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Bugfixes. Add a stub for new module.
* include/wydawca/wydawca.h (WY_EXPORT): Add an internal prefix. That's a stupid lossage: having not found the composed name (modname_LTX_sym), libtool tries to look up sym itself, which makes it impossible to use names like "open", etc. * src/module.c (resolve_sym): Reflect the above. Take an extra argument specifying whether the symbol is mandatory. (modules_load): Configure modules used in default_notification list. * src/config (cb_load_path): New callback to ensure that multiple module-path* statements accumulate. * modules/logstat/mod_logstat.c: New file. * modules/logstat/Makefile: New file. * Build modules/logstat/Makefile. * modules/ (SUBDIRS): Add logstat.
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