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Various minor fixes.
* doc/eclat.conf.5: Document EC2 maps. * etc/eclat.cfin: Provide default maps. * lib/Makefile.am (AM_LFLAGS): Remove -v. * lib/bidimap.c (cb_submap): Remove unused variable. * lib/forlan.c: Minor change. * lib/forlangrm.y: Declare prototype for yylex. * lib/forlanlex.l: Add option nounput * lib/libeclat.h (eclat_map) <locus>: New member. * lib/map.c (eclat_map_config): Warn if attempting to redeclare an existing map. * src/ec2map.c (ec2_map_get): Minor change.
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diff --git a/doc/eclat.conf.5 b/doc/eclat.conf.5
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.\" You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
.\" along with Eclat. If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
-.TH ECLAT.CONF 5 "April 26, 2013" "ECLAT" "Eclat User Reference"
+.TH ECLAT.CONF 5 "May 21, 2013" "ECLAT" "Eclat User Reference"
eclat.conf \- configuration file for
.BR eclat (1).
@@ -868,6 +868,48 @@ This statement is mandatory.
\fBdebug\fR \fIn\fR
Sets the LDAP debug number. Refer to the OpenLDAP documentation for
the valid values of \fIn\fR and their meaning.
+This map makes it possible to use \fBEC2\fR services to translate
+identifiers. The idea is to query \fBEC2\fR using the symbolic ID and
+obtain the real resource ID from the request. The map is defined as
+ map <name: string> {
+ type ec2;
+ key \fItrans\fR;
+ action \fIaction-name\fR;
+ arguments \fIarg-list\fR;
+ return \fIreturn-path\fR;
+ }
+\fBaction\fR \fIaction-name\fR
+Defines the \fBEC2\fR action name to use. Refer to the Amazon API
+documentation for a list of action names.
+\fBarguments\fR \fIarg-list\fR
+Defines the list of arguments to send with the request. Any
+occurrence of the \fB$key\fR variable within that list is replaced
+with the actual key value.
+\fBreturn\fR \fIreturn-path\fR
+Defines the return value, using a path notation.
+The example below illustrates the use of the \fBDescribeImages\fR
+action to implement the \fBImageId\fR map:
+ map "ImageId" {
+ type ec2;
+ action DescribeImages;
+ arguments ("Owner.1=self",
+ "Filter.1.Name=tag:Name",
+ "Filter.1.Value.1=${key}");
+ return ".DescribeImagesResponse.imagesSet.item.imageId";
+ }
.BR eclat (1),
.BR m4 (1).

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