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Normalize use of sendfile(2).
* src/wydawca.c (enable_sendfile): New global. * src/wydawca.h: Likewise. * src/config.c (enable-sendfile): New statement. * src/diskio.c (copy_file): Use enable_sendfile to decide whether to use sendfile. * doc/wydawca.texi: Document enable-sendfile. git-svn-id: file:///svnroot/wydawca/trunk@324 6bb4bd81-ecc2-4fd4-a2d4-9571d19c0d33
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@@ -386,6 +386,7 @@ configuration on a step-by-step basis.
* syslog::
* sql::
* access methods::
+* copying::
* archivation::
* directory pairs::
* statistics::
@@ -729,6 +730,36 @@ verify-user sql default SELECT user.user_name \
@end smallexample
@end deffn
+@node copying
+@section Copying
+@cindex sendfile
+@cindex Invalid value, warning message
+@cindex Function not implemented, warning message
+ If compiled for GNU/Linux, @command{wydawca} tries to optimize disk
+transfer operations by using @code{sendfile} system call. If it
+fails, and the error is recoverable, @command{wydawca} falls back to
+copying files using user space. This is indicated by one of the following
+warning messages:
+ sendfile: copying @var{source} to @var{dest} failed: Invalid value
+ sendfile: copying @var{source} to @var{dest} failed: Function not
+ implemented
+@end smallexample
+@kwindex enable-sendfile
+ If you encounter any of these, disable @code{sendfile} by adding the
+following to your configuration file:
+enable-sendfile no
+@end smallexample
+ In particular, you need to disable sendfile when compiling
+@command{wydawca} for Linux kernels starting from version 2.6.9 and
@node archivation
@section Archivation
@cindex archivation, defined

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