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Update the docs
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diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS
index 153b579..1f77c3a 100644
--- a/NEWS
+++ b/NEWS
@@ -5,8 +5,50 @@ Please send Wydawca bug reports to <>.
Version 3.1.95 (git)
+This is a complete rewrite of the wydawca code base. The operating
+model changed from multi-process to multi-thread.
+Other important changes:
* Configuration file name changed to "wydawca.conf"
+* Initial scanning of spools
+Upon startup, wydawca always scans the configured spools. This
+ensures that when started in daemon mode, it will pick up any
+triplets that may have been upload while it was down.
+* No unnecessary chdirs.
+Wydawca uses POSIX *at() functions instead of changing directories or
+using absolute pathnames. During operation, the daemon stays at the
+"/" as its current working directory. The only exception is changing
+to the temporary working directory when running the distribution
+verification script (which occurs in a sub-process).
+As a consequence the number of file descriptors wydawca needs to have
+open is increased. The following relation gives the estimate:
+ S + T + D + 2
+where S is the number of configured spools, D is the number of
+dictionaries, and T is the maximum number of triplets to handle
+* Configuration changes
+** The wakeup-interval statement removed
+** max-connections statement
+This new statement configures the maximum number of upload
+notification connections. Default is 16.
+** idle-timeout statement
+This new statement configures the maximum idle timeout of an
+upload notification connection. Default is 10 seconds.
Version 3.1, 2020-03-13
diff --git a/doc/wydawca.texi b/doc/wydawca.texi
index 430e300..4f40cb0 100644
--- a/doc/wydawca.texi
+++ b/doc/wydawca.texi
@@ -1129,6 +1129,19 @@ Declare a special service name, which will be treated as a request to
process all spools.
@end deffn
+@deffn {Config} max-connections n
+Limits the number of upload notification connections allowed to be
+open simultaneously. The default value is 16 connections.
+@end deffn
+@deffn {Config} idle-timeout interval
+Sets the idle timeout for upload notification connections. If a
+connection stays idle for more than the given interval, it will be
+closed forcibly. Default idle timout is 10 seconds.
+@xref{time interval specification}, for the syntax of @var{interval}.
+@end deffn
@deffn {Config} pidfile file
Store master process @acronym{PID} in @var{file}. Default pidfile
location is @file{@var{localstatedir}/run/}.
@@ -3383,6 +3396,14 @@ locking @{
# @xref{daemon, listen}.
listen @var{socket:@i{sock-addr}};
+# @r{Maximum number of simultaneous upload notification connections.}
+# @xref{daemon, max-connections}.
+max-connections @var{n};
+# @r{Idle timeout for an upload notification connection.}
+# @xref{daemon, idle-timeout}.
+idle-timeout @var{time:@i{interval}};
# @r{Configure TCP wrappers.}
# @xref{tcp-wrapper}.
tcp-wrapper @{
@@ -3484,7 +3505,7 @@ notify-event @{
# @r{Define file sweep time.}
# @xref{general, file-sweep-time}.
-file-sweep-time @var{time:@i{int9erval}};
+file-sweep-time @var{time:@i{interval}};
# @r{Set tar invocation command line.}
# @xref{archivation, tar-program}.
diff --git a/src/config.c b/src/config.c
index a7d4312..9c381ea 100644
--- a/src/config.c
+++ b/src/config.c
@@ -1487,13 +1487,13 @@ static struct grecs_keyword wydawca_kw[] = {
cb_locking, NULL, locking_kw },
{ "listen", N_("socket"),
- N_("Listen on this address"),
+ N_("Listen on this address for upload notification connections."),
grecs_type_sockaddr, GRECS_DFLT, &listen_sockaddr, },
{ "max-connections", NULL,
- N_("maximum allowed number of simultaneous connections"),
+ N_("maximum allowed number of simultaneous connections."),
grecs_type_size, GRECS_DFLT, &max_connections },
{ "idle-timeout", N_("interval"),
- N_("Idle timeout for a TXPMUX connection"),
+ N_("Idle timeout for upload notification connection."),
grecs_type_string, GRECS_CONST, &idle_timeout, 0, cb_interval },

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