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2018-08-01Fix wiki2textSergey Poznyakoff1
* WikiTrans/ (HtmlTextNode): Escape html entities * WikiTrans/ Remove the format method. * testdata/headings.html: Fix. * testdata/nowiki-tag.html: Fix. * tests/ Rename to tests/ * tests/ New file. * testdata/bold.text: New file. * testdata/boldit1.text: New file. * testdata/boldit2.text: New file. * testdata/boldit3.text: New file. * testdata/colon.text: New file. * testdata/deflist.text: New file. * testdata/headings.text: New file. * testdata/hz.text: New file. * testdata/it.text: New file. * testdata/itbold1.text: New file. * testdata/itbold2.text: New file. * testdata/itbold3.text: New file. * testdata/nowiki-ind.text: New file. * testdata/nowiki-tag.text: New file. * testdata/nowiki.text: New file. * testdata/numlist.text: New file. * testdata/para.text: New file. * testdata/unlist.text: New file.

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