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committerSergey Poznyakoff <gray@gnu.org.ua>2004-02-27 13:28:40 +0000
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+++ b/src/extern.h
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+/* extern.h - External declarations for cpio. Requires system.h.
+ Copyright (C) 1990, 1991, 1992, 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+ This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
+ it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
+ the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
+ any later version.
+ This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
+ but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
+ GNU General Public License for more details.
+ You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
+ with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
+ 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA. */
+enum archive_format
+ arf_unknown, arf_binary, arf_oldascii, arf_newascii, arf_crcascii,
+ arf_tar, arf_ustar, arf_hpoldascii, arf_hpbinary
+extern enum archive_format archive_format;
+extern int reset_time_flag;
+extern int io_block_size;
+extern int create_dir_flag;
+extern int rename_flag;
+extern char *rename_batch_file;
+extern int table_flag;
+extern int unconditional_flag;
+extern int verbose_flag;
+extern int dot_flag;
+extern int link_flag;
+extern int retain_time_flag;
+extern int crc_i_flag;
+extern int append_flag;
+extern int swap_bytes_flag;
+extern int swap_halfwords_flag;
+extern int swapping_bytes;
+extern int swapping_halfwords;
+extern int set_owner_flag;
+extern uid_t set_owner;
+extern int set_group_flag;
+extern gid_t set_group;
+extern int no_chown_flag;
+extern int sparse_flag;
+extern int quiet_flag;
+extern int only_verify_crc_flag;
+extern int no_abs_paths_flag;
+extern int last_header_start;
+extern int copy_matching_files;
+extern int numeric_uid;
+extern char *pattern_file_name;
+extern char *new_media_message;
+extern char *new_media_message_with_number;
+extern char *new_media_message_after_number;
+extern int archive_des;
+extern char *archive_name;
+extern char *rsh_command_option;
+extern unsigned long crc;
+extern int delayed_seek_count;
+#ifdef DEBUG_CPIO
+extern int debug_flag;
+extern char *input_buffer, *output_buffer;
+extern char *in_buff, *out_buff;
+extern long input_buffer_size;
+extern long input_size, output_size;
+#ifdef __GNUC__
+extern long long input_bytes, output_bytes;
+extern long input_bytes, output_bytes;
+extern char zeros_512[];
+extern char *directory_name;
+extern char **save_patterns;
+extern int num_patterns;
+extern char name_end;
+extern char input_is_special;
+extern char output_is_special;
+extern char input_is_seekable;
+extern char output_is_seekable;
+extern int f_force_local;
+extern char *program_name;
+extern int (*xstat) ();
+extern void (*copy_function) ();
+#if __STDC__ || defined(__MSDOS__)
+# define P_(s) s
+# define P_(s) ()
+/* copyin.c */
+void read_in_header P_((struct new_cpio_header *file_hdr, int in_des));
+void read_in_old_ascii P_((struct new_cpio_header *file_hdr, int in_des));
+void read_in_new_ascii P_((struct new_cpio_header *file_hdr, int in_des));
+void read_in_binary P_((struct new_cpio_header *file_hdr, int in_des));
+void swab_array P_((char *arg, int count));
+void process_copy_in P_((void));
+void long_format P_((struct new_cpio_header *file_hdr, char *link_name));
+void print_name_with_quoting P_((char *p));
+/* copyout.c */
+void write_out_header P_((struct new_cpio_header *file_hdr, int out_des));
+void process_copy_out P_((void));
+/* copypass.c */
+void process_copy_pass P_((void));
+int link_to_maj_min_ino P_((char *file_name, int st_dev_maj,
+ int st_dev_min, int st_ino));
+int link_to_name P_((char *link_name, char *link_target));
+/* dirname.c */
+char *dirname P_((char *path));
+/* error.c */
+void error P_((int status, int errnum, char *message, ...));
+/* filemode.c */
+void mode_string P_((unsigned int mode, char *str));
+/* idcache.c */
+#ifndef __MSDOS__
+char *getgroup ();
+char *getuser ();
+uid_t *getuidbyname ();
+gid_t *getgidbyname ();
+/* main.c */
+void process_args P_((int argc, char *argv[]));
+void initialize_buffers P_((void));
+/* makepath.c */
+int make_path P_((char *argpath, int mode, int parent_mode,
+ uid_t owner, gid_t group, char *verbose_fmt_string));
+/* stripslash.c */
+void strip_trailing_slashes P_((char *path));
+/* tar.c */
+void write_out_tar_header P_((struct new_cpio_header *file_hdr, int out_des));
+int null_block P_((long *block, int size));
+void read_in_tar_header P_((struct new_cpio_header *file_hdr, int in_des));
+int otoa P_((char *s, unsigned long *n));
+int is_tar_header P_((char *buf));
+int is_tar_filename_too_long P_((char *name));
+/* userspec.c */
+#ifndef __MSDOS__
+char *parse_user_spec P_((char *name, uid_t *uid, gid_t *gid,
+ char **username, char **groupname));
+/* util.c */
+void tape_empty_output_buffer P_((int out_des));
+void disk_empty_output_buffer P_((int out_des));
+void swahw_array P_((char *ptr, int count));
+void tape_buffered_write P_((char *in_buf, int out_des, long num_bytes));
+void tape_buffered_read P_((char *in_buf, int in_des, long num_bytes));
+int tape_buffered_peek P_((char *peek_buf, int in_des, int num_bytes));
+void tape_toss_input P_((int in_des, long num_bytes));
+void copy_files_tape_to_disk P_((int in_des, int out_des, long num_bytes));
+void copy_files_disk_to_tape P_((int in_des, int out_des, long num_bytes, char *filename));
+void copy_files_disk_to_disk P_((int in_des, int out_des, long num_bytes, char *filename));
+void warn_if_file_changed P_((char *file_name, unsigned long old_file_size,
+ unsigned long old_file_mtime));
+void create_all_directories P_((char *name));
+void prepare_append P_((int out_file_des));
+char *find_inode_file P_((unsigned long node_num,
+ unsigned long major_num, unsigned long minor_num));
+void add_inode P_((unsigned long node_num, char *file_name,
+ unsigned long major_num, unsigned long minor_num));
+int open_archive P_((char *file));
+void tape_offline P_((int tape_des));
+void get_next_reel P_((int tape_des));
+void set_new_media_message P_((char *message));
+#if defined(__MSDOS__) && !defined(__GNUC__)
+int chown P_((char *path, int owner, int group));
+#ifdef __TURBOC__
+int utime P_((char *filename, struct utimbuf *utb));
+#ifdef HPUX_CDF
+char *add_cdf_double_slashes P_((char *filename));
+/* xmalloc.c */
+char *xmalloc P_((unsigned n));
+char *xrealloc P_((char *p, unsigned n));
+/* xstrdup.c */
+char *xstrdup P_((char *string));
+#define DISK_IO_BLOCK_SIZE (512)

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