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+=head1 NAME
+Config::HAProxy::Iterator - Iterate over objects in the parse tree
+=head1 SYNOPSIS
+ $cfg = Config::HAProxy->new->parse;
+ $itr = $cfg->iterator(inorder => 1);
+ while (defined(my $node = $itr->next)) {
+ # Do something with $node
+ }
+The iterator object provides a method for iterating over all nodes in the
+HAProxy parse tree. The object is returned by the B<iterator> method of
+B<Config::HAProxy> and B<Config::HAProxy::Node> objects. The method takes
+as optional argument the keyword specifying the order in which the tree nodes
+should be traversed. This keyword can be one of the following:
+=over 4
+=item B<recursive =E<gt> 0>
+No recursion. The traversal will not descend into section nodes. This is the
+=item B<inorder =E<gt> 1>
+The nodes will be traversed in the inorder manner, i.e. the section node
+will be visited first, and all its sub-nodes after it.
+=item B<postorder =E<gt> 1>
+The nodes will be traversed in the postorder manner, i.e. for each section
+node, its sub-nodes will be visited first, and the node itself afterward.
+Note: This section is informative. You never need to create
+B<Config::HAProxy::Iterator> objects explicitly. Please use the B<iterator>
+method of B<Config::HAProxy> or B<Config::HAProxy::Node> class objects.
+ $itr = new Config::HAProxy::Iterator($node, %rec);
+Returns new iterator object for traversing the tree starting from B<$node>,
+which must be a B<Config::HAProxy::Node> object. Optional B<%rec> is one of
+the keywords discussed above, in section B<DESCRIPTION>.
+=head1 METHODS
+=head2 next
+ $node = $itr->next;
+Returns next node in the traversal sequence. If all nodes were visited, returns
+=head1 SEE ALSO
+B<HAProxy::Config>, B<HAProxy::Config::Node>.

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