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.\" You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
.\" along with Eclat. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
-.TH ECLAT.CONF 5 "January 21, 2015" "ECLAT" "Eclat User Reference"
+.TH ECLAT.CONF 5 "January 22, 2015" "ECLAT" "Eclat User Reference"
eclat.conf \- configuration file for
.BR eclat (1).
@@ -380,7 +380,7 @@ region us\-west\-2 ec2.us\-west\-2.amazonaws.com;
-\fBauthentication\-provider\fR \fITYPE\fR \fIARG\fB;\fR
+\fBauthentication\-provider\fR \fITYPE\fR [\fIARG\fR]\fB;\fR
Defines authentication provider to use. \fIAuthentication provider\fR
is a service that supplies AWS access key ID and secret key. See
.BR eclat (1),
@@ -397,9 +397,11 @@ If \fITYPE\fR is \fBfile\fR, the \fIARG\fR parameter is treated as a
shell globbing pattern: all files matching this pattern are attempted
in turn, until a keypair is found in one of them.
-If \fITYPE\fR is \fBinstance\-store\fR, \fIARG\fR is the name of the
-IAM role. Credentials will be obtained from the instance store for
-that role.
+If \fITYPE\fR is \fBinstance\-store\fR, credentials will be obtained
+from the instance store. \fIARG\fR is optional. If supplied, it
+should be the name of the IAM role this instance is launched with.
+At the time of this writing, an instance can be associated with a
+single role, which will be used by default.
\fBaccess\-file\fR \fIname\fR;
This is a shortcut for \fBauthentication\-provider file \fIname\fR.
@@ -446,6 +448,36 @@ By default the CA certificates shipped with
.BR libcurl (3)
will be used. You would rarely need to use \fBca\-file\fR or
\fBca\-path\fR statements.
+The \fBinstance\-store\fR compound statement configures HTTP access to
+the instance store. By default, \fBeclat\fR uses standard AWS values.
+This statement is intended mainly as an aid in debugging:
+ instance\-store {
+ base\-url \fIURL\fR;
+ port \fINUMBER\fR;
+ document\-path \fISTRING\fR;
+ credentials\-path \fISTRING\fR;
+ }
+.BI base\-url " URL" ;
+Base URL to use, instead of
+.BR .
+.BI port " NUMBER" ;
+Port to use (defaults to \fB80\fR).
+.BI document\-path " STRING" ;
+Pathname (relative to \fBbase\-url\fR) of the instance identity document
+file. Default:
+.BR dynamic/instance-identity/document .
+.BI credentials\-path " STRING" ;
+Pathname (relative to \fBbase\-url\fR) of the instance store
+credentials directory. Default is
+.BR meta-data/iam/security-credentials .
This group of statements declares the formats to use.

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