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-Eclat stands for Ec2 Command Line Administrator Tool. \ No newline at end of file
+Copyright (C) 2012 Sergey Poznyakoff
+See the end of file for copying conditions.
+* Introduction
+Eclat stands for EC2 Command Line Administrator Tool. It allows you to
+manage Amazon EC2 services from the command line, fast and easy. It does
+not require resource-consuming libraries. It is written in plain C,
+depends only on libraries which are always installed on any decent system,
+and has a tiny memory footprint.
+* Documentation
+None so far. But it will be provided as soon as my time would permit.
+* Building
+The following libraries are needed for Eclat:
+* Curl, available from <http://curl.haxx.se>.
+* Expat, avaliable from <http://www.libexpat.org>.
+To compile, run the usual triplet:
+ ./configure
+ make
+ make install
+For information about the configure script and its options, refer to
+file INSTALL included in the distribution.
+* Bug reporting.
+Send bug reports to <gray+eclat@gnu.org.ua>.
+* Copyright information:
+Copyright (C) 2012 Sergey Poznyakoff
+ Permission is granted to anyone to make or distribute verbatim copies
+ of this document as received, in any medium, provided that the
+ copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved,
+ thus giving the recipient permission to redistribute in turn.
+ Permission is granted to distribute modified versions
+ of this document, or of portions of it,
+ under the above conditions, provided also that they
+ carry prominent notices stating who last changed them.
+Local Variables:
+mode: outline
+paragraph-separate: "[ ]*$"
+version-control: never

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