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authorSergey Poznyakoff <gray@gnu.org>2019-11-03 23:59:39 +0200
committerSergey Poznyakoff <gray@gnu.org>2019-11-04 00:07:31 +0200
commit7554e3e42cd72f6f8304410c47fe6f8918e9bfd7 (patch)
tree6cd5b2736ef8d3af75b89d2cfa7a6a682d9efd98 /src/extern.h
parent45b0ee2b407913c533f7ded8d6f8cbeec16ff6ca (diff)
Fix CVE-2019-14866
* src/copyout.c (to_ascii): Additional argument nul controls whether to add the terminating nul character. (field_width_error): Improve diagnostics: print the actual and the maximum allowed field value. * src/extern.h (to_ascii, field_width_error): New prototypes. * src/tar.c (to_oct): Remove. (to_oct_or_error): New function. (TO_OCT): New macro. (write_out_tar_header): Use TO_OCT and to_ascii. Return 0 on success, 1 on error.
Diffstat (limited to 'src/extern.h')
1 files changed, 13 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/src/extern.h b/src/extern.h
index 8611c05..11ac6bf 100644
--- a/src/extern.h
+++ b/src/extern.h
@@ -116,6 +116,10 @@ void long_format (struct cpio_file_stat *file_hdr, char const *link_name);
/* copyout.c */
int write_out_header (struct cpio_file_stat *file_hdr, int out_des);
void process_copy_out (void);
+int to_ascii (char *where, uintmax_t v, size_t digits, unsigned logbase,
+ bool nul);
+void field_width_error (const char *filename, const char *fieldname,
+ uintmax_t value, size_t width, bool nul);
/* copypass.c */
void process_copy_pass (void);
@@ -144,7 +148,7 @@ int make_path (char const *argpath, uid_t owner, gid_t group,
const char *verbose_fmt_string);
/* tar.c */
-void write_out_tar_header (struct cpio_file_stat *file_hdr, int out_des);
+int write_out_tar_header (struct cpio_file_stat *file_hdr, int out_des);
int null_block (long *block, int size);
void read_in_tar_header (struct cpio_file_stat *file_hdr, int in_des);
int otoa (char *s, unsigned long *n);
@@ -203,9 +207,16 @@ void cpio_safer_name_suffix (char *name, bool link_target,
int cpio_create_dir (struct cpio_file_stat *file_hdr, int existing_dir);
void change_dir (void);
-/* FIXME: These two defines should be defined in paxutils */
+/* FIXME: The following three should be defined in paxutils */
#define LG_8 3
#define LG_16 4
+/* The maximum uintmax_t value that can be represented with DIGITS digits,
+ assuming that each digit is BITS_PER_DIGIT wide. */
+#define MAX_VAL_WITH_DIGITS(digits, bits_per_digit) \
+ ((digits) * (bits_per_digit) < sizeof (uintmax_t) * CHAR_BIT \
+ ? ((uintmax_t) 1 << ((digits) * (bits_per_digit))) - 1 \
+ : (uintmax_t) -1)
uintmax_t from_ascii (char const *where, size_t digs, unsigned logbase);

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