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Add command completion routine for bash. Install formats to pkgdatadir
* README: Update. * configure.ac: Remove --with-format-dir. Use --pkgdatadir instead. * etc/Makefile.am: Add new file. * etc/compl.sh: New file.
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@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ and has a tiny memory footprint.
* Documentation
-Several man pages are ready. Most is to be written yet.
+Several man pages are ready. Most are to be written yet.
* Building
@@ -21,18 +21,40 @@ The following libraries are needed for Eclat:
* Curl, available from <http://curl.haxx.se>.
* Expat, avaliable from <http://www.libexpat.org>.
-To compile, run the usual triplet:
+To compile, run the usual encantation:
make install
-For information about the configure script and its options, refer to
-file INSTALL included in the distribution.
+For information about the configure script and its generic options, refer to
+the file INSTALL included in the distribution.
+The following option is specific to this package:
+ --enable-split-format
+ Create a separate format file for each particular command. By default
+ the installation procedure builds a single file, which contains
+ instructions for each command supported by eclat. Use this option if
+ you wish to use separate files instead.
+** Shell completion
+To facilitate the use of the tool, the package includes a Bash script
+that implements completion for Eclat commands. The script is named
+compl.sh and is installed in pkgdatadir. To use it, source compl.sh
+from your profile or bash startup file (either per-user or system-wide one,
+at your option). For example, if the package is configured with /usr
+as its prefix, add the following line
+ . /usr/share/eclat/compl.sh
+Once done, you can use TAB to complete a partially typed command name.
* Bug reporting.
-Send bug reports to <gray+eclat@gnu.org.ua>.
+Send bug reports to <bug-eclat@gnu.org.ua>.
* Copyright information:

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