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New configuration statement authentication-provide
* NEWS: Update. * src/config.c: New statement "authentication-provider" * src/eclat.c (authentication_provider): New variable. (main): Select credentials depending on the value of authentication_provider. * src/eclat.h (authentication_provider): New enum and extern.
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@@ -21,12 +21,40 @@ following statement in the eclat configuration file:
* If availability region is not supplied, it is read from the instance store.
+* Authentication providers
+Support for different authentication providers is introduced.
+Authentication provider is a service that supplies AWS access key ID and
+secret key. It is configured by the "authentication-provider"
+statement in the configuration file. The syntax is:
+ authentication-provider TYPE ARG;
+TYPE cane be one of:
+- file
+Credentials are obtained from a disk file named by the second
+argument. The statement
+ authentication-provider file NAME
+is equivalent to
+ access-file NAME
+of eclat 1.0 and prior. The "access-file" statement is retained for
+backward compatibility.
+- instance-store
+Credentials are obtained from the instance store. Second argument
+supplies the name of the IAM role to use.
* IAM support
-If access key is not found in the access file, it is assumed to be a
-IAM role name. The authentication credentials are then taken from the
-instance store.
+If authentication provider is set to "instance-store", its argument
+specifies IAM role name. The authentication credentials are then
+taken from the instance store.
Version 1.0, 2013-12-20

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