameterSergey Poznyakoff1
* NEWS: Update. * doc/eclat-stop.1: Update. * doc/eclat.1man: Update. * etc/default.fln: Special handling for DryRunOperation and UnauthorizedOperation codes. * lib/paramlist.c: New file. * lib/Makefile.am (libeclat_a_SOURCES): Add paramlist.c * lib/forlan.c: New function dequote. * lib/libeclat.h (eclat_request_add_param0) (ec2_param_free, ec2_param_list_create) (ec2_param_list_append) (eclat_request_add_param_list): New protos. * lib/reqcreat.c (ec2_param_free): Remove static qualifier. * src/stop-cl.opt: New file. * src/Makefile.am (OPTFILES): Add stop-cl.opt * src/cmdline.opt: New options: --check-permissions and --add-parameter. * src/eclat.c (extra_param): New global. (find_format): print error message if no such format is found. * src/startstop.c (eclat_stop_instance): Use parse_stop_options
2015-01-26Update whois entriesSergey Poznyakoff1
2015-01-22Update copyright years.Sergey Poznyakoff46
2015-01-22Improve setting UserData attribute. Change lsistat defaults.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* NEWS: Update. * doc/eclat-setiattr.1: Document new options. * doc/eclat-lsistat.1: Update. * etc/describe-instance-attribute.fln: Decode userData. * grecs: Upgrade. * src/setiattr-cl.opt: New file. * src/Makefile.am (OPTFILES): Add setiattr-cl.opt * src/setiattr.c: Encode UserData. * src/eclat.h (read_file): New proto. * src/lsistat-cl.opt: New option -r (--running). * src/lsistat.c: Change default to show all instances, no matter their state. * src/mkinst-cl.opt (read_user_data): Remove. Use read_file instead. * src/sg.c: Add missing include. * src/util.c (read_file): New function.
2014-12-10Fix coredump when comparing non-existing nodes.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* lib/forlan.c (coerce_value): Handle NULL nodes. (values_equal): Handle NULL strings. (dump_expr): Handle EQ and NE. * lib/forlanlex.l: Fix distinction before negative numeric and identifier. * etc/describe-security-groups.fln: ipProtocol == "-1" means "all". * tests/Makefile.am: Add new tests. * tests/testsuite.at: Likewise. * tests/comp00.at: New file. * tests/comp01.at: New file. * tests/comp02.at: New file. * tests/comp03.at: New file. * tests/comp04.at: New file. * tests/tforlan.c (main): Optionally read XML from standard input.
2014-12-02BugfixSergey Poznyakoff1
* etc/flncat.c: Add boundary check
2014-12-02Fix generation of consolidated format file.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* etc/flncat.c (main): Reset outchars after opening a new file
2014-05-20Minor fixesSergey Poznyakoff1
* doc/eclat-mkinst.1: Escape dashes * etc/get-console-output.fln: Handle empty output case.
2014-02-04New commands: lsaattr and setaattr.Sergey Poznyakoff3
* TODO: Update. * doc/Makefile.inc: Add new files. * doc/eclat-lsaattr.1: New file. * doc/eclat-setaattr.1: New file. * etc/Makefile.am (FLNFILES): Add new files. * etc/describe-image-attribute.fln: New file. * etc/modify-image-attribute.fln: New file. * src/Makefile.am (eclat_SOURCES,OPTFILES): Add new files. * src/eclat.c (cmdtab): New commands: lsaattr and setaattr. * src/eclat.h (eclat_describe_image_attribute) (eclat_modify_image_attribute,canonattrname): New protos. * src/lsaattr.c: New file. * src/lsiattr.c: Use canonattrname to simplify usage. * src/lssattr.c (canonattrname): Remove. Use external version. * src/setaattr-cl.opt: New file. * src/setaattr.c: New file. * src/setiattr.c: New file. * src/util.c (canonattrname): New function.
2014-02-03Update copyright yearsSergey Poznyakoff44
2014-01-30Fix building standalone lsattr.forlan file.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* etc/Makefile.am (lsattr.forlan): Fix dependencies.
2013-12-19Implement security group creation and deletion.Sergey Poznyakoff3
* doc/eclat-lssg.1: New file. * doc/eclat-sg.1: New file. * doc/Makefile.inc: Add new files. * etc/create-security-group.fln: New file. * etc/delete-security-group.fln: New file. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/mksg-cl.opt: New file. * src/mksg.c: New file. * src/rmsg-cl.opt: New file. * src/rmsg.c: New file. * src/sg.h: New file. * src/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/eclat.c (cmdtab): New commands "mksg" and "rmsg". * src/eclat.h (eclat_create_security_group) (eclat_delete_security_group): New protos. * src/lssg.c: Include sg.h. Use groupkw instead of the static rt[], which is removed. * src/sg-cl.opt: Use groupkw * src/sg.c (groupkw): New global. * TODO: Update.
2013-12-03Implement sg --listSergey Poznyakoff3
* etc/Makefile.am (FLNFILES): Add lsattr.fln (.fln.forlan): Use all prerequisites, not only the first one. (FORMATFILES): Remove lsattr.forlan (lsattr.forlan): Use implicit rule. (sg.forlan): New rule * etc/flncat.c (comment): Optionally output the comment. (main): Output " else " only if some non-whitespace and non-comment characters were output before. * etc/lsattr.fln: New file * src/sg-cl.opt: New option --list. * src/sg.c (list_option): New variable.
2013-11-28Implement sg commandSergey Poznyakoff2
* etc/sg.fln: New file. * etc/Makefile.am (FLNFILES): Add sg.fln * src/sg.c: New file. * src/sg-cl.opt: New file. * src/Makefile.am (eclat_SOURCES): Add sg.c (OPTFILES): Add sg-cl.opt * src/eclat.c (cmdtab): Add entry for "sg". (eclat_do_command): Ignore tag if it is NULL. * src/eclat.h (eclat_sg): New proto.
2013-06-04eclat.cfin: Fix SnapshotId map.Sergey Poznyakoff1
2013-05-21Various minor fixes.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* doc/eclat.conf.5: Document EC2 maps. * etc/eclat.cfin: Provide default maps. * lib/Makefile.am (AM_LFLAGS): Remove -v. * lib/bidimap.c (cb_submap): Remove unused variable. * lib/forlan.c: Minor change. * lib/forlangrm.y: Declare prototype for yylex. * lib/forlanlex.l: Add option nounput * lib/libeclat.h (eclat_map) <locus>: New member. * lib/map.c (eclat_map_config): Warn if attempting to redeclare an existing map. * src/ec2map.c (ec2_map_get): Minor change.
2013-04-23Implement copy-image and copy-snapshot.Sergey Poznyakoff3
* TODO: Update. * lib/libeclat.h (EC2_API_VERSION): Update. * src/Makefile.am: Add new file. * src/cpimg-cl.opt: New file. * src/cpimg.c: New file. * src/cpsnap-cl.opt: New file. * src/cpsnap.c: New file. * src/eclat.c (cmdtab): Add new commands. * src/eclat.h (eclat_copy_image) (eclat_copy_snapshot): New protos. * etc/copy-snapshot.fln: New file. * etc/copy-image.fln: New file. * etc/Makefile.am (FLNFILES): Add copy-image.fln
2013-04-20Implement new command - lsattr. Improve docs.Sergey Poznyakoff1
The lsattr command combines the functionality of lsiattr and lssattr.
2013-04-05Implement create-image and deregister-image.Sergey Poznyakoff3
* TODO: Update. * etc/create-image.fln: New file. * etc/deregister-image.fln: New file. * etc/Makefile.am (FLNFILES): Add new files. * lib/envmap.c: New file. * lib/Makefile.am (libeclat_a_SOURCES): Add new files. * lib/libeclat.h (eclat_encode_devmap): New proto. * src/creimg-cl.opt: New file. * src/creimg.c: New file. * src/drgimg.c: New file. * src/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/dscrimgs-cl.opt: Change short option to -u for consistency with other commands. * src/eclat.c: New commands create-image and deregister-image. * src/eclat.h (eclat_create_image) (eclat_deregister_image): New prototypes. * src/runinsts.c (encode_devmap): Move to the library.
2013-02-15Implement DescribeImages and RunInstances.Sergey Poznyakoff3
* TODO: Update. * etc/describe-images.fln: New file. * etc/run-instances.fln: New file. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * lib/q2url.c (add_param): Accept NULL values. * lib/qaddparm.c (eclat_query_add_param): Likewise. * lib/qencode.c (encode_param): Likewise. * lib/reqsign.c (eclat_query_signature): Likewise. * src/dscrimgs-cl.opt: New file. * src/dscrimgs.c: New file. * src/runinsts-cl.opt: New file. * src/runinsts.c: New file. * src/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/eclat.c (cmdtab): Register new commands. * src/eclat.h (eclat_run_instances) (eclat_describe_images): New protos.
2013-01-23Implement snapshot attribute commands.Sergey Poznyakoff4
* TODO: Update. * etc/describe-snapshot-attribute.fln: New file. * etc/modify-snapshot-attribute.fln: New file. * etc/reset-snapshot-attribute.fln: New file. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/dscrsnapattr.c: New file. * src/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/dscrinstattr.c (list_attrs): Remove. (eclat_describe_instance_attribute): Assign available_attrs. * src/eclat.c (cmdtab): New commands: describe-snapshot-attribute, modify-snapshot-attribute, and reset-snapshot-attribute. * src/eclat.h (eclat_describe_snapshot_attribute) (eclat_modify_snapshot_attribute) (eclat_reset_snapshot_attribute): New protos. (available_attrs): New extern. (list_attrs): New function. * src/modinstattr.c (list_attrs): Rename to list_mod_attrs. * src/util.c (available_attrs): New global. (list_attrs): New function.
2013-01-19Update copyright years.Sergey Poznyakoff29
2013-01-19Implement modify-instance-attributeSergey Poznyakoff2
* src/modinstattr.c: New file. * src/Makefile.am (eclat_SOURCES): add modinstattr.c * src/eclat.c (cmdtab): Add "modify-instance-attribute" * src/eclat.h (eclat_modify_instance_attribute): New proto. * TODO: Update. * doc/eclat-modify-instance-attribute.1: New file. * doc/eclat-describe-instance-attribute.1: Update. * doc/Makefile.am: Add new file. * etc/modify-instance-attribute.fln: New file. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new file.
2012-12-10Implement attach-volume and detach-volumeSergey Poznyakoff3
* TODO: Update * etc/attach-volume.fln: New file. * etc/detach-volume.fln: New file. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/attvol.c: New file. * src/detvol-cl.opt: New file. * src/detvol.c: New file. * src/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/eclat.c: Add new commands. * src/eclat.h: Add new protos. * src/util.c (translate_ids) (translate_resource_ids): Do nothing id argc is 0.
2012-12-07Re-implement confirmation support.Sergey Poznyakoff1
* doc/eclat-delete-volume.1: Update. * doc/eclat-release-address.1: Update. * doc/eclat.1: Update. * doc/eclat.conf.5: New section "CONFIRMATION" * lib/getyn.c (eclat_vgetyn): Negative default stands for no default at all. * lib/confirm.c (eclat_confirm_mode): Remove. (eclat_confirm): Change signature. Act according to the first argument. * lib/libeclat.h (eclat_confirm_mode): New enum. (eclat_confirm): Change signature. * src/cmdline.opt: Change handling of -Y and -N options. * src/config.c: New statement "confirm". * src/cretags.c: Remove call to eclat_confirm. This is done by the caller. * src/delvol.c: Likewise. * src/reladdr.c: Likewise. * src/eclat.c (confirm_mode): New variable. (command) <flags>: New member. (cmdtab): Mark commands with appropriate flags. (main): Call eclat_confirm to confirm the command. * src/eclat.h (confirm_mode): New extern. (set_command_confirmation): New proto. * etc/eclat.cfin: Set a reasonably safe confirmation default. * lib/forlan.c (strtots): Remove unused variable.
2012-12-06Implement create-volume and delete-volume commands.Sergey Poznyakoff3
* doc/eclat-create-volume.1: New file. * doc/eclat-delete-volume.1: New file. * doc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * doc/eclat.1: Mention new commands. * etc/create-volume.fln: New file. * etc/delete-volume.fln: New file. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/crevol-cl.opt: New file. * src/crevol.c: New file. * src/delvol.c: New file. * src/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/eclat.c: Register new commands. * src/eclat.h (eclat_create_volume) (eclat_delete_volume): New protos. * TODO: Update.
2012-12-06Add missing file.Sergey Poznyakoff2
2012-12-06Implement the describe-regions command.Sergey Poznyakoff2
* TODO: Update. * doc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * doc/eclat-describe-availability-zones.1: Mention describe-regions. * doc/eclat-describe-regions.1: New file. * doc/tmpl.1: Fix time-stamp-start setting. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * etc/describe-regions.fln: New file. * src/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/dscrregs.c: New file. * src/eclat.c: Register describe-regions. * src/eclat.h (eclat_describe_regions): New proto.
2012-12-05Implement release-address.Sergey Poznyakoff2
* TODO: Update. * doc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * doc/eclat-allocate-address.1: New file. * doc/eclat-release-address.1: New file. * doc/eclat-associate-address.1: Update. * doc/eclat-describe-addresses.1: Update. * doc/eclat-disassociate-address.1: Update. * doc/eclat.1: Update. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * etc/release-address.fln: New file. * lib/Makefile.am: Add new files. * lib/confirm.c: New file. * lib/getyn.c: New file. * lib/libeclat.h (eclat_getyn,eclat_vgetyn) (eclat_confirm): New protos. (eclat_confirm_mode): New extern. * src/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/cmdline.opt: New options -Y (--yes) and -N (--no). * src/eclat.c: Register the release-address command. * src/eclat.h (EX_CANCELLED): New constant. (eclat_release_address): New proto. * src/reladdr-cl.opt: New file. * src/reladdr.c: New file.
2012-12-05Implement allocate-address command.Sergey Poznyakoff2
* etc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * etc/allocate-address.fln: new file. * src/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/allocaddr-cl.opt: New file. * src/allocaddr.c: New file. * src/eclat.c (): Add allocate-address. * src/eclat.h (eclat_allocate_address): New command. * tests/Makefile.am: Add new files. * tests/allocate-address.at: New file. * tests/testsuite.at: Include allocate-address.at * TODO: Update. * doc/eclat-create-tags.1: New file. * doc/eclat.1: Update. * doc/eclat-create-tags.1: Minor fix.
2012-10-14Implement snapshot-management commands.Sergey Poznyakoff4
* TODO: Update. * configure.ac: Update. * doc/eclat.1: Update. * etc/create-snapshot.fln: New file. * etc/delete-snapshot.fln: New file. * etc/describe-snapshots.fln: New file. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * lib/forlan.c (eval_func): Set return type according to that of the called function. (empty,timestamp): New built-in functions. * src/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/cresnap.c: New file. * src/delsnap.c: New file. * src/dscrsnap-cl.opt: New file. * src/dscrsnap.c: New file. * src/eclat.c: Register new commands. * src/eclat.h: Add new prototypes. * tests/create-snapshot.at: New file. * tests/Makefile.am: Add new file. * tests/testsuite.at: Likewise.
2012-10-04Implement eq/ne comparisons in forlan; Implement describe-security-groups ↵Sergey Poznyakoff2
command. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new file. * etc/describe-security-groups.fln: New file. * lib/forlan.c: Implement equality and inequality comparisons. * lib/forlan.h (forlan_opcode_eq) (forlan_opcode_ne): New opcodes. (FORLAN_NTYPES): New constants. * lib/forlangrm.y: Add equality and inequality productions. * lib/forlanlex.l: New tokens: == and != * src/dscrsecgrps-cl.opt: New file. * src/dscrsecgrps.c: New file. * src/Makefile.am: Add new files. * src/eclat.c: Implement describe-security-groups * src/eclat.h (eclat_describe_security_groups): New proto. * src/cretags.c: Fix memory leaks. * src/deltags.c: Likewise. * src/dscrtags.c: Likewise. * tests/describe-security-groups.at: New test case. * tests/testsuite.at: Include new test case. * tests/Makefile.am: Add new test case.
2012-10-02Implement delete-tags and create-tags.Sergey Poznyakoff3
2012-10-02Improve bash command completionSergey Poznyakoff1
2012-10-02Implement describe-instance-attributeSergey Poznyakoff2
* etc/describe-instance-attribute.fln: New file. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new file. * src/dscrinstattr.c: New file. * src/Makefile.am: Add new file. * src/eclat.c: New command describe-instance-attribute. * src/eclat.h: New proto. * tests/describe-instance-attribute.at: New test case. * tests/Makefile.am: Add new file. * tests/testsuite.at: Likewise.
2012-10-02Add command completion routine for bash. Install formats to pkgdatadirSergey Poznyakoff2
* README: Update. * configure.ac: Remove --with-format-dir. Use --pkgdatadir instead. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new file. * etc/compl.sh: New file.
2012-10-01Implement exit; add some docs.Sergey Poznyakoff2
* Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): Add doc. * configure.ac: Build doc/Makefile * doc/Makefile.am: New file. * doc/eclat-associate-address.1: New file. * doc/eclat.1: New file. * etc/associate-address.fln: Call exit if the request fails. * etc/default.fln: Call exit if error is returned or if the response is not recognized. * lib/forlan.c (forlan_eval_env) <exit_code>: New member. New built-in function: exit. (forlan_run): Return exit code. * lib/forlan.h (forlan_run): Change return type. * lib/forlanlex.l: Treat unquoted decimal number as a quoted string. * src/asscaddr-cl.opt: Minor changes. * src/cmdline.opt: Minor changes. * src/eclat.c: Return EX_NOPERM on unsufficient permissions to open the configuration file. * tests/exit.at: New file. * tests/Makefile.am: Add new files. * tests/testsuite.at: Include new test cases. * tests/tforlan.c: Propagate the return from forlan_run to the shell.
2012-10-01Implement get-console-output command.Sergey Poznyakoff2
* etc/Makefile.am: Add new files. * etc/get-console-output.fln: New file. * lib/forlan.c: New built-in function "decode". * lib/forlangrm.y: Fix grammar to allow functions to return any data type, not only node. * src/Makefile.am (eclat_SOURCES): Add new files. * src/eclat.c: Register get-console-output command. * src/eclat.h (eclat_get_console_output): New proto. * src/getconout.c: New file. * tests/Makefile.am: Add new files. * tests/testsuite.at: Include new files. * tests/decode.at: New test case. * tests/get-console-output.at: New test case. * tests/last.at: Minor change.

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